Samsung Galaxy A50 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with One UI on top of Android Pie. It has many useful features. Many of them are available in other Samsung phones and some are exclusive. Here is some of the useful Samsung Galaxy A50 Tips and Tricks.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Tips and Tricks

How to hide apps in Galaxy A50?

One UI provide a useful feature which provides a option to hide apps from the App drawer. If you enable it, the app which you wanted will not be shown in app drawer. However, you can access it by app search or universal search. To enable it,

  • Long press on the Home screen.

  • Tap on Home Screen Settings.

  • Select Hide Apps from launcher settings.

  • Now select the apps which you want to hide.

  • Tap on apply.

  • App will be hidden from the app drawer.

What is the procedure to take 25MP photos in Galaxy A50?

By default, photos are captured in 12 Megapixel in A50. However, camera sensor is capable of taking 25 MP photos. To enable it,

  • Open the camera app.

  • Tap on Aspect Ratio icon.

  • Select 3:4H option.

  • Now, the photos will be captured in 25MP.

How to enable/disable Motion Gestures in Galaxy A50?

Galaxy A50 comes with many useful gestures. Some of them are enabled by default. If you want enable other gestures or disable some gestures,

  • Go to Settings -> Advanced features -> Motion and gestures.

  • You will see all the available gestures here.

  • You can disable or enable gestures by moving the slider to left or right.

How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in Galaxy A50?

Samsung latest phones comes with a feature called dual messenger. You can use 2 two separate accounts for the same messenger app. For example, 1 for work and one for family and friends. Using this, you can use two whatsapp account in Galaxy A50. With this you can use two numbers for whatsapp in single phone. You can choose different contacts for each account. To use two whatsapp account in Galaxy A50,

  • Go into the Settings → Advanced features.

  • Tap on Dual Messenger.

  • A list of apps which are compatible with Dual Messenger will be displayed.

  • Toggle the switch of the Whatsapp if you wish to use a separate account with.

  • Read the Disclaimer. Once you have read the Disclaimer, tap on Confirm to continue.

  • Tap on Install. A second icon for the selected app will appear on your Home screen. You’ll be able to use a different account in the second copy.

  • You can access it in the home screen.

What are different ways to customise Always on Display?

There few options available. You can customise clock and notification details. You can access Always On Display feature here. Settings -> Lock screen -> Always On Display .

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