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    Tapping into Old School – Visiting Teachers


    Hi I am Malik, here to tell you about some fascinating experiences, I had with some school teachers. Facebook really helped people connect. And for our generation it was a boom. All people of all generation could be really connected because of the social media. That included old friends, flames, crushes and what not. It wasn’t really my intention to actually look actively for someone like my teacher, but it happened. So we connected on Facebook, exchanged number, conversation went deep to the point of realising that she is available. Now she might not be much to look at, but boy she could give you boners like hell. And what’s better than an easy catch right? So our conversation continued, to the point where we were freely discussing things like love life, girlfriend and what not.. And that’s really the hook eh.. To get someone to speak and react how you would want… Suddenly I praise her for her looks and you know when to say that, when the other person is trying real hard to look good, now the key to reaching her panties, is to first praise the dress she wears on top of it, the make up which you will later distort by sweat of two bodies grinding, first you got to appreciate that make up effort.. And it worked.. Now even if fire is lit equally on both sides.. You got to take it slow.. Though you wish to just stuff your cock in her mouth (which you eventually will, and she will succumb to it), you got to take it slow, steady but progressive. So I met her, dated her, visited her place, she lived mostly alone with visiting uncle, aunty’s. You got to meet them too.. Just so that you are familiar to that family.. It becomes like an easy pass.. And take it really slow.. Let it boil in her.. And it worked.. Finally one night, she calls me home.. Now before this during dating, taking her for movies, I have already kissed and touched and fondled her in a very good manner.. To know if she is really ready.. You got to start texting her naughty.. Case with old ladies is that you got to do it carefully.. Careful enough to make them feel that they are wanted and admired.. But not too much for them to think that you are just gonna use her as a dump.. (Which you eventually will!)

    Twitch her in your texts, tease her.. My teasing went so well, that she gave me a beautiful surprise by sending her nudes.. I could see that she is so comfortable showing me her white milky skin.. With size 36 melons all firm.. Ladies in their 35-45’s are either firm or simply saggy.. You’ll enjoy both kinds.. So that was it the day came… Or rather I say the night..

    I reached her place, of course dressed comfortably, smelling good and ‘ready’. She was in her tees, and guess she was also panicky and at same time desperate to just get laid.. Now the night was young.. So we opened this Red Wine bottle, had few grub.. A couple of glasses down.. And she was drinking freely.. Guess she wanted that liquor courage.. And all I could imagine is how I am gonna fuck the living crap and make her scream to heaven in joy.. Our age gap was around 12 years.. She was my ex history teacher.. And it was a moment that suddenly 10 years later, I am gonna pound the pussy, pull her hair, make her gag, spank her and she is going to enjoy it all. The thought were getting too much for me.. I leaned forward and kissed her right there. And suddenly we were smooching heaven high with me pushing her to wall, grinding my tent against her.. Kissing her neckline, jawline, all that foreplayish stuff.. Which acted real well.. I decided to go all not so gentle on her, with me cupping her boobs in my hands.. For a second I thought she would not enjoy it.. But damn her reaction to it was that she was waiting for it.. That was the signal. I pull off her tee, she gets rid of my shirt.. I pull her pyjamas down too.. Surprise no panties.. She is shell shocked.. Her eyes lit in surprise.. I kiss her mound.. Now older ladies don’t like Their pussy licked, especially if she is not laid in a long while.. They think it’s taboo.. That’s where you make her comfortable and relaxed.. Saying it’s the best thing.. Even if it’s not.. The objective here is to wet that lovehole, for good easy insertion.. The smoother it is, the better it is to slam it… And older ladies will always try their best to make you happy.. So as soon as I stopped licking her.. She went down on knees, took my cock in her hand, and put it in her mouth religiously.. Now the key is to be gentle.. Don’t gag her in first go.. Take it slow.. Let her do it by herself.. If you want the best from her. Praise her.. Tell her she is doing a good job, once you see she is doing it even better or trying atleast so that she reacts to your praises.. That’s when you take that head.. And slam your cock in her mouth.. The bitch will have no option mentally rather than letting you do it.. That’s her first level of submission.. Take care you don’t do it much.. Because it is till only some point that she will allow doing it.. After I gave her throat good taste of my man meat.. I kissed her lips, touched her down and to my surprise she was flowing crazy.. The bitch had a thing for roughness.. Rather I say man handling..

    The next step.. I lift her to bed.. Ladies love that thing, makes them feel not like a menu for night.. You got to warm her body as well as her soul.. Got to make her love everything that’s happening or about to happen with her… I put her on bed and search my jeans for the protection.. I made it a point that she sees me wearing the protection, the way I open the packet, put it on my tool.. To my surprise, she spitted her fingers, and put it in her already sloppy cunt while she saw me putting the rubber on.. Then just like that.. I go on her.. Missionary style.. I knew I have awakened her long suppressed desires and she looked absolutely hungry… She curved her legs in a bowl structure.. And yess.. Two dick pat’s on her swollen clit and yeah, could feel the gushy warm hole in which my dick was making way… Coming through… Haha.. Her face tensed as inch by inch I made it in.. And boy it was such a good easy spongy pussy.. Which adjusted so well to size. I started the hip movements.. Well adjusting to her face tone.. Her eyes were closed.. Her lips bitten.. And when she looked at me, I knew she wanted more.. So gave her a big gasp by shoving more and her mouth opened up.. Now I was over her.. Kissing her increasing my pace gradually, and the room was full of fappin sounds.. Turned out she had a thing for love bites… Her milky tits being best victims.. All she could say is yes.. And her pussy shuddered with each love bite getting intense.. Occasionally slapping her tits. She was in 7th heaven, obeying everything, obeying every thrust.. At this very moment, you will realise how vulnerable she really is.. Gave her the love nudge, a smile which reassures her to give her, her best back. Made her sit on me.. Carefully keeping her age in mind.. With my dick fully in her and she could take it all deep in grinding herself with her mound deep on my dick root.. Every gap and fap sound making it all even more sexier.. Keeping cold weather in mind, I didn’t spank her, as it would have been an obvious turn off, but massaged those butt gluts.. To which she simply replied.. “Not there.. It’ll hurt”. I just cupped her tits, pulled her close and increased my pace down… First time in night, I was forcing my will on her.. With her hands in my hands (not pulling much, as hair seem precious at their age) but thrusting her love canal with my hammer.   Time to take it more deeper and exciting.. I took her to hall space, her leg spread on dining table. Could see her all sweaty body shining in dim light. And me thrusting into her. Could actually see her dimensions properly, her a bit flat butt, her thigh thickness.. She had or was able to shave only the front side and not completely from down.. Could sense her preparation for the night. I started pumping her good, her pussy was pulsating, I could see thick globs of white discharge, which made me truly aware that she is getting laid after a long time.. She took to the table, hugged me, saw my boner down and in astonishment just asked how much more.. Just to make her blush, I did say that she is that good.. Although in mind I was just thinking of bending her and fucking her.. And it happened, she bent on the table in the most awkward form, just proving how much immature she is when it comes to position.. I positioned her well, put my dong in.. She was coping and adjusting all the time just to give me her best.. A little admiration words work wonders you see… I sensed her effort here and decided to make the most of it.. While thrusting her.. I told her I would be Cummin.. She readily agreed without me getting her down and there she was on her knees, stark naked.. With her mouth open, a corner of her eye open to see me shagging and waiting for my dick to spurt babymaker juice on her face. I got it captured on my phone and she was just too overwhelmed to say anything.. About it.. We bathed later.. To my surprise she sucked me clean during bath. And was hugging me all the time. We dried ourselves. She took her medicines, some painkiller because she knew she was going to be sore in morning.

    We went to bed with me knowing that she would not appreciate another round anything sooner than 6 Hours..

    To be continued…..

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