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    Vanessa and William Pt 5


    It had just turned 12.06. The midday news had just finished. The hot midday sun shone not a cloud in the sky. There was as slight north eastly breeze.

    William sat in the lounge relaxing back. French doors open to the courtyard as swimming pool.

    Darren sat next to him. Both wearing board shorts and singlets. Darren had a athletic muscular body. His tanned skin and short blonde hair.

    Vanessa arrived home for lunch, She wore a short pencil high waisted skirt with wide black vertical stripes and small narrow white stripes, a black cotton v neck blouse. Black stockings and high heels. She walked in seeing William and his friend the 26 yr old Darren.

    ” Hi mum ” William said.

    ” Hi ” she said ” How are you. ? ”

    ” Good ” William sat looking at his mother in the kitchen. Her nice arse in that short skirt her nice slender legs. Her long blonde hair in a high pony tail on her head.

    ” Shes hot aye ” William said.

    ” She is ” Darren said.

    ” Pardon ” She said. William and Darren stood up walking into the kitchen.

    ” Just said your fuckin hot. ” William said smiling.

    ” Thanks ” She said facing William and Darren.

    ” I’m sure we all agree that you need to be fucked ” He added.

    ” Oh do I, and who says that. ” She said.

    ” You fuckin know, you need to just do what you are fuckin told bitch ” he said putting his hand on her arse.

    Darren knew about the relationship he had with his mother. He knew Williams mother liked it rough and being dominated. Her husband wasn’t into it so she used William to please her in that way sexually. He put his hand on her other arse cheek.

    ” Ready to be fucked ? Your going to be fucked by both of us, so get that shaved pussy ready and that arse. ” William said slapping her arse cheek

    He kissed his mothers lips. He reached behind her picking up a collar putting it around her neck. It was a studded black collar. He attached a lead to it.

    ” Take the dog to the bedroom ” he said to Darren. They got to the bedroom.

    ” On your hands and knees like a dog. ” William said. Vanessa got onto her hands and knees. William walked behind her. She stayed as Darren tied her to the bed.

    ” Sit dog. ” Darren said. She sat on her ankles like a dog. William undressed pulling his hard cock out as did Darren.

    ” Open up bitch. ” William said. Vanessa opened her mouth. William put his hard cock in her mouth. ” Suck it. ” He said. She supported it with her mouth sliding her mouth up and down his shaft. Darren stood watching his friends mother suck her sons cock. William holding her head pulling it up and down his cock. He held his shaft pulling it out. ” Lick my knob. ” He said. She licked around his knob and up his shaft. He pushed her head to Darren. Darren slid his cock in her mouth. William pushing and pulling her head up Darren’s shaft. ” Suck it bitch ” William said. Darren held her head fucking her mouth with his cock. He deep throated her. She gagged as he penetrated deep into her mouth.

    ” Thats it ” William said watching her. He held her pony tail as Darren held her by the ears fucking her mouth.

    ” You like that. ” Darren said.

    ” Ummmmm ” she mumbled.

    ” The little slut loves it ” William said ” Make him cum. ” William said. ” Down your throat. ” He said.

    ” Yes ” Darren said groaning. Willian pulled out some handcuffs, he grabbed his mothers hands cuffing them behind her back as she knelt on knees with Darren’s hard cock in her mouth sucking it. Darren held his cock in one hand and Vanessa’s head with the other circling his knob around her open mouth. Darren stroked his cock pulling her lips over his knob. She sucked his knob as directed. William standing watching his cock in hand.

    William and Darren put their knobs in her mouth at the same time, she sucked on both.

    ” Good girl mother, suck the cocks. ”

    William pulled his out, Darren admiring her slim body. Her long blonde hair. The shape of her C Cup bust in her blouse.

    ” You say she shaves that pussy. ” Darren said.

    ” Yeh she does, its looks good and tastes fuckin divine. ” He said smiling ” Doesn’t it Mum ” he said.

    ” Ummm ” she mumbled having Darren’s cock in her mouth. William knelt done squeezing her breasts over her blouse. ” And nice fuckin tits, with beautiful perky nipples ” he said. William stood again. Their cocks in her face wanking them, swaping them putting them in her mouth sliding her head up their cocks.

    Darren moaned as he pulled her head up his shaft. After a minute he cum. He filled Vanessa’s mouth with cum. She swallowed some spilling down her chin into the floor and her blouse.

    ” Lick your mess up bitch. ” William said. She licked Darren’s cock clean. William put his in her mouth stroking it and pulling his mothers head up his shaft. A few minutes later he cum to. He filled her mouth with cum she licked it off his knob, both guys smiling down at her cum dripping from her face and chin. They them stood her up untieing the lead from the bed they fondled her over her bust squeezing her breasts. Darren’s hand sliding to her arse squeezing her arse.

    ” Fuckin hot body ” Darren said. ” Does she fuck as well as she looks ? He asked.

    ” Fuck yes ” he said ” We have had some great sex, isn’t that right mum. ”

    ” Yes ” she said standing hands tied behind her back.

    ” Shall we get some clothes off mum ” William said. ” Lets start with this blouse. ” He said. He pulled the front open ripping buttons out.

    ” Thats how you do it ” William said his mothers ripped blouse open. Her black bra holding her breasts. Her cleavage looked as nice as ever. Darren undid the zip on her skirt. It fell to the floor. Darren lifted each foot taking her skirt out throwing it to the side. He slid her stockings down taking them off as well as her heels. William stood kissing her lips fondling over her bra. Darren slid her g string down revealing her pussy. He pulled them off her feet.

    ” Wow nice pussy ” he said. They pushed her onto the bed, Darren opening her legs running his fingers down her pussy lips. She lay Darren coming up her body, both guys fondling her breasts over her bra, her erect nippled poking through. ” Nice tits to ” he said. William stood getting some scissors.

    ” Be my guest ” he said. Darren put the scissors through her bra cutting it open they pulled her ripped blouse and cut bra open, her breasts falling out. They fondled a breast each taking turns kissing her lips.

    ” We are going to fuck you, up your arse where you like it and your pussy. You want that bitch. ” William said.

    ” Umm ” she said. Darren kissed down her body to her pussy. He slid his fingers inside her licking her clit.

    ” Taste nice ” William asked his friend eating his mothers pussy.

    ” Fuck yeh ” He said smiling. William stood up grabbing her panties putting them to his nose. He sniffed them.

    ” You smell nice today ” he said smiling at her watching Darren lick and finger her pussy. He handed them to Darren. He sniffed them with one hand his fingers still in her pussy.

    ” Nice ” he said. He them sat down putting them to her nose.

    ” Sniff them bitch, thats what you smell like. ” She sniffed her underwear. William then put them in her mouth. He then got some tape taping her mouth.

    She lay there on the bed, hands tied behind her back, her blouse ripped open and bra cut open with her panties in her mouth, and mouth taped shut. Darren licking her pussy opening her labias with his fingers, finger fucking her as he licked her. William straddled her, putting his cock between her breasts pushing them over his cock and started tit fucking her.

    After five minutes William got off. Darren stood and presents his cock to her pussy. He slid his cock deep inside her. He watched his shaft penetrate deep inside her pussy. William rubbed her clit as her watched his friend fuck his mother..

    ” Fuck her hard. ” William said. ” She loves it hard. Darren pushed open her legs thrusting her deep and hard. She groaned and closed her eyes, knowing she was at the mercy of her son and friend.

    William stood watching playing with his cock. Darren leaning in playing with her breasts as he fucked her.

    Darren pulled out of her then William thrust her. For five minutes they took turns fucking her. Eventually they rolled her over her hands tied behind her back. Her face on the bed turned to a side. Her arse up in the air kneeling on the bed. Darren grabbed the lubricant. He squeezed it over her arse and his cock. Darren stood above her guiding his cock to her arse. He circled her anus slowly spreading it and sliding his cock in her arse. He thrust her arse holding her hips. She groaned. He slowly thrust her arse. William stood behind her sliding his cock into her pussy. She groaned and groaned as Darren fucked her arse and William fucked her pussy. Darren grabbing her handcuffed hands lifting them up holding them as he fucked her looking at her wedding rings on her finger.

    Each thrust pushed her face into the bed. Their cocks thrusting deep into her arse and pussy.

    ” Shes never been double penetrated before. ” William said.

    ” New fuckin experience for the slut. ” Darren said. For five minutes they fucked her. They then swapped. They rolled her over onto her side. William lay behind her lifting her leg guiding his cock into her arse. Darren stood in front leaning in sliding his cock in her pussy. Darren held her leg up as the fucked her. William pulling her head to him by her pony tail.

    ” Like that mummy. ” He said smiling at her.

    ” Ummmm ” she said through the gag.

    ” Don’t fuckin say much does she ” Darren said.

    ” Shes a bit tied up at the moment. ” William said laughing.

    The guys fucked her hard. Their cocks penetrating her arse and pussy. William kissing her neck as his cock thrust her arse in time with Darren’s cock in her pussy.

    After another five minutes they pulled out. They stood, they pulled her off the bed turning her. She knelt on the floor facing the bed and lay face down on the bed. Darren put his cock in her arse fucking. William watched as for the next five minutes his friend fucked his mother swapping for her arse to her pussy. Both holes open wide. Darren groaned as his cock was in her pussy. He slapped her arse. He let out a loud groan as he cum. He cum deep into Vanessa.

    ” Oh shit yes ” he said lifting his cock to her arse, sliding it deep into her, spilling the rest of his cum into her arse. A minute later he pulled out. Cum dripped and oozed from both holes.

    ” Oh fuck yeh. ” William said leaning over his mother sliding into her cum filled pussy thrusting her deep and hard, pushing Darren’s cum deep into her, his cum lubricating her hole. After a minute he pulled out lifting his cock to her arse, sliding it deep into her.

    ” Yeh fuck her ” Darren said.

    ” Dad would not like this would he Vanessa ? ” William said holding her arse cheeks slapping her arse cheek. After a minute he groaned and erupted into her arse. He cock filling it with cum. He pulled out sliding his cock the short distance to her pussy, sliding deep into her pussy giving her another couple of thrusts as he filled her pussy with more cum. Cum oozing and spilling as he emptied his cock.

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