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    Mrs Richardson ( Caleb )


    ” Hi ” Caleb said to his mother, knowing he was at last alone with her.

    ” Hi darling, how are you ” Harriet said smiling at her son as she walked in the door. Caleb’s eyes running up and down his mothers long spagetti strapped dress hugging her body. The body he had fucked the week before. He felt his cock harden in his shorts. His mothers long hair out. He smiled as she turned her back to him, he admired her perfect arse in the dress.

    ” Great ” he replied as he stepped up behind her placing his hands on her arse cheeks squeezing them.” I must say you look ever so sexy and ravishing as you always do.”he added. She smiled as she turned around his eyes darting down to her cleavage.

    ” You want mummy again don’t you. You want to fuck me ” She said putting her hand in his groin squeezing his hard cock.

    ” Yeh. ” He said.” I do.

    ” Well your sisters at a friends house, your father is at work all afternoon. Why not. ” she said then kissed his lips. She took his hand and lead him upstairs to his bedroom.

    ” My room ? ” he said.

    ” Well” she said you’ve fucked me in my bed, why not do it in your bed.”

    ” Fuck ” he said.” Fucking my mother on my bed, so cool ”

    Harriet knew her husband was away in a hotel with her sister, probably naked and fucking by now she looked at the clock 1.38 .What she didn’t know was that her niece was their as well.

    Harriet sat on his bed undoing his shorts. She pulled them down.

    ” Wow ” she said ” Caleb, your wearing my underwear.”

    ” Yes ” he said smiling.” Hope you don’t mind. ”

    ” No not at all baby. I don’t mind at all sweetheart, so sexy ” She said seeing his cock held captive in the tight black lacy underwear. She found it quite kinky. She reached her hand under the lacy underwear pulling his cock out. She stroked it and actually loved the sight of her sons cock sticking out from behind her underwear. She put her hand on his arse rubbing the lacy fabric as she stroked his cock with the other hand sliding her mouth over his knob. She sucked up and down his shaft, feeling extra horny.

    He looked down holding his mothers head running his hands through her long blonde hair as she sucked. His cock throbbing as it was in his mothers mouth. He watched as her lips slid up and down his shaft, she groaned with sounds of enjoyment as she sucked her sons hard shaft and knob.

    ” Oh mum.” He said looking down. She took his cock out smiling at him.

    ” Love seeing my son in my underwear.You must like wearing them.” She said.

    ” Yeh I do” he said” Makes me feel so close to you.” He added

    She stood up and kissed him. She took his shirt off. He reached for the underwear to take them off.

    ” Leave them on baby,” she said playing with his cock. He pulled the straps of her dress down her arms. She took her arms out and he lowered the dress over her white strapless bra. He pushed it off her hips to the floor. She stood in her matching G String.

    ” Wow ” He said. ” You have a nice body mother.” He said smiling at her. He cupped her bust leaning in kissing her cleavage reaching behind unclipping her bra letting it fall to the floor. He cupped her breasts. Just as he remembered them. He sucked her nipples sliding his hand to her arse squeezing it pulling her towards him.

    ” Oh my ” She said. ” I love been ravaged by my son.”

    ” Cool ” he said his hands over his mothers arse her bare breasts pressing against his bare chest. He felt so lucky having such a close relationship with his mother, with dads blessing not having to sneak around and feel guilty doing it behind his fathers back. He slid his hands back up his mothers sides to her breasts cupping then and squeezing them kissing her. He leant in sucking her nipples.

    ” Oh shit I love that” she said groining.

    She watched him suck on her breasts. She then slid to her knees taking his cock back into her mouth rubbing his arse cheeks over the soft lacy underwear. His cock been supported by her mouth as she sucked up and down his shaft.

    ” Oh mum ” he said his hand on her head watching pulling her hair to the side watching his shaft slid in and out of her mouth. He groaned as she grabbed his cock, circling her tongue around his shaft and knob. She put it back in wanking him as she sucked harder. He felt his cock lurch. Soon he cum emptying in her mouth. She groaned as she licked and sucked his cum up. She looked up at him and smiled as he watched his cum been cleaned of him by his mother.

    She stood and kissed his lips, he could taste the cum on her lips. He lay her on his bed and knelt between her open legs. The white lacy fabric down over her pussy. He straddled her kissing her then down her body to her breasts sucking her nipples. He fondled them as he kissed down her stomach.

    ” Hey ” she said sitting up. ” I will he back in a minute. I have a surprise for you.”she said.

    ” Ok ” he said. She got up and walked out. He lay on the bed waiting for her return.

    Five minutes later she returned. She walked in wearing a white bra and knickers. It was a peek a boo set. Pink ribbons over her nipples and pussy.

    ” Fuck “he said to her.” Wow so sexy.”

    “You like ? ” she asked doing a twirl for him.

    ” Oh yes ” he said ” You look amazing.

    ” Your father likes them as well.” She said.

    She smiled as she walked over to him. He spun her around the lace G String up her arse. He fondled her arse cheeks and kissed each cheek, she bent over, Caleb massaging her arse. She smiled as he admired her. She lay down he opened her legs. Caleb kissed his mothers inner thigh and then her underwear over her pussy. He reached fir the lace ribbon to open it to expose her wet moist pussy.

    ” Dad opens it with his teeth ” She said.

    He leant in he could almost taste her pussy. He could see her pussy lips through the white lace. He grabbed the ribbon with his teeth pulling it open, and the second one. He opened the g string up, her pussy visible through the open peek a boo underwear. He licked up her pussy lips tasting his mothers sweet juices.

    ” Oh son ” she said groaning ” Oh fuck I love that. With his finger he rubbed her clit his tongue softly circling her sweet tasty pussy lips. He listened to her groan as his finger found its way into her vagina. He slowly finger fucked her as he licked and sucked her out. His tongue pushing up inside her vagina.

    He held the lace panties split each side with her labias licking up inside her pussy to her clit, listening to her groan his name.

    ” Oh Caleb ” she said. She heard herself groan his name. God she wanted his cock, but was loving her pussy being eaten out by her sons tongue. Her wet moist pussy. Caleb tasting her juices on his tongue and mouth. He slid his fingers in again finger fucking her, listening to his mother groan with pleasure.

    He loved hearing her call his name as he pleasured her.

    She slid her hand to her pussy rubbing her clit. Caleb kissed up her body over her breasts, to her lips.

    ” Do you want my cock mummy.” He whispered in her ear.

    ” Oh yes please baby, fuck me, fuck me good.”

    He reached for his cock putting it against her clit, she opened her legs lifting her arse as he slid his knob down her pussy to her vagina. His knob finding her wet dripping moist hole, he slid his cock deep into his mother. She arched her back as he slowly thrust her in and out squeezing her left breast, sucking the nipple of her right, that was poking out of the peek a boo bra. He found her sexy in nice lingerie.

    He fucked her, his cock sliding between in split in her peek a boo underwear. His cock sticking out of the side of his mothers underwear he was wearing. His hard shaft sliding against the walls of her pussy. They kissed french kissing as he made love to her. Her hands on his sides. He raised himself up leaning over her his arms out straight his hand under her armpits, thrusting his cock in and out of her. Her hands slid up to his chest her palms on his nipples. She squeezed his chest with her fingers as he made love to her.

    ” Oh yes Caleb, oh fuck yes baby don’t stop, fuck mummy.” She said. He then withdrew standing up pulling her to him. Her legs open he watched his cock push back into her. He lifted her legs up, putting her ankles on his shoulders using her thighs to hold as support to thust his hard cock in and out of her.

    He listened to each groan a result of each hard thrust inside her. Harriet fondled her breasts smiling at her son fucking her. He smiled back. Both of them locked in passion. Mother and son making love to each other.

    He then pulled out. Harriet lay him on the bed. She straddled him. She pushed herself back sliding his cock in her mouth tasting her juices on his hard cock. She sucked for a minute the straddled him sliding down him. She pulled her underwear off him. She stood up taking off her underwear and bra. She straddled him again and slowly slid down his hard cock listening to him groan. She leant forward resting her hands on his chest his cock thrusting her pussy.

    ” Not many mothers get to fuck their 16 yr old sons ” She said. Caleb fondling her breasts holding them as she rode him.

    ” No ” he said smiling ” I’m lucky.”

    ” Fuck cum in me baby.” She rode him faster. She sat back. Leaning on his knees he looked down a great view of her pussy sliding up and down his cock. He wet pussy lips hugging his hard shaft. He groaned as he cum.

    He shot off into her. He filled her pussy with his creamy cum.

    ” Oh fuck yes baby.” She stopped looking down his cock pulsating inside her as it pumped his seed into her. After a minute it oozed down his shaft. She pulled out watching her sons cum drip from her pussy. She rubbed her clit pushing her fingers down over her vagina pushing her fingers inside herself groaning. She pulled them out her fingers covered in cum. She put them in her mouth smiling as she licked then. Semen dripping from her pussy onto her sons cock.

    ” You taste so nice” she said smiling at him.

    ” Do I ? ” He said.

    ” Oh yes baby you so do.” She knelt between his legs taking his cock into her mouth sucking it clean. She then straddled him her breasts dangling over him. She kissed his lips. ” Great fuck ” she said ” Just what mummy needed” she added. ” I’m glad me and you can have casual sex baby”

    ” Me to ” he said smiling at her. She stood up he admired her body. Cum dripping down her legs. She scooped it up with her finger smiling as she licked it off.

    They showered in the ensuite shower and went downstairs naked and poured a drink together. Caleb loving the freedom he had with his mother. Been able to be naked together, shower together, wear her underwear and fuck her. All with his fathers permission.

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