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    I’m Falling in Love with my Brother’s Girlfriend


    This is a non-fiction story so everything told in this is true. (This is a long story) Enjoy!

    My name is Robert. I’m 15 years old and unfortunately still a virgin. My brother is 22 years old and him and I get along pretty well. We are completely different from each other though. He had lost his virginity when he was just 14 years old while myself on the other side hasn’t even had a first kiss. He’s more outgoing and can easily get a girl. I’m kinda shy and don’t really put myself out there. It shows how different we are from each other. He thinks super positive of himself and I think more negative since I haven’t been able to even have a girlfriend yet. He’s had multiple girlfriends over the years which I thought were pretty but not the type where I would have fantasies about them. Then came along his current girlfriend, Keel. She’s 20, slim white body, and to me just perfect. She’s about 5’11” so not the point where she’s short. (Keep in mind I’m 6’1”) Ever since I met her I thought she was gorgeous. Her boobs are not small but not too big the way I like it. Her ass looks so jiggly I just want to squeeze it all day long but, we’ll get more into that later. Her hair is a dyed frosted white which makes her look even more gorgeous. I couldn’t find any cons about her, she’s so perfect. My brother and Keel have been together for a little over a year and a half now. I’ve heard them have sex multiple times which I was sort of jealous about mainly because I wanted some pussy too. Out of all the girlfriends he’s had, she was the one that I got along with the best. She’s so friendly and her smile is just so beautiful. I’ve had multiple fantasies about her and I together but not constantly until now.

    Summer has officially started and so my brother, his friend, Keel, her sister, and I all went out to Glenwood Springs in Colorado just to get away from the house and to have fun. The first day we arrived we went straight to the hotel to chill out after driving for almost 3 hours. We had all decided to go to the pool. I was so excited to go since I would be able to see her almost fully naked. We went down and my brothers friend and I hopped in first. We swam around for about 3 minutes and then that’s when I saw Keel slowly taking off her shirt and jean shorts to reveal her beautiful body. God she was so perfect. Her skin looked so smooth and her ass looked so nice. I couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs either. Everything was just amazing I could feel myself getting hard. I had to look away so that I wouldn’t get that embarrassment of me having a boner. Keel and I get along so well that she hugs me from time to time so I didn’t want her to randomly come to hug me and feel my boner thrust against her. We had fun but I will admit I got angry all the times my brother would touch her boobs or pick her up by her ass and carry her to the other side of the pool. I wanted to do that. I wanted to touch her boobs and carry her by the ass. I was jealous. He’s so lucky to have her. She came to randomly hug me which was normal. I tried my best to feel her boobs but she hugged me from the side so the only part of my body that could feel her boobs was the side of my arm. I wasn’t able to fully feel her boobs on my arm which I was mad about. If I could I would’ve reached out my hand and grabbed her amazing breasts but I knew I couldn’t or else it would be awkward. I would’ve been fine if she even hugged me from straight on so that I could feel her boobs on my chest but she rarely does that. I loved seeing her get out of the pool seeing her whole body wet. I was turning myself on and needed to masturbate. Keel and her sister went back to the hotel room about 15 minutes before us to take showers. The rest of us went back to the hotel room and I had decided to take a shower. I wanted to take a shower to be able to get that pool smell off me and also masturbate to Keel. When I got into the bathroom I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was Keels bra and panties that she wore to the pool. I was so turned on at this point I couldn’t help myself. I quickly took all my clothing off, turned the shower on, and grabbed her panties. I hopped in the shower and just looked at her panties in my hand. It was this that was covering everything. I sniffed them but unfortunately I couldn’t smell her pussy, I just smelt the pool water. I was angry but decided to keep sniffing. I started to masterbate and that’s when I had put the part where her pussy was in my mouth. It was one of the best faps I had ever had. If only she was in the shower with me so that I could actually fuck her and kiss her all day.

    The next day we went to an amusement park. It was really fun. Keel and I went on the mine drop so many times together. The mine drop is like the tower of doom except you fall 110 feet underground. She grabbed my arm and hand every time right before we would fall and I loved it. She smelt good too I just wanted to keep holding her hand and wanting her to squeeze my arms. Later that day Keel and my brother got into an argument. I can’t specifically say what it was about but he did call her a shitty person which obviously made her mad and she gave him the silent treatment for the rest of the day. She’s not one to make a scene in public which is good and professional. I felt bad for her and was actually on her side. I wasn’t on her side because I liked her but because it was my brother who got mad over a little thing. I was able to hug her later on which I loved. We started snap chatting each other so much that day where I started to have a stronger connection with her. She told me she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as my brother and that she was going to sleep in the same bed with me. I couldn’t believe it! Was this real life? I get to actually be in the same bed with her? I know this sounds really wrong but at that point I wanted my brother and Keel to break up so that he wouldn’t be able to get mad at me or her if I were to “accidentally” touch her boobs. I was so excited. She even started to tell me that she might even get her own room so that she wouldn’t have to be in the same room with my brother. I had to go fap. I went to take a shower again mainly because I wanted to have her panties in my hand again that she had left in the bathroom. Again I had one of the best faps ever. It was 10:50pm which meant the time to get in bed with her was getting closer. I had made sure I cleaned my body so well so that I wouldn’t stink whatsoever. I had to keep calm and act normal though. I wouldn’t want her to get weirded out and go sleep in her sisters bed. I got out of the shower and I saw nothing but disappointment. My brother was on Keels lap and they were laughing together. They got over the argument they had earlier. I knew this meant I wasn’t going to be able to sleep with her in the same bed. I was so disappointed. Nothing could describe how badly I wanted her body next to mine. Honest to god, if they would’ve broken up right there, which I wish they did, I would’ve asked her if I could touch her boobs if we were in the same bed together. There wouldn’t have been anything to weird about it since they would’ve been broken up but unfortunately they weren’t. Not only that I would’ve wrapped my arms around her body and spoon her if she let me. Hell if she even got her own room, I know she would’ve let me go sleep with her which could’ve meant that we could’ve had sex if she was down for it. Anything to get her spirit back up.

    The day after, we had went to the hot springs. I was excited once again because I would be able to see her almost naked body wet. They got into another little argument which again I was excited about because then maybe she would sleep in the same bed with me or even break up with him. I don’t want the worst for my bother I just wanted her so bad that’s all. My brothers friend, Keels sister, and myself got into the pool as they waited on the beach chairs talking. I didn’t want them to talk because then that could mean that they would resolve all their  issues and that would mean no Keels next to me in bed. They talked for about 20 minutes. I was hoping the worst. They got into the pool and once again, they were together laughing. I got angry because I knew this meant no Keel next to me in bed. At least I would still be able to see her in her swimming outfit now. Her hot ass jumped in the pool and we all went swimming together having fun. It wasn’t until later where I got so turned on. We played the game “Dead or Alive”. If your not familiar with it, it’s a game where there are 2 teams each team has 2 people on it. The person throwing the ball says “Dead”, “Alive”, or “Dead or Alive”. Dead meaning the ball must hit the ball the water before being grabbed, alive meaning it must be caught before hitting the water, and dead or alive meaning either or. Why did you need to know this? Because this is where the hottest part of the story comes in. Keels sister and my brother teamed up against myself and Keel. Keels sister said “Dead” and barley even threw the ball meaning the both of us had to get there and retrieve it and whoever retrieves it first wins. I didn’t care about winning, I just wanted her. As the both of us started to swim over there she grabbed me and pulled me back so that she would be able to retrieve it first. I did the same thing and pulled her back. It was a nice excuse to touch her waist. She was still ahead of me and me acting like I wanted to get the ball to win I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back. Her beautiful ass thrusted against my dick. I couldn’t believe it. I was so turned on. I wanted more and without making it too obvious I purposely pulled her back again and put her ass where my dick was so that I could slightly hump her. She didn’t see what I was doing which was good because I wouldn’t want to make it awkward. I was soft yet her thrusting against my cock for 3 seconds was the best feeling I’ve ever had. I was so turned on again. All I wanted to do was fuck her at this point.

    We got back to the hotel room and we all wanted to take showers. I purposely waited to take a shower after Keel because I had the slight feeling that she would leave her new panties and bra in the bathroom again to dry. My brother and Keel took a shower together. I was so jealous of him being able to see her boobs and her pussy. I heard them having sex in the shower I was getting so jealous that he gets to be inside her and all. They argued more than 5 times throughout this trip. Why does he still get pussy? I wanted her. Luckily when it was my turn to take a shower, she left behind her panties. This time when I had taken it into the shower with me, I was actually able to taste something. I think I was able to get a little sample of what her pussy tastes like. It was so good I couldn’t help but sniff and rub it all over my mouth. This was even better than her other panties. I loved the taste. I was falling so much in love with her. I just wanted her so bad. At least Keel and myself made a much better connection over this trip and that I was able to taste a little bit of her amazing pussy.

    This isn’t the end of the story though. My brother and I are switching rooms at my house. He’s getting my room which is in the basement. I was upset at first but now when I think about it, Keel is gonna be over more often. Not only that, my room which will soon be his room, has two small windows that have no cover to them. That means whenever my brother and Keel are having sex, I’ll be able to go outside, and watch them. Yeah go ahead and call me a peeping Tom but I’m fine with that, as long as I get to finally see Keels amazing pussy and boobs.

    Hey thanks for reading! This is my first true story that I have ever made. I hope you enjoyed. I’ll definitely keep you guys updated once my brother gets the basement room and hopefully I’ll get to see Keels fully naked.

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