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    Sorry Mr Smith


    ” Right Nicole, you have been caught cheating ” Mr smith said.

    ” I’m sorry. ” Nicole said sitting opposite her teacher. Her head down and hands clasped in her lap.

    ” Very serious ” Noel said a 62 yr old professor. He was 5′ 8 shot grey hair slightly overweight.

    ” I know. ” Nicole said. ” I didn’t have time to study and really had to pass this exam. ”

    ” Its no excuse, I will have to tell the school principal. ” He said.

    ” Please don’t, It wont happen again. Please I will be expelled. ” Nicole said.

    ” This is a small private school, your parents pay a lot of money for you to attend, there is a waiting list to attend. Their are students who would love to be here, but cant because theirs no room. ” Noel said.

    ” I know please !! ” She said.

    Noel sat back looking at her playing with his tie.

    Nicole 5 ‘ 10. Long Auburn hair, size 14 C Cup breasts. She wire a White blouse, blue and red checkered pleated skirt, black tights. Her skirt sat across her mid thigh.

    Noel looking down admiring her legs. He felt his cock harden. He had always admired Nicole. He didn’t want to report her.

    ” Sorry I have to. Your parents will be called in…. ”

    ” Oh shit, ” she said ” Please I beg you sir. ” She said ” It will never happen again. ”

    ” Sure it wont but rules are rules. You signed a contract with your parents and on clause was cheating and dis honesty will be immediate dismissal from school. ”

    ” Shit I know. ” She said.

    ” Well ” he said. ” I suppose there is one way this can go away. ” He said.

    ” Yes how. ? ” She asked.

    ” Your a very beautiful girl. ” He said his eyes moving up and down her body.

    ” Thanks ” she said ” Hows that going to solve this. ”

    ” Well ” he said sitting forward, you do something for me, I will do something for you. ”

    ” What ? ” She said. He put his hand on her knee. She pushed it off.

    ” What are you doing. ” She said. He put his hand back smiling at her rubbing her knee.

    ” Are you a virgin. ” He asked.

    ” What ? ” She said, pushing his hand off again.

    ” A virgin. ”

    ” Are you ? ” He asked.

    ” Not telling you, ” she pushed her chair back. ” Don’t touch me. ”

    ” Come on Nicole, this will go away, lets have some fun, Our secret. ” He said smiling.

    ” No ” she said.

    ” You have a nice body sweety. ” He said

    ” Ok I will tell the principal, you will be expelled. ” He said.

    ” I will say you tried to have sex with me. ”

    ” Its your word against mine, some rich little bratty bitch caught cheating, I have proof. You have no proof of my proposal. No one will believe you. So either put out or…. ”

    ” I cant. ” She said.

    ” One phone call !. Stand up and come here. ”

    She stood and stepped towards him. His perverted eyes dancing around her body.

    ” Thats it my dear. ” He said putting his hand on her hip. He pulled her between his open legs. His hand sliding onto her left arse cheek. His other hand behind her knee. ” Very beautiful ” he said sliding his hand up behind her thigh up her skirt to her arse. He felt his cock rock hard. ” Are you a virgin ? ” He asked.

    ” No ” she said.

    ” Sit ” he said. She sat on his left thigh.

    ” No ! ” He said smiling. ” Tell me who. ”

    ” I cant. I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone. ”

    ” Well then. ” He said one hand on her back the other on her knee. He slid his hand up her thigh under her skirt lifting the skirt as his hand slid to her groin. ” Open them ” he said. She opened her legs. He held her skirt up against her stomach looking down at her tights and her underwear just visible through the tights. She wore lacy black underwear with a pink bow on the front and pink lace on the sides.

    He then moved his hand up her body to the bust, sliding it over her blouse feeling her breast. He slowly started undoing the buttons one by one, slowly revealing her cleavage and blue bra. He undid all the buttons pulling her blouse open sliding it down her back, dropping it to the floor.

    ” Look at these ” he said groping her breasts over her bra. He leant in kissing her cleavage as he squeezed them. His hands then sliding to her back unclipping it. He pulled it forward sliding it off her dropping it to his desk. ” Amazing breasts ” he said fondling her naked breasts. He leant in sucking her nipples. His hand sliding down to her groin inside her thigh rubbing over her pussy.

    She looked down watching him. She wasn’t enjoying it.

    ” Stand up ” he said. She stood he turned her around her back to him. He lifted her skirt with one hand and squeezed her arse cheeks with the other. He then undid her skirt dropping it to the floor. Her black and pink g string visible through the fabric after he told her to bend over. He pulled the back of her tights down revealing her underwear. She stood as he pulled them to her knees. She lifted each leg stepping out of them. He spanked her arse as he bent her over again. He then opened her legs wider as she bent over rubbing his fingers over her underwear over her pussy.

    ” Nice ” he said. ” Always wanted to undress you ” he said. She stood and turned around. He pulled her underwear down to her knees, her pussy now out. He slipped off her underwear. He held them to her nose sniffing them. ” Look at your naked body ” he said. He stood up his hands on her breasts. He kissed her lips smiling. ” You know im 62 ” he said.

    ” Yes I’m 16 ” she said.

    ” Sit on my desk ” he said. She sat on his desk. He sat back in his chair. He pulled his chair between her legs opening then. His fingers on her pussy. He played with her clit and pussy lips smiling, sliding his hand up to her breasts fondling and squeezing them. He slid her arse to the edge

    He leant in putting his tongue to her clit flicking it as her rubbed her labias opening the admiring her pink juicy flesh inside sliding his tongue down inside her labias. ” Such a beautiful pussy ” he said looking up at her. His finger sliding up inside her vagina, she jumped as he held it it there licking her clit.

    For five minutes he worked on her pussy, licking and sucking it, playing with it.

    After a while he stood up. He reached for his trousers undoing then. He pulled them down his cock now out. She looked down at his cock. It wasn’t circumcised. He stepped out of them.

    ” My cocks ready ” he said sitting down on his chair.

    ” Pardon ? ” She said.

    ” Suck it, I want a blowjob. ” He said. She slid off the desk between his legs. She grabbed his cock stroking it.

    ” Never given a blowjob before. ” She said.

    ” Good I’m you first ” he replied. She closed her eyes putting her mouth over his knob sucking it then down his shaft, holding the base of his cock sucking up and down his shaft. ” Oh yes ” he said.

    She sucked for a few minutes her eyes closed as he played with her hair. She couldn’t believe she was naked performing oral sex on her 62 yr old professor.

    ” Oh thats good ” he said. ” You are my favourite student. ” He said. ” Ive always mentally undressed you and wanted to do this with you. ” He said.

    ” Really ” she said taking his cock out.

    ” Oh yes ” he said. ” Stand up ” he said.

    She stood in front of his as he admired her body. He sat forward putting his hands on her sides. One hand moving up to her breast, he rubbed her naked body. ” Turn around ” he said. She started turning around his hands still on her. He stopped her side on his hands moving to her arse cheeks and breasts. She felt like a window display on show for all to see. His hand moved under her arse, his fingers running along her anus to her pussy. He rubbed her wet vagina. Then turned her, her back to him his hands squeezing her arse cheeks. He stood up behind her, pulling her hair to the side kissing her neck. She was slightly taller than him. He spun her around facing him. He kissed her lips, squeezing her breast. He pushed her to the desk sitting her down. Her legs open he grabbed his cock.

    He crouched a bit finding her vagina with his knob, and slid his cock deep inside her. She closed her eyes as he groaned with pleasure. His cock slowly moving in and out of her.

    ” I don’t want to get pregnant. ” She said.

    ” Oh don’t worry about that, my child making capabilities are long gone. ” He said.

    ” Me and my boyfriend use a condom. ” She said.

    ” I’m. Your first all natural ” he said.

    ” Yes ” she said as he fucked her slowly. He lay her down on the desk. He watched his cock slid in and out of her.

    ” Oh yes, ” he said. ” You have a nice pussy ” he said. His eyes admiring her body. She lay her head to the side not enjoying it but letting him.

    He rubbed her clit as he fucked her. He then pulled out, leaning down licking up and down her wet pussy tasting her sweet juices opening her labias up, licking deep inside her. He then stood placing his cock on her clit pushing it down her pussy back inside her pushing it deep in her pussy. He thrusted in and out.

    ” Fuck your 62 ” she said

    ” Older men are better. Its nice having nice young pussy. ” He said. ” I’m going to cum in you honey. ” He added.

    He groaned and groaned, thrusting her harder. His cock deep inside her young pussy. He held her hips pulling her into him each thrust.

    Eventually he orgasmed, his cock releasing a stream of cum into her. He gave her small thrusts releasing more into her.

    ” Fuck ” she said knowing her pussy was full of his cum.

    ” Thats good ” he said. He pulled his cock out and looked down at his oozing semen coming out of her pussy. What he did next surprised her. ” Always wanted to do this. ” He said.

    He sat on his chair putting the palms of his hands on her inside thighs, his thumbs on her pussy lips opening them up wide, watching his juices trickling out of her. He leant in licking her pussy, he licked his cum off her pussy. He pulled her vagina open, her labias licking around her vagina, inside her pussy lips to her clit. He sucked and licked all his cum off her. He pushed his finger deep in her pussy. He watched it push his cum out, for him to suck up.

    ” You can get dressed now ” he said standing up. ” Minus your underwear, I want to keep them ” he added picking them up putting them to his nose. ” Your pussy smells so nice baby. ” He said.

    She stood picking up her tights, then sat putting them on. He stood her up fondling her breasts. Then handed her bra to her. They dressed and let her out the door.

    ” No more cheating young lady ” he said smiling at her as she walked out the door, left over cum oozing onto her stockings.

    Noel sat in his chair cock in hand kneading her underwear between his fingers smiling.

    Next day in class she found it hard to look at him. He carried on as usual, knowing her had fucked his student the night before.

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