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    Double Trouble


    True story.

    Dad came to me, he said he knew a guy who was also having sex with his daughter. Would I be interested in having group sex with them.

    I thought wow really shit. My pussy was hot and wet with that very thought. I asked how old they were. Freddy is 56 his daughter Katrina is 33. He told me Katrina is bi. Oh I loved that.

    Mum knows Dad is sleeping with me, but Freddy’s wife doesn’t know he and Katrina are having sex

    We had dinner in the restaurant. Gosh out with our fathers knowing after tea we would be upstairs fucking. Both Dad and Freddy wore suits.

    I wore a black sleeveless tight bodycon dress, it stopped just above my knees. Black stockings with a pin stripe down the back. My hair back in a ponytail.

    Katrina looked sexy in her dark blue halterneck dress with a keyhole in the front. Her cleavage visible through the hole. The dress hung mid thigh. She wore black stockings and blue heels. It was hard to believe it was another father and daughter dad and I were going to be sleeping with. Fuck so hot and sexy. Especially her been bi sexual. I get to play with all three.

    We finished dinner and walked up to our room. It consisted of a lounge and kitchen. A small bedroom. A master suite and ensuite.

    Katrina and I got into the lift first. We decided to be naughty and hold our fathers hands the fifty meters down the hallway to the room.

    We got into the room. Katrina and I made our way to the balcony 17 floors up. We stood over looking Auckland. Dad and Freddy brought us a drink. We stood there talking. Dad next to me his hand on my hip, and Fred next to Katrina his hand on her hip. We stood talking. Katrina and I looked at each other and at the same time leant in kissing each others lips. Dad and Fred watching as we french kissed. Her lips tasted so nice as our tongues were in each others mouths.

    We stopped kissing each couple stood side by side our arms around each other, all aware of each others father daughter relationship.

    ….What happened next is based on the full sequence of events…..

    Dad put his drink on the table his hand slid to my arse, pulling me close to him. I put my hand on his chest as we kissed. Katrina stepped behind me putting her hand on my arse squeezing my cheek. Fred put his drink on the table and stood behind Katrina putting his hand on her arse. I turned around Dad behind me, Katrina and I had our hands on each others hips, we kissed again our fathers playing with our arses. I reached behind feeling dads hard cock in his pants. I undid his belt and trousers reaching in sliding my hand under his underwear feeling his cock as we stood on the balcony. The traffic below us 17 floors down. Sirens wailed. It was a warm night. Katrina fondled my breasts as we kissed, as I held dads warm cock in my hand.

    Fred’s hands lifting Katrina’s dress playing with her bare arse cheeks. I felt horny, I wanted to be fucked all night by Dad Fred and Katrina. My pussy wet and so moist.

    I reached for her breasts squeezing them, her amazing cleavage showing through the keyhole in the front of her dress. Fred’s hands sliding up his daughters body to her breast squeezing it rubbing mine I pushed in harder towards Katrina. Fred’s hand cupping Katrina’s breast as his hand rubbed mine. I so wanted to be naked right now, cocks penetrating me. We moved to the room. Katrina and I sat on the bed. Dad stood in front of me his trousers down. I grabbed his cock putting it in my mouth.

    Katrina unzipped her dads trousers pulling his cock out sliding her lips over his circumcised knobs. We both sat stroking and sucking their cocks.

    Wow been able to play with dad with other people who are like minded, them knowing we are father and daughter. Not having to pretend we aren’t. It was so nice and relaxing.

    ” Why don’t you girls swap.? ” Fred said.

    Dad and Fred swapped places. I grabbed Fred’s cock circling his knob and sliding my lips down his shaft. Katrina did the same with dads.

    ” Oh yes ” Fred said looking up.

    ” Both girls know how to suck.” Dad said smiling.

    We both licked and sucked. Both guys groaning the doors open. Fred held my head as I sucked up and down his cock, dad looking down at Katrina sucking his.

    After a while Kat and I lay down. (She likes been called Kat). We looked at each other and started kissing, feeling each others bust. Dad lifted her dress up. He took off her heels and pulled her stockings down. He took her stockings off and opened her legs wide. Her lacy blue g string over her pussy.

    Fred pushed my tight dress up to my hips. He took off my stockings and heels. My lacy black H string over my pussy. I felt Fred’s fingers run down my pussy and up again. He leant in kissing my inner thighs, something dad knows really turns me on. He pushed his fingers over my pussy rubbing it. Dad pulled down Kat’s g string and taking it off. I looked down as he started running his tongue up and down her pussy, sliding his fingers deep inside her. She groaned as dad slowly fingered her, circling her clit with his tongue.

    Kat and I kissed passionately as I felt my knickers been pulled down my legs and off my feet. His tongue returning to my pussy, my pussy lips been opened up. His tongue exploring deep inside my pussy and clit. I felt close to orgasm.

    Then they swapped. Dad between my legs eating my pussy, Kat’s dad between hers. They both finger fucked us. Licking our clits, our fathers pleasuring out wet juicy fannies. For ten minutes they kept swapping pussies. I was fuckin loving it as Kat and I kissed.

    I then sat up. Kat pulled down the zip in my dress from my neck to my hips. I stood up in front of Fred pushing my dress to the floor standing in my blue lacy bra. Fred stood up holding my hips kissing my lips fondling my bust. My nipples hard and erect. He kissed down my neck to my cleavage. I looked down at dad his fingers still fingering Kat. Licking her pussy. Fred reached behind my back unclipping my bra. He took it off dropping it to the floor.

    ” Your daughter has nice tits.” He said cupping them fondling them, oogling them, kissing them, sucking my nipples. Pulling me close with his hand on my arse. I held his head as he kissed my breasts fondling them.

    ” Yes she sure has ” Dad said standing up reaching over cupping one of my breasts. Kat stood up turning around as Dad unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor. He pulled her close her back to him, reaching to her front fondling her bra looking over at me naked. He cupped her bra cups kissing her neck. She reached for dads cock stroking it as dad slid his hands to her back unclipping her bra taking it off letting it fall to the floor.

    All of us naked now, Kat lay down. Dad nestled between her legs grabbing his cock sliding it deep into her pussy leaning over her as he slowly plunged her pussy. Fred and I stood for a minute watching dad fuck her slowly. I then lay next to her. We kissed again as Fred entered my pussy, slowly thrusting me. We lay there been fucked by each others father. Their cocks penetrating deep into our wet pussies. They leant in caressing our breasts, sucking our nipples.

    I was loving kissing Kat. They then pulled out of us.

    ” Want to eat my dads cum out of me ?” Kat asked me.

    ” Yes ” I said smiling at Fred. Fred sped up inside his daughter.

    ” Can do the same to you. ” Kat said.

    Oh the thought of another girl except mum eating dads cum from my pussy. Such a fuckin turn on.

    Dad pulled out of Kat he knelt between her legs. He circled her clit with his tongue, slowly sliding his fingers in her he finger fucked her licking up and down her pussy lips. Fred slowly fucked me. He then pulled out knelling between my legs. He licked my clit circling it rubbing my moist pussy. He licked down me to my vagina pushing his tongue into my entrance then back up to my clit.

    Kat and I kissed fondling each others breasts. Dad and Fred swapped. Dad knelling between my legs fingering my pussy. Fred doing Kat. They licked us and fingered us. Dad then stood rubbing his cock over my clit and pussy lips. He then pushed his cock deep into me slowly thrusting my pussy. Fred did the sane to Kat. Dad fucking me, Fred fucking Kat both us girls groaning as our fathers fucked us.

    Kat then got up turning around and lay next to me on her side. She leant over my thigh rubbing my clit as Dads cock slid in and out of me. Fred getting behind Kat lifting her leg putting his cock in her from behind. I leant in rubbing her clit watching his cock fuck her. Fuck I was so horny. Kat pussy was so beautiful. Shaved like mine.

    Fred fondled Kat’s breasts from behind as she rubbed my clit and stomach and breasts.

    ” Cum in her ” Kat said to Dad. I leant in licking Kat’s pussylips, Fred’s cock so close to my tongue. I heard Dad groan. It wasn’t long before he cum, filling my pussy with cum.

    ” Oh yes ” Dad said smiling filling my wet moist wanting pussy with his juices. Kat rubbing my clit as Dad slowly thrust short strokes in me.

    Dad pulled out I got into a better position for Kat. I sat legs open Kat between them licking my pussy, she slid her fingers in pushing Dads cum in to me further licking the seeping cum off my pussy. Dad put his cock in Kat’s mouth she licked my pussy juices mixed with his cum off his shaft. Then Dad put his cock in my mouth. I stroked and licked it as Kat opened my pussy lips licking up and down my pussy, my clit circling it. Fingering me as Fred groaned slapping in his daughter faster. He cum shooting inside Kat.

    Kat licked my pussy sliding her fingers to her clit as her father filled her with his cum. I licked her clit and Fred’s shaft as he pulled it half out of Kat’s pussy. His semen oozing out. I licked it up as Kat gave me oral sex.

    Fred pulled his cock out, I put it in my mouth sucking and licking it as I played with Kat’s pussy. I licked Kat’s pussy juices off his cock, then back to Kats pussy licking and kissing it.

    Fred and dad stood up watching us girls in a 69 giving each other oral sex. They played with their cocks as Kat and I played with each other.

    After about 5 minutes we all went into the big Jacuzzi in the bathroom filled with hot water and bubbles for us girls. I sat on dads knee and Kat sat on her fathers. It was so so nice

    Read part 2 coming soon.

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