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    My Friend, My Sex Toy pt. 2


    Danny is back at his home. He works for a wealthy family as a handyman 50 or so miles from Billy. They supply Danny with his own place to stay. Danny can’t stop thinking about the night with Billy. His cock instantly hardens at the way he turned the bigger, stronger man into his obedient sex slave, not to mention the incredible blowjob and orgasm he experienced thanks to Billy’s amazing dick sucking skills. He can hardly wait for the next tryst with his new “toy”.
    At the estate, Danny has befriended the owner’s son, Trevor. He is a rather young looking 19 yr. old kid with short blond hair, green eyes and somewhat smaller in stature than Danny. He is clean shaven, as is Danny and Billy and his braces add even more to his youthful appearance. Trevor kind of looks up to Danny though mischievous at times, follows Danny around helping him out when he can. Trevor’s parents are rarely around, always traveling. Trevor prefers to stay home and his parents, for whatever reason, don’t seem to mind.
    One day Danny and Trevor are chatting while sitting on Danny’s patio. “So,Trevor, when am I going to get to meet your girlfriend?” Danny asks.
    “I don’t have one right now.” Trevor responds.
    “A good looking guy like you? You should have em knockin’ down your door.” adds Danny.
    “To be honest and don’t laugh, but I’ve never been with a girl yet”
    “Never?!” Danny asks.
    “Nope. But I think about it often” replies Trevor.
    “Have you ever thought about getting sucked off?” Danny asks.
    “Heck yes! All the time! Trevor says excitedly.
    “What if I told you I know someone that can help you out with that?” Danny says.
    “Who is she?” Trevor asks.
    “It’s not a she, it’s a he.” Danny says.
    “A guy? Wouldn’t that make me gay?” Trevor asks, sheepishly.
    “Not if you’re the one receiving. Just means you’re getting your dick sucked. Wanna give it a try? I swear you’ll love it. This guy I’m talking about is better than any woman when it comes to giving head, I promise you that.” Danny tells him.
    “Yeah, sure Danny. If you say so. I trust you.”
    “Great! I’ll set it up and we’ll take a road trip Saturday. Ok?”
    Sounds like a plan, Danny! I’m kind of excited now.” Trevor says, smiling.
    Billy’s phone rings, he answers it and hears Danny’s voice on the other end: “I’ll be there Saturday evening at 6. Have a cooler full of beer waiting and be alone. Got it, bitch?”
    “Yes sir. Anything you say, sir.” Billy replies as Danny hangs up the phone.
    6 pm Saturday and Billy hears the knock on the door. He opens it and is a little shocked to see Danny’s not alone.
    “Hello bitch.” Danny says as him and Trevor walk in the house. “This is my friend, Trevor. I’ve told him EVERYTHING about you you and he’s been anxious to meet you.”
    Billy closes and locks the door then follows them to the bedroom.
    “Hi, Trevor. It’s nice to…”Billy’s interrupted by Danny: “It’s SIR to you, bitch! Not Trevor! Understand?”
    “Yes sir I understand. Sorry sir.” Billy says, as he looks at the floor.
    “Trevor, this is bitch.” Danny says.
    “Hello, bitch. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” Trevor says.
    “Bitch, from this moment on, you belong to Trevor and you’ll do just as he says. Understood?”
    “Yes sir.” Billy says, while still looking at the floor.
    “Trevor, he’s all yours and don’t be shy or afraid to use him however you want.” Danny tells him.
    “After everything you’ve told me, being shy or afraid is the least of my worries.” Trevor adds.
    “Who do you belong to, bitch?” Trevor asks.
    “I belong to you, sir..” Billy says while still looking down.
    “That’s right,bitch and I want you undressed-NOW!” Trevor orders.
    Billy doesn’t hesitate and he begins taking off his clothes. Now Billy is standing fully nude in front of him.
    Trevor then commands his new bitch: “Now undress me, bitch.”
    Billy complies with his order and removes Trevor’s shirt. He then kneels and removes his sneakers and socks. Then slowly, almost hesitantly, he puts his fingers inside the waist band of Trevor’s shorts and underwear and eases them down as Trevor lifts each foot to clear himself of the last of his clothes. Billy, still on his knees, raises his head and he’s eye level with Trevor’s half hard cock.
    “Do you like what you see, bitch?” Trevor asks.
    “Yes sir, I do sir” Billy replies.
    “Then kiss it, bitch.”
    Billy wets his lips and leans forward and kisses Trevor’s cock on the piss slit.
    Danny, watching while laying on the bed, is impressed at how Trevor has taken to his role as being Billy’s master. Danny finds himself being aroused as well.
    “Now, bitch, take him into your mouth. I want to see if Danny was right about you being king of the cock suckers.”
    Billy opens his mouth and takes Trevor’s cock into his mouth. He slowly begins working it up and down and immediately feels Trevor’s cock come to full erection. Billy then grips the lower shaft of his cock and starts stroking it in unison with his mouth. With his left hand he has Trevor’s balls, softly massaging them. His cock is a full 8″ and fills Billy’s mouth. Billy takes his mouth off but continues to jack it off as he lowers his mouth to Trevor’s balls. He takes the right nut in his mouth then the left one. They’re way too big to fit them both in. He gently massages each one with his lips and tongue. He can hear Trevor softly moaning as Billy works his magic. He moves from the balls and back to Trevor’s cock. He sees the precum about to drip from his cock but catches it on his tongue and licks it at the same time from his cock. Then, once again, takes his cock into his mouth, working it as expertly as he can.
    Trevor is amazed at how great this is feeling to him. His head is slightly leaned back, his hips gradually swaying in rhythm with Billy’s motions.
    “Fuck yeah,bitch! Suck that dick you cock sucking faggot.” Trevor whispers.
    Billy is now fully erect and turned on even more from being talked down to like that. Especially from someone much smaller and younger than him. It’s as if his role in life now is to please dominant men.
    Billy can hear Trevor’s breathing pick up. Trevor now has his right hand behind Billy’s head and starts his own thrusting motion in Billy’s mouth. The warmth and wetness surrounding his cock is starting to have the desired effect.
    “Danny, quick! Look in my bag and grab my polaroid. I want something to remember this when I jack off” Trevor says.
    “OMG that neels so good, bitch.” Trevor says. “Keep on just like you’re doing, you cock sucking whore! Fuck yes! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OMG I’m going to cum! Yes, bitch! Oh yes! FUCK!!”
    Trevor shoots a huge load that almost chokes Billy. He’s trying to swallow it all but there’s just too much at once. Billy feels some run down his chin and drip on his chest. Trevor is quivering and barely able to stand. Danny is taking some pics as Billy expertly milks all the cum he can from Trevor’s cock. Billy takes Trevor’s dick and scoops up the cum from his chest with it and like a lollipop licks the cum off. Using that amazing dick to wipe the cum from his chin and into his mouth. Trevor pulls away and slumps into a beanbag in the corner of the bedroom.
    Danny, already naked on the bed and a throbbing cock laying against his stomach, seeping precum on him, focuses his attention on Billy.
    “Bitch, I want you to crawl over here and kiss my feet.”
    Billy does as he’s told and crawls to Danny’s feet and begins kissing them. Danny is still taking snapshots.
    “Good job, bitch.” Danny says as he rolls over, his legs slightly spread. “You know what to do now.” He tells his slave.
    Billy moves up to his master’s bubble butt and begins french kissing each cheek. He slowly works his way to the middle and spreads them apart revealing his master’s asshole plainly then licks his asshole fully. Danny slightly moans with pleasure as Billy tongue fucks his ass. Danny raises his hips higher as Billy continues his licking assault on his hole, his tongue going in and out and circling his asshole.
    Danny then rolls over but he doesn’t have to give any commands. Billy instinctively moves to his balls and takes them into his mouth, gently sucking them.
    “Oh yeah, bitch. Suck those balls. Fuck, you know how to treat a man.” Danny tells him.
    By this time Trevor has walked over and picked up the camera. He’s taking a couple of picks himself.
    “Suck my dick, bitch. I need to cum.”
    Billy moves to Danny’s throbbing cock and licks the precum off his dick’s head and off his stomach. He then takes Danny’s cock all the way down to the base. Danny moans with pleasure as Billy, once again, expertly sucks his cock.
    Danny knows he won’t last long. He’s much too horny to hold off. Billy can once again tell by Danny’s breathing that he’s near climax. He bears down hard, working his cock, trying to hasten Danny to cum so he can taste both men’s cum in his mouth.
    “Fuck yes, bitch! Suck that cock! Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yeah, bitch! Oh fuck, bitch! I’m about to cum, bitch! FUCK YES!!”
    Danny shoots his load in Billy’s mouth. He has a hand full of Billy’s hair, helping him with his up and down motion. Billy, again, swallows as much cum as he can. Danny’s shaft is glistening from the mixture of Billy’s spit and Danny’s cum. Billy cleans his cock completely free of any cum. And, again, has to stop Billy from sucking his dick.
    Trevor walks over and puts his cock against Danny’s.
    “Put both dicks in your mouth, bitch. I want a pic of that.”
    Trevor snaps another photo of Billy with both cocks in his mouth this time.
    Danny reaches over and hands Billy the shot glass again. Billy takes the glass and begins jacking off. It doesn’t take him long either and he fills the glass almost full once more.
    “Drink it, bitch.” Danny tells him.
    Billy turns the glass up and his cum pours in his mouth.
    “It’s time for bed. We have an early morning.” Danny says.
    “Bitch, here’s a pillow and a blanket. Bitches like you sleep on the floor. Trevor and I will take the bed.”
    Billy takes the pillow and cover and claims his spot on the floor. Trevor and Danny are soon sound asleep, completely drained of energy. (To be continued…)

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