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    My Friend, My Sex Toy pt. 3


    Billy arrives at Danny’s place at about 4 pm on Friday. He walks through the door and Danny’s already lying nude on his bed.
    “Trevor hasn’t gotten here yet but you know what to do until he does, bitch.” Danny tells him.
    Billy immediately undresses as Danny sits up on the edge of the bed. Billy then crawls to Danny’s feet and begins kissing them. Danny feels the limpness in his cock begin to leave for he knows the guilty pleasures that await him for the next two days.
    The door then opens and Trevor enters the room. He’s holding a paper in his hand but Danny pays it little mind. Trevor walks into the bathroom and a couple minutes later walks out naked himself. He places the paper on the bed beside Danny.
    “Bitch, stop kissing his feet.” Trevor instructs Billy. “This is something I want you both to see.”
    As Billy stands, he then sits beside Danny as they both look at the paper. They both notice that the paper is a birth certificate. Both men look at Trevor with puzzled faces.
    “Read the birth date.” He instructs the men.
    “November 1974?” Danny says.
    “And the year now is?” Trevor asks.
    “1989” Danny responds.
    “That’s right.” Trevor says. You two men have been having sexual relations with a fifteen year old boy. Last time I checked, that’s against the law.” He says.
    Danny and Billy look at each other with stunned looks on their faces then back at Trevor.
    “You told me you were nineteen.” Danny says, his voice barely below a shout.
    “Hmmm…I don’t remember saying that, at least that’s what I’ll tell my parents and the cops.” Trevor tells Danny. “And by the way, I have polaroids to prove you two had sex relations with me.
    “Wait, I didn’t have sex with you.” Danny says.
    “The polaroids say different. Remember the pic with both our cocks in Billy’s mouth? I’m sure the cops will see it differently. And you both know how pedophiles are treated in prison.” Trevor threatens.
    “Please, Trevor. Don’t do this.” Billy and Danny both plead.
    “There is a way out of this.” Trevor says. “Call me selfish but I’ve been thinking. I think I want control over two bitches. Billy AND you, Danny.”
    “But Trevor, I made it clear that I’m not gay. I only care to receive. I have no interest in sucking cock.” Danny says.
    “It’s your choice Danny. I have all the evidence put away in my room. Submit to me or go to prison and both of you shame yourselves and your families because I know you both are leading this secret life. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll tire of you both one day and turn you loose but, until then…”
    Both men look at each other then at the floor, neither say a word.
    “Both of you get on the floor and kneel at my feet.” Trevor commands.
    Both men slowly slump to their knees and kneel at Trevor’s feet. They both know what the next command will be.
    “Now start kissing them.” Trevor demands.
    The men start kissing Trevor’s feet-Billy on his right foot and Danny on his left. Both men and especially Danny are wondering how they have gotten themselves into this predicament. One thing that is for sure: they both know they’re completely at Trevor’s mercy. They both know they have to do exactly as they’re told or else.
    “Neither of you deserve regular names. From now on,Danny, you will be referred to as “bitch”. And Billy, you are “faggot”. Do you two understand?”
    They both respond with “yes.”
    “You mean: yes Master!” Trevors shouts.
    “Yes Master.” both men respond.
    “Now, bitch” Trevor says to Danny. “Raise up on your knees.”
    Danny rises to his knees and in front of his face is Trevor’s half erect cock. Danny’s eyes are fixated on it.
    “Take it in your mouth, bitch. Do it now.” Trevor commands.
    Danny knows he has no choice. He closes his eyes and parts his lips as he eases toward his new owner’s cock.
    “Open your eyes, bitch!” Trevor shouts. “I want you to see your new god that you two will be worshipping.”
    Danny opens his eyes and looks at Trevor’s then back to his cock. He feels the tip of Trevor’s cock against his lips as he reluctantly opens his mouth wider. He takes the head of his cock into his mouth and starts gently sucking it. He sees and feels Trevor’s cock swelling. Danny then slides his mouth to the halfway mark of Trevor’s cock. He knows how it’s supposed to be done. He slowly starts sucking his cock-up and down his shaft. Trevor’s cock is fully 8″ erect.
    “Faggot, Get up here and start sucking my balls.”
    Billy rises and takes Trevor’s right nut in his mouth and gently starts massaging and sucking it with his lips and tongue. At the same time he’s watching his former master now sucking Trevor’s cock. Something he stressed he’d NEVER do. Billy’s cock is now fully erect at 6.5″ and throbbing. His lips leave Trevor’s balls and he moves them to the shaft of Trevor’s cock where Danny’s mouth is leaving a wet glisten as his lips and mouth work the cock. Billy starts licking Danny’s spit off the shaft of Trevor’s dick.
    Trevor,watching intently, decides to take it to the next level.
    “I want you two to kiss each other.” Trevor says.
    Their mouths leave Trevor’s cock and their mouths find each other’s. They both instinctly know there is no use doing anything half hearted. They kiss each other passionately. Their tongues explore each other as they make the all too familiar smacking and sucking sounds. They take turns sucking each other’s tongues like tiny cocks.
    “Both of you take turns sucking my dick and balls.” Trevor commands.
    Billy takes Trevor’s cock in his mouth as Danny starts sucking his balls. After a few seconds they rotate from dick to balls then back. Danny suddenly starts realizing that his being repulsed by the thought of pleasing a man with his mouth is being replaced by lust and desire. He tried fighting the feeling but he knows it’s futile. He feels his cock growing to it’s full 7″. Billy’s right hand has found it’s way to Danny’s cock and begins stroking it slowly. Danny cannot resist the urge to grasp Billy’s cock. He reaches and grips it with his left hand and starts stroking his as well. Danny works his hand over the head of Billy’s cock, smearing his precum along his dick-using it for a slick lube.
    Trevor’s breathing is picking up for he’s extremely turned on by watching his two slaves do his bidding. He knows he owns them fully. He pulls away and Danny and Billy’s mouths come together once again in a deep, passionate kiss. Trevor then lays on his stomach on the bed, his ass is in the air.
    “Come here,bitch.” Trevor says to Danny. “Pleasure me.”
    Danny crawls to Trevor on all fours and rises to his ass. He then starts kissing his asscheeks with a lust and passion he NEVER believed he could EVER have toward another man…or boy, in this case. Trevor then raises his hips higher and his asscheeks spread, revealing his pink hole. Danny then without hesitation runs his tongue over Trevor’s hole. Danny’s tongue is now probing and licking his asshole. Thrusting it into and back out. Trevor is moaning with pleasure, his hips slowly gyrating in Danny’s face.
    Trevor’s own passion is growing ever more intense. He turns over and stands up, his 8″ cock and large,low hanging balls waiting for his slaves. Danny and Billy need no command. They both get back to where they left off in pleasuring their master. Taking turns sucking his cock, only pausing long enough to kiss each other then continue their relentless fervor in sucking their master’s cock. Trevor’s heart is beating faster and breathing more heavily as he knows he’s getting ready to explode in their mouths.
    “Fuck yeah! You two bitches keep sucking that cock.” He tells them. Fuck yeah, motherfuckers! Suck that dick!”
    The slaves are working their master’s cock even more vigorously, craving his cum in their mouths. Trevor now has each hand full of his slaves’ hair, helping them along with their shared blowjob. Trevor can feel his climax nearing now.
    “When I cum I don’t want you two to swallow it all. Do you understand, bitches?” “Yes Master.” They both say.
    Trevor is quickly nearing his climax. His head is slightly tilted back and he’s softly moaning.
    Fuck yeah, bitches, I’m about to come! Fuck YES!! He pulls his cock away and aims it at his slaves’ mouths as he shoots his load.
    Trevor’s cum shoots in a huge gush all over the slaves’ faces and into their waiting mouths. They swallow most of his cum but not all. They’re still jacking Trevor’s cock trying to get every drop of his delicious cum out.
    Trevor backs away and falls on the edge of the bed. He sits and watches his pets begin kissing and exchanging his cum between their mouths. Trevor didn’t even have to tell them to. Danny licks some cum off the side of Billy’s face and takes it to his mouth. He spits it in his mouth and their lips come together. As they pull away a string of cum sags between their mouths. Billy then licks some cum off Danny’s neck and his face and he repeats the process to Danny.
    Danny and Billy are now wrapped up in their lust and passion-french kissing deeply, their arms pulling each others’ body into the other. Danny’s mouth makes it’s way to Billy’s neck-sucking it less gently. As he pulls away he can see the hickie he’s left on Billy’s neck. Billy’s mouth finds Danny’s neck as well, leaving Danny a hickie on his.
    They both lay together on the carpeted floor still in the throws of passion. Billy moves his body around, his mouth now making it’s way to Danny’s throbbing cock. Danny’s mouth makes it’s way to Billy’s hard dick too. They both lick the precum off the heads of each other’s cocks. Now they’re devouring each others’ cocks. Sucking and jacking them in unison. Billy can feel his orgasm coming. His hips are thrusting his cock harder into Danny’s mouth. He shoots his load into his mouth and Danny swallows every drop. Billy never takes Danny’s cock out of his mouth while he’s cumming.
    Billy’s “mmmmmm’ing” on Danny’s dick as he cums in Danny mouth only stimulates Danny even more. Danny can no longer hold off as he thrusts his dick into Billy’s mouth and cums a huge load in Billy’s mouth. Danny moans as Billy’s cock remains in his mouth. Billy’s swallowing every drop as well. They both fall away and Danny crawls to Billy’s face and they kiss some more.
    Both men are exhausted as they lay in each others’ arms, kissing each other softly yet passionately. They hardly notice that their master is already dressed. As he heads to the door he looks back at his slaves.
    “You two faggots get some rest because we’re not even close to being done. I’ll be back in a bit.” He closes the door and leaves his slaves to kiss until they’re sound asleep on the floor and in each other’s arms. (To be continued…)

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