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    The Devious Daughter Saga pt. 4 (Lindy)


    It’s been two days since “the incident” and Lindy has pretty much isolated herself. Her mother has been trying to text and call but she has ignored all attempts. Her husband, totally unaware, is concerned that his wife is ill and tries talking her into seeing a doctor.
    No longer able to stand it any longer, Lindy decides to text Kaley.
    (Lindy) “Kaley, I want you to know that that was an underhanded and crappy thing for you to do-tricking me and mom into that. It was disgusting and I hate you for it and I don’t ever want to see you again!”
    (Kaley) “Bitch, you need to just shut the fuck up! It didn’t look like it was a problem while you and your mom were licking each others’ cum out of your cunts! And you think your mom is innocent?! Bitch, IT WAS HER IDEA!!”
    Lindy refuses to believe what she’s reading. “There’s no way my mom would ever do that” she says to herself.
    (Kaley) “As a matter of fact, bitch, tomorrow you’re going to be here a six. And if you don’t show up, I have some interesting photos and a vid that I’m sure your husband and dad will love! Do you understand?! Oh, and bitch, be looking pretty!”
    As Kaley sets her phone down she looks down between her legs and into her mother’s eyes. “Bitch, as soon as you’re done down there, we have plans to make for tomorrow.” Kaley says with that evil smile on her face.
    Having forgotten about the incriminating evidence, Lindy knows she has no choice.
    “Maybe when I get there I can ‘kill her with kindness’ and get her to delete the pics and vid.” Lindy thinks to herself.
    (Kaley) “I gave you a command and now I expect an answer!)
    (Lindy) “Ok, I’ll be there.”
    (Kaley) “That’s yes mistress to you, bitch!”
    (Lindy) “Yes mistress.”
    Precisely at six, Lindy pulls into the parking lot at Kaley’s apartment. As she’s looking for a spot she sees her mom’s car parked next to Camille’s and her heart sinks as she wonders what that evil girl has planned.
    Lindy nervously reaches and opens the door to Kaley’s apartment. She steps inside and as her eyes adjust to the darker environment she hears Kaley speak: “Shut the door and lock it, bitch.”
    Lindy locks the door and turns around and as her eyes have adjusted to the dim lit room, her heart sinks even lower as she sees a nude Kaley standing with her hands on her hips. At her feet she sees her mother and Camille’s nude figures kneeling and kissing Kaley’s feet, their bare asses in the air.
    “Well, what do you think now, bitch?” Kaley sneers at Lindy.
    Lindy can only stare at her mom and Camille in their submissive positions.
    “Mom? What’s going on?” Lindy quietly asks.
    Her mom says nothing as she continues kissing Kaley’s feet.
    “My mom’s a whore but your mom’s the biggest whore I know, bitch and I own them. And now, you’re going to be my whore too. Do you understand me?”
    Lindy looks down at the floor not knowing how to answer.
    “Say it, bitch! Say I belong to you!” Kaley commands as she flashes Lindy pictures of her and her mom on her phone.
    “I-I belong to you, mistress.” Lindy says with her voice barely above a whisper. She knows in her heart that pleading will do no good.
    “Mom, Tessa, Lindy needs her clothes removed.” Kaley instructs them.
    Camille and Tessa rise to their feet and face Lindy. Tessa can’t look her daughter in the eye. She knows she’s gotten her in a fix with no way out.
    “Take off her clothes! I’m not going to tell you again!” Kaley demands.
    Tessa unbuttons Lindy’s blouse as Camille begins removing her jeans. Lindy just stands there motionless as she’s being undressed.
    Lindy watches as Kaley circles her, looking her up and down. Inspecting her tall slender tattooed body and shapely ass as if she were on sale.
    Kaley stops then looks at Tessa. “Get on all fours, bitch!” She commands her.
    Lindy is aghast at hearing her mom being talked to like that from a brat like Kaley.
    Tessa slowly kneels to her knees then to her hands, exposing her perfect ass and shaven pussy.
    “Now, Lindy, get down there and kiss her ass.” Kaley tells her.
    When Lindy hesitates, Kaley grabs her jet black hair with her right hand pulling her head back and with her left hand on the side of her face turns it toward hers.
    “When I tell you to do something you do it or these pictures go out all over the internet! Got it?!”
    “Yes mistress.” Lindy says while trying to hold back her tears.
    She slowly kneels down to her mother’s ass and kisses her left ass cheek.
    “With sincerity, you stupid cunt! Tongue and all!” Kaley commands.
    Lindy obeys her mistress and begins kissing and licking her mom’s ass cheeks. The more she kisses her ass the more the guilt that Tessa felt about getting her daughter caught up in this taboo web begins to wane.
    Tessa can feel her pussy twitch as it gets wetter and wetter. As Lindy goes from one ass cheek to the other, she catches glances of her mother’s glistening pussy and she knows her mom is getting turned on.
    “Wow, Lindy! You must be doing something right! Your mom’s cunt is really wet!” Kaley says as she runs her fingers into Tessa’s pussy. Kaley then pulls Lindy’s head back by her hair.
    “Remember how your mom’s cunt tastes?” Kaley asks. “Let me remind you, bitch!” she tells her as she sticks her fingers into Lindy’s mouth.
    Lindy’s unexpectedly aroused by the taste and smell of her mom’s pussy. She readily sucks her juices off of Kaley’s fingers.
    “You like your mom’s pussy juice don’t you Lindy?” Kaley asks with a smile.
    “Y-yes mistress.” Lindy says.
    “Please your mother’s cunt, bitch.” Kaley commands.
    Lindy wraps her arms under and around her mom’s hips and her hands spread her ass cheeks. She begins licking and sucking her mom’s pussy. Sucking and stretching her labia with her lips, thrusting her tongue into her vagina.
    By now, Lindy’s inhibitions are gone as her own sexual arousal has risen. She feels her own pussy wetten as she grows more and more aroused.
    Tessa’s moans grow louder as her daughter devours her pussy. She can feel her orgasm growing as Lindy’s tongue fucks her asshole then back to her clit-sucking and licking her labia as well.
    Lindy stops and pulls her mom up and toward her. They wrap their arms around each other and kiss deeply-their tongues encircling each others’. Tessa’s mouth finds it’s way to Lindy’s neck.
    She’s sucking and licking her daughter’s soft skin in unbridled passion, their hands caress each others’ bodies. Tessa’s fingers find their way between Lindy’s legs as they slide into her soaking wet cunt.
    “I’m so in love with you, baby.” Tessa whispers in her daughter’s ear.
    “I think I’m in love with you too, mom.” Lindy whispers back.
    Tessa then lays Lindy down on her back as she makes her way down her body to her smallish breasts. She takes Lindy’s nipple in her mouth one at a time and sucks and licks gently and at the same time finger fucking her cunt.
    Tessa then begins kissing her way to Lindy’s waiting pussy. She runs her tongue from her asshole to her clit only stopping halfway to tongue her vagina. Tessa is sucking and licking her clit and labia. The sucking and smacking sounds and Lindy’s moans of pleasure fill the air as Tessa’s middle and fore fingers fuck her daughter’s pussy at the same time as she’s licking her.
    Tessa feels Lindy’s orgasm nearing. She continues her cunnilingus on her daughter vigorously as Lindy’s hips buck harder and harder.
    “OMG mom! I’m about to cum!” Lindy loudly says.
    It’s at that time Tessa stops before her daughter cums.
    Tessa eases her way back to Lindy’s mouth and they once again kiss passionately. Lindy grasps her mom’s ass cheeks with both hands. She eases her mom upward until her breasts are over her face as she begins sucking and licking her mom’s nipples.
    Tessa turns her body around over her daughter to the 69 position. Both women at the same time begin eating each others’ pussies. Both women moan in ecstasy as their orgasms draw near.
    “OMG mom! I’m about to cum!” Lindy cries out.
    “Mama yes! Yes! Oh god mom!” Lindy yells as she cums in her mom’s mouth. Tessa laps every drop of her daughter’s juices that she can.
    Tessa can feel her own orgasm approaching as Lindy works her own magic on her mom’s pussy. Tessa’s hips buck into Lindy’s mouth as her orgasm explodes.
    OMG baby! OMG my baby, yes!” Tessa cries.”Yes baby, yes!”
    Lindy sucks and licks the cum from her mom’s cunt, savoring every drop. Tessa turns around to her daughter and both women kiss passionately.
    “I love you, mom.” Lindy whispers.
    “I love you so much too, baby girl.” Tessa whispers back.
    “I want to be your lover, mom.” Lindy whispers.
    Looking into her daughter’s hazel eyes, Tessa smiles and nods as she kisses her deeply once again.
    Kaley and her mom have been enjoying the steamy love session between Tessa and Lindy. As they sat side by side watching, they finger each others’ wet pussies.
    After Tessa and Lindy are finished, Kaley walks over and takes Lindy by the hair and pulls her to her knees. Lindy cries out in the pain and being startled by Kaley’s suddeness.
    “Open your mouth, bitch!” Kaley commands.
    Lindy does as she’s told as Kaley then spits in her mouth with much of it going on her face. Kaley then smears her spit on Lindy’s face.
    Tessa can only watch as Kaley mistreats and humiliates her daughter. She can’t figure out why Kaley seems to have such an animosity toward her.
    “Back on your knees, bitch!” Kaley commands.
    As Lindy goes to her knees, Tessa grasps her hand, their fingers interlock and they squeeze each other tightly.
    “You two cunts aren’t done yet!” Kaley tells them.
    Kaley sits back by her mom as they both spread their legs.
    “Crawl over here on your hands and knees, bitch!” Kaley commands Lindy.
    “You do the same, bitch!” Camille commands Tessa.
    Both women crawl to Kaley and Camille’s waiting pussies and they begin their jobs of bringing their mistresses to orgasm.
    Lindy can’t hardly stand the fact that she has to do this hateful and mean bitch’s bidding but she knows she has no choice. She eats Kaley’s pussy as best she can just wanting to get it over with.
    Tessa does the same with Camille, who once was her best friend but now appears to be in league with her devious daughter.
    Out of the corner of their eyes Tessa and Lindy watch each other do the bidding of their mistresses. All they want is to be free of the chains that are binding them to Kaley so they can be together on their own terms.
    Kaley and her mom both moan softly as Tessa and Lindy perform their cunnilingus on them. As Kaley feels her orgasm draw near she pushes Lindy away and rolls over to her mother. She positions herself over her mom in their own 69 position as Kaley pushes Tessa away as well.
    “You two cunts kneel on the floor!” Kaley commands.
    Kaley begins licking and sucking her mom’s pussy just as her mom is doing to hers. The two women moan as they lap at each others’ pussies.
    “Yes baby, that feels so good.” Camilles moans. “Fuck yeah, baby”
    As Kaley senses her mom getting near orgasm she begins licking and sucking her pussy more vigorously while at the same time her own orgasm draws near.
    “Oh god yes, baby!” Camille cries out. “Yes baby! Make me cum! Yes baby, yes! OMG yes!!” Camille yells as she cums in her daughter’s mouth.
    Kaley licks as much of her mom’s cum as she can. Sucking and licking her labia and clit.
    It’s then that Kaley feels herself about to climax. She continues licking her mom’s cunt as her orgasm is upon her.
    “OMG mom! OMG yes! Right there, mom! Yes! Oh god YES!!” Kaley yells as she cums in her mom’s mouth.
    “Yeah mom, lick all that cum out of my pussy. mmmm…yes, mom.” Kaley says as she lies her right cheek on her mom’s wet pussy.
    “You two whores get dressed and get the fuck out!” Kaley commands Tessa and Lindy.
    “I need some alone time with my mother.” She adds.
    Tessa and Lindy dress and hurriedly leave Kaley and her mom to their own devices.
    (To be continued…)

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