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    Sleepy goes sex crazy


    I wanted to get drunk tonight and Sleepy loved to drink he drank a lot actually and he had a high tolerance so I told Sleepy to go to the store and get a couple bottles of alcohol when he left I was going to get in the shower so I went into the bathroom and turned the water on as hot as it goes cuz I love hot showers then I took my shirt of and then my bra and when my boobs fell out I started to play with them my nipples are a nice pink color and Sleepy always said he loved my nipples I started to pinch them a little tell I felt them get hard and it kinda turns me on so I pushed my saggy titties together and started to suck on my nipples it felt so good I felt my pussy starting to get wet I told my self that’s enough then I took of my pants and thong at the same time and as I slid them off I could feel my thong being pulled out from between my pale ass cheeks I kicked the clothes in the corner by the door and looks at my ass in the mirror Sleepy loved my ass and idk why it was so great so I started to play with my ass cheeks I bent over and made my ass giggle up and down and back and forth my ass actually looks kinda good I thought to myself so I did I a little harder and I could see my ass cheeks spreading apart and I could see my butthole and back of my pussy now I didn’t like how my asshole looked I wish it wasn’t brown I wanted to bleach it but never did and Sleepy always said he didn’t care if I bleached my cute virgin asshole he also said if I did then I’d have to let him eat my ass and let him fuck me in the ass he said he’d play with my pussy while he did it but I never was a fan of butt play I’ve let him eat my ass before and he loved to try to stick his tongue inside my asshole and always mentioned how tight it was and that he couldn’t get more then the very top of his tongue in my butt he had a very nice big tongue and it felt good but I was scared to let him even put a finger in my ass let alone his dick his dick was 9 inches long and almost double the with of a toilet palate roll his dick was very big he couldn’t even get it all in my pussy I was thinking bout his dick so much I almost forgot I was going to shower but before I got in I fought myself playing with my ass again I bent over and spread my cute squishy bubble cheeks apart tell I could see my virgin asshole and my perfect pussy I spread them a little more so my pussy opens up a little fuck I was Turing my self on I licked my fingers and put one hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy fuck it was so wet and felt so good I still couldn’t help but thinking what anal felt like even tho I was scared so while I was playing with my pussy and fingering my self I sucked on my fingers of my other hand I was getting into it and let out a moan on accident thank god no one heard me so I continued once my other hand was nice and slippery I rubbed my butthole and pussy at the same time it felt so good but not as good as when Sleepy does it I then licked m fingers that where on my butthole again I could smell my ass it kinda grossed me out but I was so horny I didn’t care I licked my ass juices off my fingers and spit on them at this point I was bending over with one hand on my pussy and my ass favoring the mirror so I could watch my self I then beg and to rub my butthole again fuck I was enjoying it so much in began to push my middle finger into my asshole nice and slow I could see in the mirror my pale finger disappearing into my light brown butthole and I thought to my self damn my ass is tight as fuck it kinda hurt but it was a good hurt I could feel the tingle in my clit I get when I’m bout to cum I fingered my pussy fast and harder and said fuck it and pushed my hole middle finger into my ass it hurt a lot but I didn’t care I was bout to cum so I roughly started to finger my asshole with one finger and as my orgasm getting stronger I quickly pulled my fingers from my ass and rubbed my pussy with then cuz I was so wet I used my pussy juice to lather my ass with and shoved 2 fingers into my ass it hurt so much more but I loved it so much in pushed them in all the way am finger my ass hard and fast I actually stopped playing with my pussy and spread my asscheek apart with my now free hand and fingered my ass I could see my asshole as it tightly swallowed my index and middle finger I was still bout to cum even tho I wasn’t playing with my pussy anymore my orgasm was stuck so I spread my legs farther apart and went harder I was moaning and grunting in painful pleasure I didn’t care who was home it felt to good as I watched my self finger the fucking shit outa my tight asshole my asscheeks were bouncing around so much my legs started to shake finally I was CUMING and I was CUMING HARD! I went harder and fast I couldn’t keep my body still I felt like I was siting on a washing machine with a brick inside of it haha finally it was there I was cuming I moaned with kind of a painful cry ass I came finally when I did bust my body gave out and I fell to the floor breathing heavily and I couldn’t help but move my legs around cuz they were still shaking pussy was tingling and my asshole was throbbing wile I lads on the floor I looked at my fingers they had my ass juice all over them and I could even see a little bit of poop under my nails and I could not stop myself… I sucked on my fingers and sucked the shit from under my nails I felt so dirty I felt like a dirty little slut.. I then got in the shower I shaved my legs my pussy and my asshole in had to be gentle because it was still tender from my finger fucking my ass so hard I giggled a little bit as I thought how dirty I got by myself haha I told my self I wouldn’t tell Sleepy because I was still scared his big cock would hurt but I wanted to try it after my little butt play session I finished showing I felt clean and again I grabbed my towel and started to dry off and when I went to dry my pussy and ass from the back it sent chills down my spine cuz I was still sensitive I had to stop my self before I got dirty again I giggled to myself as I finished drying off I checked my phone to see where Sleepy was and I fought my self playing with my tits AGAIN! Haha in laughed and as I opens the door I said out loud your a dirty girl right when I looked up there was Sleepy he heard what I said and said yea but your my dirty girl and gave me a kiss I was so embarrassed I turned and went to the room and he spanked my ass as I walked away and it made my ass and pussy tingle but I couldn’t tell him what I did in the bathroom I was embarrassed so I got dressed in my favorite comfy booty shorts Sleepy didn’t like me wearing them when we had company because you can see my ass and if I sat with my knees to my chest you could see the edges of my pussy lips I didn’t really mind cuz I never noticed but I wanted to relax and get drunk Sleepy didn’t have very many friends because they all were dead or in prison but he had his friend boogie come over he was a tall skinny black guy who low key liked me so Invited 3 of my girlfriends over so Sleepy friend had a girl to talk to all my friends thought Sleepy was sexy and manly but he never gave them the time of day he loved me a lot after we cracked the bottles got some shots in I started to get really drunk and so did every one other then Sleepy of cores so Sleepy left to go get him a 40 oz of beer to end the night with my friends were already passed out and it was just me and boogie I was cleaning up and he was playing with his phone we were talking normally but boogie started to hit on me so I went into the bathroom cuz I had to really pee when I was done and went to wipe my self I got turned on when I accidentally touched my tender asshole but I was so drunk I liked the pain and I real quickly stuck my fingers in my ass as I was standing up then boogie opens the bathroom door and caught me fingering my self he didn’t see I had my fingers in my ass but he still came in and my shorts were still around my ankles from peeing he walked up and put his had on my pussy and started to rub it I wanted him to stop but it felt good and I was drunk he unbuttoned his pants and wile he was grabbing his dick he said suck my dick bitch idk what came over me I got on my knees and waited for a big dick to pop out but it was actually small smaller then Sleepy’s I laughed a little and said fuck it I started to suck his little black dick then next thing I know some one was opening the bathroom door….. It was Sleepy.. I didn’t know what to do I ran passed him and ran in the room I moved so fast I forgot I didn’t have any bottoms on Sleepy didn’t even say a word all I head was boogie yelling stop and sorry and Sleepy beat the shit outa him then I heard the door slam and it got quit I was laying on the bed with my knees on the floor and my face in a pillow.. I was crying I was ashamed then I heard the bedroom door open I knew it was Sleepy.. I didn’t want to look up because I could feel he wasn’t mad he was hurt.. He sat on the edge of the bed as he took a long chug of his 40 oz beer.. And let out a sad sigh after taking a couple more chugs.. I looked up at him he had his back to me then he said baby.. Come here… With a heavy voice I didn’t even know he saw me look up at him but I crawled around the bed to him like a dog who chews shoes I rested my head on his knee and cried to him telling him I’m sorry he knew I was drunk and he said he forgives me just don’t even let something like that happen again because he could never have the heart to leave me.. He would always forgive me.. I promised I wouldn’t every hurt him again and hugged him and tried to kiss him he pulled his face away so fast and said go brush your fuckn teeth it made me flinch as I was brushing my teeth he came in the bathroom and got undressed to get in the shower he was very muscular and had tattoos all over his body I could feel my self staring as her took his shirt off and he turned towards the mirror where I was to grab a towel and put it on the toilet seat then slid his pants off his big cock fell out it was so big I was getting turned on he was still quiet and upset with me not saying a word he reached around me to get his face wash and his perfect huge fat long cock brushed up agents my ass I felt it fall perfectly in between the crease of my little pale ass my pussy instantly started to drip and my asshole righted up like it wanted his cock I noticed I wasn’t wearing anything still.. He stood behind me still Quiet his cock still up agents my little ass then put his arms around me gave me a kiss on my cheek and said he loved me I looked at him in the mirror confused as he staid back at me with a half smile on his face I then realized he knew.. He fuckn knew I was horny after watching him get undressed so I pushed my ass hard agents his fat 9 inch dick I felt it throb so I did it again I felt it getting harder fatter and longer I was so fuckn wet and I wanted him to fuck my pussy hard deep and fast I didn’t want to be able to walk tomorrow so I put my hands on my each of my asscheeks then spread them apart as I pushed up agents his monster so it would rest right in between my tinny ass I could feel his cock up agents my asshole I got scared and pulled away he immediately pulls me back by my hips hold me close to him tight his dick was almost fully hard now then he whispers in my ear “I know what you were doing before you got in the shower I was going to ask what you wanted from the store” “ I saw you fingering your asshole hard and fast “ I guess I was so into it I didn’t even notice Sleepy opened the door and saw me being a so dirty he said he even saw me suck my ass juices of my fingers… I was so embarrassed but he said “don’t worry I thought it was hot as fuck “ as he smiled I smiled back at him and with a straight face he told me to bend over the the counter I was still dripping wet I was so happy he was going to fuck me… He was going to hate fuck my pussy! He pushed me over because I wasn’t moving fast enough and locked my legs apart aggressively I love when he took control! He then got on one knee and started kissing my back and my ass teasing the fuck outa me by getting close to the crack of my ass and sliding his hands up my leg stopping just before my wet pussy I finally said just fuck me please fuck me I want you to punish my pussy li.. Before I can finish he spread my ass cheeks and started eating my freshly shaved clean asshole I moaned in pleasure Sleepy started to play with my pussy and fingering me he said something but I was so into it I wasn’t paying attention.. After a couple minutes of him playing with my asshole with his tongue and fingering me I told him “please baby fuck me fuck me hard baby beat my pussy up” he chuckled and said no as he pushed his long finger into my unsuspecting butthole I yelped feeling slight pain from my butt play session early I tried to pull away and he said “stop being a pussy I saw you fingering the shit outa your ass” so stopped fighting cuz it started to feel good he was going in and out of both holes with his fingers and his long tongue he finally stood up and before he said a word I turned around dropped to my knees and started to sick his huge cock I could barley fit it in my mouth but I was so turned on I forced it in my mouth and down my throat as far as I could I was sucking the shit out of his dick and playing with his perfect nut sack he then began to say “ that’s right this is my fuckn mouth you suck my dick and only my dick “ then he said “ I want I to look at me with those beautiful green eyes while you choke on my cock “ I looked up at him with tears in my eyes from gaging in his meaty cock he then grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed his massive cock in my mouth little by little tell his hole cock was in my mouth and down my throat it hurt a lot but I fuckn loved it I was surprised I didn’t throw up or gag more cuz I never could give him head the way he wanted because he was to big but that night I was giving it my all ! After resting with his cock stretching my throat with every single inch of his fat 9 inch dick he let men take it out slowly I thought I was done but I knew he was still really upset with me cuz he laughed and shook his head while griping the back of my head and hair pitting the full length of his 9 inch cock back down my throat I was getting used to it and he could tell because he started to fuck my mouth barely letting me breath I wanted to show him I’m all his so in put my hands on his thighs and shoved his cock in and out of my mouth and throat repeatedly taking the hole thing for a second when I pulled my head back he pulled back and forced it back in my mouth he did that hard and fast a couple times it hurt a lot so he stopped then lighted me up and made out with me I was still soaking wet and ready for him so he fingered me a little bit wile reaching around and fingering my ass at the same time finally Sleepy spun me around put me up agents the wall and put his fat head agents the rim of my asshole I flinched a little as he slid his dick in between my ass cheeks he stopped right on my asshole and put some pressure I wanted it in my ass so bad now I pushed back as hard as I could forcing almost all of his 9 inches in my ass I screamed in pain so he was trying to pull out and I yelled at him don’t take it out as I pushed my ass farther onto his clock he grunted I screamed in pleasuring pain his hole cock was balls deep in my virgin asshole he then pulled it all the way out and I said “do it” he shoved his dick as hard as he could with on thrust his entire dick was balls deep in my ass again he then started fuckn my ass hole harder and faster I told him to stop even tho it hurt so bad I was crying I didn’t want him to stop he was now fucking the shit out of my ass it started not to hurt so bad I could actually feel and orgasm coming I had tears tuning down my face but I was moaning in pure pleasure! My legs were getting week he then pulled his dick out so fast my legs collapsed he picked me up and took me to the room threw me on the bed on my stomach then mounted my tiny bare ass and put the tip of his dick up to my pussy but I said “ what are you doing fuck me in my ass daddy” he laughed and when started to put it in slowly I yelled again “ stop fucking around shove your dick in my ass and fuck the shit outa my little asshole!!” He then craned it all the way in again I could feel him hitting the bottom of my insides I started crying and screaming again he fucked me harder and harder deeper and deeper faster and faster he had a handful of my head and choking the life outa me with the other I was taking his cock like a good bitch I said “ harder faster harder !!” Then I screamed I’m cuming Sleepy then shifted his body and now was fucking me in the ass so deep I felt like I couldn’t breath I was cuming harder then I have ever came in my life! My eyes rolled back my toes curled I was biting the sheets so hard they ripped in my teeth after I came he still was fucking my ass with the same pace and force I started to come again he didn’t let up then I came again and again and a AGAIN! Finally he pulled out flipped me over while saying “ fuck this it’s my turn bitch “ he then lifted my legs over my head and made me hold them there I said “ you better not be thinking bout stopping I want your cock in my ass “ as I grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them farther apart wile still holding my legs up he was so hard he grew another inch in Length and girth he was now 10 inches long and the thickness of a soda can ! I can feel my ass hole gaping he then grabbed my shirt and ripped my titties out and slaked his cock back in my ass this position hurt more then anything I’ve ever felt I actually wanted him to stop but he wouldn’t he continued slamming his massive cock balls deep into my broken asshole I was crying real tears and it did not feel good anymore I wanted him to stop so bad I was fighting’s him I managed to get away and he attacked me again forcing me over the arm of the couch I knew he wasn’t going to stop so I told him “rape me” I want you to rape me as I fought as hard as I could he was so much stronger and every time I got away he would shove his cock back in my ass at full forced not even going in straight any more he turns into a fuckn animal and I was actually scared and in so much pain I felt like my insides were ripped open but he didn’t care at all nether one of us were drunk any more I was screaming and begging him to stop but also telling him to rape me he picked me up and slammed me back down over the arm of the couch and at this point his cock grew another inch in length it was now 11 inches and inside my stomach ripping me apart and he was fucking my innocent ass with no mercy he started choking me again and I couldn’t breath at all I felt my self going limp as he was ponding me so hard her broke the arm of the couch and still felt going I said in a dark deep voice “ you like that huh you fuckn cheating bitch I’m going to rape you in the ass when ever I want to “ I begged him “please don’t please stop sleeping please it hurts I can’t breath your actually Raping Me “ I said “ I’m going to pass out “ ass my body went limp I could feel him still raping me in the ass with his huge 11 inch cock everything went black I passed out when I came too he was still fucking my little asshole with his fat meaty 11 inch dick he never let up once I finally told him “ fucking stop your bastard” he only slapped me choked me and spit in my face and continued to rape me he pulled my hair so hard and started to choke me again I once again felt my body going limp I was scared for my life I passed out again and when I came too he had me tied up with my hands tied to my ankles and a gag in my mouth and there was something in side my pussy ! I was completely tariffed idk where he was then he came around the corner still hard as ever with 11 inches he laughed and said “ look at you u pathetic little cheating whore “ I shoved a egg plant inside your pussy and I’m going to rape you all night long !! For 9 hours he raped me and choked me tell I passed out finally after fucking my ass to peace’s he was cuming I thought to my self thank god ass his 11 inches broke my insides hard and fast then he was going harder than humanly possible I screamed and screamed and screamed I wanted it to stop he laughed and said “ your pissing and shitting every where you nasty little bitch “ as he still fucked me in my ass he was grunting like a monster laughed again and said your asshole is bleeding too do you feel it? I ripped your insides bitch! He then choked me tell I passed out again when I woke up I was cleaned up and showed laying on the bed naked he was next to me cuddling me I couldn’t move I felt paralyzed he raped me for 13 hours or more my throat hurt I couldn’t talk the house was recked and there was blood piss and shit every where I couldn’t believe he actually raped me like that I laid back down and he said in a calm voice “ I’m going to shove my cock up your ass when ever the fuck I want to “ I looked at him and said ok daddy I want you to rape me rape me ! Next time I want it to be like a kidnapping “ he said I was planing on it in 2 months I better be ready cuz I’m going to fuck you to death 💜

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