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    Tapping into Old School – Many more to cum!!


    Life was good with all three ex school associates.. two teachers and school colleague and all three had no clue that one guy is screwing all three of them.. but the clingy factor was becoming an issue.. too much attention, too much time seeking… It was becoming a boredom for me to be screwing same pussies over and over again.. however the ladies were enjoying it.. I was being invited to all their houses.. treated well… their family, relatives, friends.. all knew about me respectively having relationship with each… Condoms started shifting from my wallet to their purses.. especially their gynaec visits started becoming often as their sex life was blooming well.. but I was not enjoying it always.. I needed something more.. or may be someone else.. so just like that.. I happened to be contacted by my ex -tuition teacher.. she was one lady I used to adore.. nothing sexual.. she calls me one fine day.. asks about my well being.. I was happy to hear from her after almost 16 years.. she asked me to meet her.. now she got married 19 years back.. had three children.. all sufficient year olds.. we meet at a cafe.. she was happy to see me all grown up.. talks started getting personal.. I asked about her career, married life.. now we had a secret.. that only we both knew.. I was her student for a long time.. days before her marriage, when I must be hardly 12-13 years old.. we were alone at her home.. she was due to marry in two -three days or so.. when we were alone.. things steamed up between us.. which we both didn’t care much for.. because there was nothing sexually explicit about it.. she carried me in her arms, as I was manageable by weight back then.. I kissed her on her lips.. to which she responded back.. we both just looked at each other.. and kissed again.. may be she was paranoid of her marriage or was horny on account of it.. after kissing she took my head and hugged it against her bosom.. I could sense her heavy breathe.. she went to bathroom after that.. and came after few minutes.. she was looking exhausted.. I had forgotten all about it.. as I aged.. but after meeting her after all this year’s.. I knew she and me had a bit of foreplay long time ago.. so after having our coffee and talks we decided to leave.. but it started raining and we both didn’t have any umbrellas.. result we both got drenched.. we found a shade to ourselves within a building society.. it was not lit well but enough to see each other.. we had no one nearby.. I looked at her.. her dress was all drenched.. her dress was sliding in her butt crack.. in a quick moment, I pulled her dress off her butt crack.. she must be in her mid 40s now.. had a normal, fuckable figure.. when I removed her dress ziffly, she looked at me, I pointed to her dress.. our eyes met.. I leaned forward and kissed her on lips.. she got back, not angrily but rather suggesting that this is not right and that she is married.. I still insisted with she moving back slowly enough not causing any noise, neither I.. till she was pushed to the wall.. I took her hand.. kissed her again.. she looked at me.. and I kissed her again.. with some authority this time.. she said this is wrong but this time it was concluded with a ‘dear’.. I thought of pulling out the trump ace and said to her.. ‘ it’s not like we are kissing for the first time.. ‘ she was astonished and smiled saying that you still remember.. and i said ‘ so do you!’… We started kissing.. she was not hesitant, but neither reluctant.. after few seconds she was comfortable and participating.. I separated myself from her and cupped her breast.. to which she gasped and moaned in ecstacy.. I patted her tit.. she was saying all the motherly crap.. ‘ that you a big boy now.. a grown man.. I put my finger to her lip.. to my surprise she kissed it and sucked it…. my hands found my way through her dress, shoving it up, revealing her panties.. she was moist.. she was scared.. was pulling her dress down.. saying not now, not here… I removed my mobile and started searching for nearby hotels.. she said she can’t as she has to reach home soon.. I told her it’s 7 and you got to reach by 9.. her home was 20 min away from the hotel I shortlisted.. she was thinking and not sure.. I took her hand, cams out, called for a taxi.. and took her in.. all the time she was looking at me.. may be the sense of being dominated and taking decision quickly got her all more submissive.. she came near my ears.. and was whispering.. ‘what about protection’.. I told her I’ll arrange.. because telling her that I already have few in my wallet would create more questions and I was in no mood to answer any.. all I wanted to do was do her.. and ads her to list of bitches that I have.. she also asked me if I had any gf.. I said no.. and casually asked her.. if she could be my gf.. she laughed it out.. but internally I knew I broke her last inhibition.. she also said ‘let’s do quick.. because I have to be home as well’.. I naughtily asked ‘ do what’.. again her talks started.. ‘ naughty fellow what you taking me to hotel for.. that thing… ‘ I laughed.. the hotel came, we got down, filled up formalities, she gave her old address, which was funny.. she didn’t want to show any relation to the place.. we got in the room.. I told her you will remember this night.. she kept silent.. she was overwhelmed.. and she got free with me just like I thought.. in no time, we were naked.. and while pulling my shorts she was shocked at my size.. saying my my you have really grown up.. before she could complete, I pushed it against her lips.. she took it all in… she gasped, pulled it out.. saying she is not used to.. I asked what.. dick sucking or sucking dick this size.. I shoved it back in.. and kept saying that get used to it, you are my gf now.. she looked up.. the sense of me relating her as my gf was enough for her to start giving her best… She started sucking with all her skills, which was not bad.. she pulled it out.. and she was in awe of the size.. she said my name, and asked to please go slow.. saying she is not used to even half my size.. I asked her if this is her first time.. after marriage.. she said yes if you don’t count the fingers.. I asked whose.. she hit me on biceps.. mine stupid.. and now (while holding my dick and looking at it with all admiration) it’s going to be you.. I told her from now on just make it me only… she smiled.. saying for that you will have to marry me.. I told her fine and started getting up.. saying then we’ll have this after marriage, she immediately pulled me back saying no no do me now.. do me.. do you teacher.. I slowly kept my tip of dick on her pussy slit.. I didn’t want to waste time lubricating it.. as I had warmed her enough for her cunt to be all slimy.. I shoved it in slowly.. her mouth and eyes widened.. she never had been expanded down.. she was slimy and loose down.. but all those loose walls were further being stretched…. I rubbed her clit which was swollen.. she got more moist.. she asked me to pull it out.. I did.. she asked for her phone.. she texted her husband that she will be home late by 11.. !! She showed me the message.. saying no way I can go home fine after you put this (pointing at my dick) in me.. I pulled her close.. stretched her legs.. shoved my dick in her.. she kept saying go slow.. I told her it will pain.. didn’t it pain.. at your first night.. she said not this much.. I told her endure it.. you are getting real man meat now.. I pushed more in.. she was now taking it in comfortably.. and here I was fucking my tuition teacher as well.. I just couldn’t believe my luck.. I mean I am screwing all the ladies who have punished, pulled my ears.. and here I am fucking their pussies to heaven.. mean while I got a nude video from my history teacher.. I muted it.. my tuition teacher thought I was video graphing her.. she was saying instructions that remove video but don’t click face.. I was internally laughing.. the video got download, I saw my teacher rubbing her cunt.. and winking, inviting me to herself.. I replied saying tomorrow dear.. I immediately get a happy face smiley..

    Mean while my tuition teacher in gasps asked me to show the video.. I told her should I stop fucking.. ohh no no.. continue.. fuck me… I thought of making it more interesting.. I asked her.. why didn’t she got nude with me back then.. she said she was scared but she was very horny that day.. and she had no one except me.. I wanted to stay virgin for my stupid husband (could see angst in her eyes) but couldn’t control myself.. I was scared you might tell anyone.. hence just thought of keeping it till kissing and tits face rub.. I leaned over her.. told her she still feels virgin.. she laughed saying yea.. loser never got to reach depths..

    I asked her while shoving more of my dick in her.. that why she didn’t do with anyone then.. she said she didn’t want to.. and today it happened because really speaking I was her first guy, her first kiss rather.. I said really?? She said yes.. I pushed it saying that then I am your man ? She exclaimed.. I wish… I seemed to like her pussy.. the pride and excitement of owning someone else’s property made me tell her that she belongs to me now.. she accepted yes.. she is.. I was screwing her bad now, table top, all styles.. she was only getting impressed by my stamina and Innovation.. she already came twice.. it was clocking 10 in clock.. as a ‘habit’ I held her face.. and unloaded all on her face.. she was shocked.. I too had little to less clue on what I did.. but to my surprise she tasted it.. saying first time.. and quietly took another glob in her mouth.. tastes weird but ok she said.. saying this she laid back on bed.. used the nearby towel to rub her face… while getting up she was all shivering.. she said told you.. I helped her to bathroom. Warm water did wonders.. she was ok.. and sucked me again winking at me under shower.. she got up said it was her fantasy.. I clicked her while doing so.. she said baby don’t click face pic.. I told her this is for personal use only.. she surprised me saying that I don’t need to use the pic, but rather come to her for any need..

    I told her to dress up.. I told her I would be coming to her home.. she got scared.. asking why and what.. we both entered home.. she introduced me as her student.. her husband asked what took her long.. I immediately replied saying she got hit by a ‘big rod’ in middle of road and I happened to be nearby and that she needed time to recuperate.. she smiled wickedly from her kitchen. onhearing the ‘rod’ term. her family thanked me.. I took their leave… while I was leaving and near their staircase.. I heard her elder daughter call my name.. she came to thank me.. and said that mother wants my number… I got the hint as teacher already had my number.. I took her phone, fed in my number.. and told her to call me anytime.. she blushed… more on her later…

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