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    It had been a month since she had surprised Adam. Life carried on normally. Adam wondering what she meant by playing his cards right He had been tempted to surprise her in the shower like she did.

    Tonight she arrived home she looked and smelt divine, the sight of her made Adams cock hard, she slipped her high heels off, Adams eyes running up and down her body. She wore black pair of dress trousers with black heels. A white v neck silk blouse wrapped around her ample bosom.

    ” Hi how was your day. ” She said.

    ” Hi good. ” He replied he so wanted to fuck her properly. He wanted to make a move. Dad away again. His step sister at work. It was 5 pm. His cock hard and hungering for her. His eyes lusting for her body. Fuck it he thought time to make a move. He poured her a glass of wine handing it to her they stood drinking for a while. She turned to walk to the bench. He couldn’t contain himself any longer, his cock bursting. He stepped up behind her placing his hand on her arse. She didn’t push him away. He smiled as he pulled her hair to the side kissing her neck.

    ” Took you long enough, been waiting for you to fuck me again ” she said turning around. ” Its been a month. ” She added. He kissed her lips. They french kissed he fondled her breasts and started undoing her buttons. He pushed it off her back sliding it down her arms to the floor. He lifted her camisole off over her head. He unclipped her bra pulling it forward and dropping it to the floor fondling her breasts. They kissed she lifted his shirt up and off. Kneeling to the floor she undid his trousers pulling them to the floor with his underwear. She grabbed his cock her lips sliding over his knob. She sucked it as she stroked it.

    He looked down watching her suck his cock. After a minute she stood kissing his lips.

    ” Fuck yes. ” He said smiling at her kissing her fondling her breasts.

    ” So I suppose that you want more of my wet moist pussy.? ” She said.

    ” Fuck yeah ” He replied sliding his hands to her arse. Then to the front unclipping the clip and zip on her trousers. They fell to the floor. He pushed her to the couch. He pulled down her underwear. He rubbed her pussy leaning in licking her clit. He pulled her forward guiding his cock to her pussy. He thrusted it in her. He leant over her kissing her lips as he slowly thrusted her wet pussy.

    He didn’t hear his step sister walk in the room. His head buried in her neck kissing her as he fucked her.

    ” Oh fuck ” she said from behind the couch seeing her mother and step brother fucking.

    ” Shit ” he said

    ” Oh hi baby ” Paula said. ” How was your day. ”

    ” Good ” she said. ” So you are fucking him.? ”

    ” Yes darling, want to join us. ”

    ” Fuck what. ” Adam said.

    ” Do you want to fuck your step sister to. ” Claire said.

    ” Aye. ” He said

    ” Its ok mum told me you were fucking. Its fine with me. My boyfriends away, dads away. Lets fuck. ” She said sitting next to her mother fondling her mothers breasts. Then slid her hand to her mothers pussy rubbing her clit seeing her step brothers cock in her mother. Adam admiring her body. His 29 yr old step sister.

    Tall, long dark hair size 14 D Cup breasts toned body. She wore a sleeveless floral v neck dress sitting mid thigh and white high heels.

    ” Lets see that cock. ” She said. He pulled out of Paula. Claire sat forward grabbing his cock as he stood. ” Nice and big, circumcised. Think its bigger than my boyfriends. Ill know once its in my pussy. ” She said smiling up at him. She slid her lips over his knob. Tasting her mothers pussy juices on it. ” Can taste your pussy on it. ” She said to her mother. Then slid her mouth down his shaft sucking up and down his cock supporting it with her mouth. One hand under his balls fondling them. The other between her mothers open legs rubbing her clit.

    Adam moaned as her mouth slid up and down his cock watching her pleasure her mothers pussy. Paula sat forward reaching over fondling her daughters chest and kissed her neck as Claire licked around his knob grabbing his cock with her hand her other hand still between her mothers legs.

    Claire fingered her mothers pussy as Rose fondled Claire’s breasts over her dress. Claire held the base of his cock. Both girls licking it. Taking turns to suck his knob. They kissed and sucked it together. Adam looking down in pleasure admiring his step mothers naked body. Looking at Claire’s cleavage, the lace of her red bra showing her thighs showing her dress draping between her open legs. He mentally undressed her imaging her breasts, and pussy. He had seen her in bikinis. He always imaged her with a shaved pussy. He groaned and tensed up.

    ” Think he needs to cum mother. ” Claire said.

    ” I do to ” Rose replied. Claire wanked him faster sucking his knob. Still the girls took turns sucking him as Claire wanked him and Rose fondled his balls.

    ” Cum baby ” Claire said. Adam looked at both mouths open ready for feeding. He then felt his cum rising. Like a volcano erupting it spewed out into the mouths of the two women at his knob, like baby birds they swallowed the erupting semen. It spilled from their chins to there chests. It dripped from Roses mouth onto her breasts. It spilt from Claire onto her dress and cleavage. Adam sighed as his cock now relieved.

    ” Hows that ? ” Rose said both girls looking up smiling.

    ” Fuckin great ” he said. ” Shit ”

    ” Think he liked it ” Claire said to her mother. Both girls leant in kissing lips. They french kissed. Adam watching their tongues swapping his cum between them as he stood looking down at the mother and daughter kissing swapping cum, as Rose squeezed and fondled her daughters bust. Claire’s hand sliding up to Roses naked breasts fondling them.

    Rose slid her hand down to Claire’s groin over her dress rubbed up and down Claire’s pussy. Adam saw his step sisters red lace underwear.

    He knelt down in front of them opening Claire’s legs. Her red lace underwear over her wet pussy. Claire leant back still kissing her mother. Adam opened Claire’s legs lifting her dress. Her wet pussy lips visible through the lace fabric. He licked up the fabric to her clit pushing against the underwear over her pussy. He licked up and down her. Rose kissed down Claire’s neck to her chest. Squeezing her breasts over her dress, kissing her cleavage. Adan’s finger finding its way under Claire’s underwear into her wet love hole. Claire let out a groan as he plunged his fingers deep inside her slowly finger fucking her as he licked her pussy over her underwear. Roses fingers appeared sliding down inside Claire’s underwear rubbing her clit as Adam finger fucked her.

    Claire moaned and groaned her mother kissing her cleavage rubbing her clit. Adam pulled down his step sisters underwear down her legs revealing her wet pussy. He admired her soft skin, her clit and pink juicy pussy lips. Her moist wet dripping love hole, his tongue licking up her dripping juices.

    ” Put your cock in me ” Claire said. Adams cock now rehardened. He got up grabbing his shaft he put his knob to her clit rubbing it, Roses fingers pushing his knob against Claire’s clit she grabbed his cock and rubbed over Claire’s pussy, Claire moaned as Rose pushed his knob to her vagina hole guiding it in as Adam pushed his cock in his step sister. He slowly pulled in and out watching his shaft slid between her juicy pussy lips. Rose kissing Claire’s lips her fingers circling Claire’s clit. Claire rubbed her mothers breasts as Adam fucked her.

    ” Is your step brothers cock bigger than your boyfriends ? ” Rose asked her daughter smiling at her

    ” Yes ” Claire said ” It sure is, fuck thats nice. ”

    ” Good ” Rose replied. ” Fuck her ” She said looking and smiling at her step son.

    Adam smiled back, thrusting Claire’s pussy holding her legs open, Claire still dressed except for her underwear. Adam looked at Claire’s pussy comparing it. He always wondered what it looked like. He always imagined it totally shaved. But it was shaved around her vagina but had a manicured strip about a inch long above her clit. Rose spread her daughters labias looking down at her pussy. Adams cock moist and wet with Claire’s juices. Adam sped up his whole shaft deep inside the groaning Claire.

    ” Thats it baby, fuck the bitch hard, fuck that pussy. ”

    Adam thrust harder. Rose reached behind Claire’s back unzipping her dress pulling the straps off her shoulders. She reached in pulling out Claire’s breasts. They now sat out over her bra cups ans dress. Adam admired her nipples and soft skin. He reached up fondling one. He had always wanted to fondle her breasts. Rose rubbed Claire’s clit, as she sucked Claire’s nipple of her exposed breast. Claire groaned loudly.

    ” Oh fuck ” She said. ” Ohhhhhhhhh Ffffffffuck yes. Fuck Fuck Fuck me. Oh Mum yes suck my tits. Ohhhh Fuck Fuuuuuuuck ”

    Adam sped up slapping against her groin his cock deep in her.

    Rose lay sucking her daughter’s nipple and rubbed her clitoris as Adam held her legs open fucking her.

    ” Fill her pussy with your cum Adam. ” Rose said smiling at Adam as Claire lay back her eyes closed. Rose then got up kissing her way over her dress, lifting Claire’s dress up to kiss Claire’s groin. She licked Claire’s clit as Adam thrusted her her other hand rubbing her nipples.

    She then pulled Adams cock out sliding her lips over his shaft sucking it as she finger fucked Claire’s pussy.

    ” You taste good on your step brothers cock ” she said sucking and licking her juices off his shaft. Rose directed his cock back to Claire’s pussy. Adam slid back in her thrusting her again.

    Rose went up her body sucking her breasts then kissing her. She then got into a 69 with her daughter. Claire rubbed her mothers pussy licking it as Rose watched Adams cock in her daughter sliding in and out, rubbing her clit.

    Adam groaned slapping against her harder.

    ” Cum baby ” Rose said

    ” Yeh ” he said.

    ” Fill her pussy up baby, thats it. Fill it with cum for me to lick out of her. ” Rose said playing with Claire’s clit as Claire licked her mother out.

    Eventually with one deep thrust, Adam groaned. He let out a loud ” FUCK YES ” as her slowed his thrusting. His cock filling his step sisters wet moist pussy with his cum.

    ” Yes ” Rose said ” Oh yes baby thats it. ” She spread Claire’s pussy lips as Adam pulled half his shaft out. White creamy cum oozing from Claire. He thrust it back in, more cum spilling from his hard cock.

    He pulled it out. Rose sliding it in her mouth sucking it as she rubbed Claire’s pussy.

    Rose then got off Claire nestling between her daughters legs. She slid her fingers deep inside Claire’s pussy. Cum spilling out. She licked his cum off her fingers and Claire’s pussy. Adam knelt on the bed lifting Claire’s head to his cock, guiding it into her mouth. Claire sucking his cock groaning as her mother gave Claire oral.

    Rose circled Claire’s clit with her tongue licking and sucking semen off her pussy.

    She looked up at her daughter kissing her daughters clit. ” All clean baby. ” She said smiling

    She lay next to Claire sucking and fondling her nippled as she sucked Adams cock.

    ” You like that Adam. ” Rose said.

    ” Oh yeh. ” He replied.

    ” Finally got to fuck your step sister ” Rose said grinning as Claire took his cock out.

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