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    Two married virgins – part 6


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    I had gone home to do my OCD check on everything in my house. I was deep in thought about all that happened last night.

    I got ready for work and left my home. I worked at the food court on base. The whole base was almost closed when I had come to town. It was dead there, yet it was still full of people. I was asking around about why everything was closed so they allowed me to open up everything one at a time. They hired others to work for me and take over each thing I opened as I moved on to open the next business. The base began to thrive and a bright light shined on the base every day. People began to follow my husband and I to every event I had planned as a regular schedule on calendar. My husband and I always made things so much fun. We would make noise in the movies and make everyone laugh. We were the first ones to hit the dance floor at the club. We yelled for every strike at the bowling alley. We went out to eat every weekend. Others either went with us or met us their at the time we would go because they all realized our schedule. All those places I just named were closed until I opened them back up, even the baseball field and basketball gym.

    I was in the food court working at the Mexican stand. Thank God I was alone. There is always music playing on the speakers. It was a tape from the base radio station so it was playing in a loop. It was the very first day I had ever heard the song Diamonds and Pearls by Prince. I do not know what about that song that began to pulled at my heart strings and make not be able to control my tears but it was a very strange feeling. When it rolled around again, I tried to listen to the words to see why I was feeling this way. I was not a materialistic woman so it made no sense about the diamonds and pearls. I was comfortable about my sexuality so there is no boy or a girl question needed to be asked. I never thought twice about what KeyKey offered me so I did not even think about experimenting like others do. I know that the man that I had just fell in love with last night could not offer me anything but love because his eyes has no big dreams in them. What the hell is my heart tightening up for and why am I being forced to hold in tears.

    Lunch time came and the soldiers began to come into the food court. JT came in and I told him to come see me after he finish eating because I needed to ask him something. He said ok. The song came on a few more times and I began to feel more comfortable as if one string broke each time the song played.

    After the food court became quiet again, JT came up to my stand. I asked someone, from the pizza stand, to take over so I can take a break. We walked to the game room, which was dark and quiet by that time.  I told him what I was going through and the song came on so I can tell him that was the song making me feel that way and I did not know why. He began to explain it using astronomical, zodiac terms as if he knew what he was talking about, trying to sound smart. I blew it all off, like yeah right.

    He looked around towards the door to see that no one was there and he walked up to me and kissed me. I pushed him back and said they know my husband here. He walked up to me again and rubbed his hand across my pussy, than his hand went inside of my pants and he finger fucked me right then and there. I could not stop him because I had actually fallen in love with his hands. After he was done, he licked his finger and told me that he would see me later on tonight. He walked around me and left me standing there trying to catch my breath and figure out what just happened. Was I losing control of myself. Oh shit, this is that feeling that women feel when they just let go and let the man control them. I was looking for this feeling and now I have found it. What the hell do I do now? I am in love and I am so confused because I do not like him. I’m in love with the man’s hands.

    I went to the restroom to clean up and make sure my pants did not show a wet spot. I went home to wash up and went to the room early because I was about to leave him a note. I needed to take off a night to think about all of this, but he was in the room. He had taken off early also.

    Me: Hi, what are you doing here?

    JT: I took off early and was thinking about you. Why are you here early?

    Me: I just needed to go some place to think to myself.

    JT: Yeah me too. Do you mind If I take you out for dinner tonight, off base?

    Me: Yeah, sure.

    JT: We can go now before K-town base close down their food court.

    Me: I thought you meant off all bases, but K-town is ok. No one knows us there.

    JT: Yeah, that’s why I say let’s go there. I want to wash up and get dressed. How about you go get your night bag from your house and come back to get me once you’re done.

    Me: Ok, see you in a little bit.

    When I went home to get my night bag, I changed into a sexy dress, hills, changed my hair style and all. He had gotten all dressed to impress also.

    JT: Wow, you look beautiful. I did not expect you to change.

    Me: Oh, so you thought I was going to let you out shine me? I didn’t expect you to change into something so good looking either.

    He laughed and lead me to my car door. I leaned over to open his door for him. I wanted to let him drive so he can feel like a complete man, but I could never let any man drive my husbands car. I could not care how unmanly he felt. If he wanted to be 100% man, he needs to buy his own ride.

    We went out to eat and as we ate he stared into my eyes with every word we spoke. He asked a lot about me and my life. When I tried to ask about him, he would turn the conversation back to being about me. I was thinking, ok it’s not like I need to know much about him anyhow, I’m not about to marry him. I told jokes and made him laugh, I told stories that made him shocked about my life, I told him things that made him proud of me. He looked at me as if I was reachable and worthy, than too worthy and unreachable. He dropped his head and began to talk about my husband and how lucky he is. I told him I was lucky to have him also. He said, yeah I see that too. We drove back to the room almost in silence and if something I said hurt his feelings and made him not worth my time. I could not figure out what I said, but I hope I did not hurt him too bad.

    When we got back to the room. I told him I was going to shower up. I knew he wanted to set up the room again, so I gave him that time to do so. After about ten minutes, he had come into the girls shower room and into my shower with me. He began kissing me and I took the soap and began washing him. He pushed back and turned to put his hands on the wall as if he was under arrest. I washed him, kissed and bit his back as I washed him. He moaned and groaned. After I was done washing him. He turned to me and we rinsed off together as he picked me up and put my back against the shower wall and slide me down onto his dick. That shit felt so damn good. He helped me up on that wall as he slide his dick in and out of me slowly while we kiss with such passion. After he cummed, he put me down, fell to his knees and covered his face under the running water. I tried to act cocky as if I just did something big.

    Me: I told you I would bring you to your knees if you keep fucking with me.

    He laughed, got up and looked at me.

    JT: Your crazy ass talk too much shit. Let’s go.

    Me: Mmmm, sounds like I’m in big trouble. You gonna hurt me with your big dick?

    JT: Oh yeah you’re in trouble.

    Me: Bring it on baby.

    We put on our robes and went back into the room. The room was set up and the music was playing just as I thought. He pushed me back onto the bed and I slide back as he crawled up with me. I layed back and he kissed me with that kiss I love so much. He began to dry me off by licking every inch of water off my body.

    He licked my ears, bit my neck lightly, sucked and bit my nipples, licked my belly button, moved down to suck each of my toes, kissed my knees and bit my hips as his hand did that magic on my pussy. He began to lick my inner leg until his tongue touched my pussy.  He pushed my legs up until my feet were on his back. He kissed my pussy as if they were my lips. I grabbed his head and began to smash my pussy into his mouth. His hand made its way back to my pussy and he began to finger fuck me as he bit on my clit. I cummed so hard and he lick my pussy up and down. He pushed both my legs into the air and licked from my clit to my ass hole and back again. When I told him I can’t take anymore, he crawled up my body and laid on top of me. I did not expect him to stop so I slide my hand to his dick and put it on the opening to my pussy. He slide up slowly as he looked into my eyes. I grabbed his ass and pushed him as deep in me as he could go and rocked him inside of me until I burst inside. The burst I felt was him cumming with me. I screamed, cried and began to tremble. He yelled also. I held him tight to stop him from looking at me while I cried.

    Than I heard in my ear:

    JT: I love you.

    I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. I became silent. He rolled over off me and began to cry.

    JT: Know you don’t feel the same about me, I’m sorry I said that.

    I hugged him from the back.

    Me: I do love you too. I just didn’t answer because I thought you were in love with KeyKey. I thought you were just saying it to be saying it.

    JT: No, I have fallen in love with you and I don’t know how to handle this because I know I can’t have you. I feel honored to be here with you like this right now. I have to strengthen myself so I can move on when this is over. I have never thought about having the perfect future until you and your husband showed me the real world does exist. My real world is something that would shock you. I never knew heaven exist until you showed it to me. I have to go have a long talk with God now.

    Me: I do not think you should be calling on God right now. We are already in trouble. Do you want him to kill us right now? Let’s go rinse off.

    As we were rinsing off, I kneeled down and began to suck his dick. He leaned back against the wall and said oh no, we got to take this to the room. He lifted me up. I cleaned out my pussy to make it close back up like new and we went back to the room. I grabbed two cups and told him, I will be back. I went to the restroom again to wash the cups out and fill one up with hot water. I walked to the room and went into the mini fridge and got a few cubes of ice for my other cup.

    Me: Stand up on the bed and hold your dick like you taking a piss.

    JT: I’m not about to put my dick in any of those cups you’re holding.

    Me: I’m not asking you to. I need you to put it in my mouth and use your other hand to hold my head there. I want you to look at me while I suck your dick each time, until we see which one wins the hot or the cold.

    JT: Oh shit.

    So I started with the ice and suck his dick until the ice melted. I put hot water in my mouth and sucked it it until I was ready to swallow the water. I told him to slap both sides of my face with his dick. I put it on my neck to feel the heat coming from it. I put ice in my mouth and began to lick and suck all over his balls. I placed the hot water in my mouth and used his balls as tea bags in my mouth. I went back to the ice and back to his dick. I sucked just the head for a while, then slide it in as far as I could take it. and lick across the rest that could not go in. Well the ice won because he fell to his knees and began to cum like crazy.

    We laid down, held each other and kissed for a little while. I turned around and back up to him. I told him that I loved him. When I felt him get hard on my back, I placed his dick between my legs. I put my hand down on the head of his dick and rubbed it until I used his pre cum to wet the opening to my pussy and pushed his dick up and he pushed it inside of me. We rolled for a little while than fell to sleep. Every time I felt him about to get soft as we fell to sleep, I rolled my ass on him to feel his dick grow inside of me.

    The next morning we got up, washed up, got dressed and left the room. I told him that we would spend one last night together at my house this time. The fifth night I would need to make sure my body was clean for my husband. He understood.

    To be continued…

    Thanks for your comments. I hope I don’t have many things wrong in this one because I really do not feel like reading it over again.

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