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    Hi all I am Rita from Philippines now 28 year old married with a American black guy named Sunny. I have two sweet sons from my happy marriage.

    We got married when I worked over seas on a Cruise ship and I fell in love with Sunny. He is tall dark muscular and as we all know black guys are known for their big D. I on the other hand was very fair, dark black hair, black eyes, 5.5 in height but I was very chubby that was my only weak point.

    Sunny he loved that and he was very frank to me he had told me before marriage that he was always fascinated by chubby beautiful girls and I felt as if I was the most lucky girl in the world what more would a girl want a dark handsome guy who loves her so much.

    So wasting no time we got married I was 24 year old at that time and Sunny was 30 at the time we got married.

    My first night was really painful as Sunny had a really big and fat dick and I had never told him I was a virgin I actually wanted to surprise him and he was delighted when he saw that he was the one who took my virginity what better gift can a wife give to his husband on the first night.

    Sunny now loved me even more after our first night he always tried to be gentle with me in bed till I got used and actually addicted to his massive dick I got used to getting my pussy sour at least once in a week. He dominated me in bed as he wanted and I loved it day by day I gave him blow jobs for hours sucking his big balls and he loved it and I enjoyed having such a power full and young man as my husband.

    It was now about a year of our marriage and I got pregnant thinking of the safety of the baby we started to explore new ways to keep our sex life healthy and going. When one night Sunny told me about his wish to take my anal virginity and in this way we could have sex and also not cause any harm the baby.

    As I was Bron and brought up in Philippines I was always thought at my home never to say no to your loving husband.

    I did not want to say no to him but I was scared by the size of his dick so I told him my worry’s and he like always had a salutation.

    He gave me many types of lubes and black color butt plugs of different size. He instructed me to keep the butt plug nicely lubed in my ass for 2 to 3 days and only to pull it out if I wanted to use the toilet.

    I selected a medium size butt plug must be about 2 inches in diameter in the center and about a inch where it stuck in my ass it was made of soft rubber so I had no problem inserting it in there with lube it was also comfortable to move around and sit with it.

    The first morning when I inserted it in my ass I felt a bit strange but after about an hour I started to get wet in my pussy as I moved around in the house I felt good as I walked and sat down it kept moving in me it was now evening 8.00pm and I had already changed two panties as they where getting wet all the time it was time to him to come home by now from his job. I was already making plans of giving him my ass tonight. So I had put on my silk net nighty with no panties so he could see the butt plug stuck in my ass.

    Sunny came from work he saw my slutty nighty and smiled he walked up to me and made me bend near the dining table. He gently pulled out my butt plug he made me spread my ass cheeks with both my hands and took a good look at my ass hole then he spat on the butt plug and pushed it back in my ass. He gave a hard smack on my ass and told me I was not ready yet for his massive dick.

    I was getting horny every now and then because of that plug moving in me I really wanted him to just fuck my ass even if it would hurt.

    But Sunny had other plans he fingered my pussy that night and made me cum with his fingers with the butt plug stuck in my ass it was a new and different experience for me as I had never before thought anal play would feel so good.

    The next morning I was making breakfast fast in the kitchen I was still wearing the same nighty with the butt plug stuck in my ass but now had my under ware over it. Sunny walked behind me grabbed me from behind and showed me this even bigger butt plug it was twice the size that I was having in my ass and it was already lubed. He made me lean on the kitchen counter pulling my under ware down he pulled out the old butt plug and gave it in my hands. He pushed this bigger plug in my ass this one went in with very light pain but it filled my ass more that the last one. He pulled up my under ware and smacked my ass hard he whispered in my ears with his manly voice “don’t dare try pull that butt plug out or touch your pussy and change this under ware until I return home” .

    L just nodded in yes he had breakfast and left for work. It was noon and my under ware was socking wet but Sunny had told me not to change them today. I was so horny I was rubbing my legs together so I could make some contact with my pussy as I did that the butt plug moved more sending waves of more wetness to my pussy. I went up to the bedroom and stood my back facing to the dressing table mirror. I pulled down my under ware and saw that black butt plug stuck deep in my huge white ass. I started to imagine Sunny’s black dick deep in there I wanted to rub my self but Sunny had told me not to touch my self so I pulled my under ware up desperately waiting for him to return.

    It was around 8.00 pm when the door bell sounded. I was in my long silk sleeveless night gown as my last attempt to attract Sunny had failed I decided to let him take me when he feels am ready.

    I opened the door he had a smile on his face and so did I as he entered the house he hugged me tight. As I had mentioned before he had a very muscular body and I always loved it when his rock hard chest came in contact of my soft 38DD size boobs. I was in his arms when his hands went down over my night gown on to my ass he checked if the butt plug was in place.

    Then he whispers in my ears “did you do as I said baby” with a smile looking down a bit shy I answered nodding my head in a yes.

    He gave me a kiss on my forehead and smacked my ass hard and said “Good girl”. I always loved his dominating style and voice I just stood there feeling that hard smack on my ass by his big strong hands.

    Sunny turned me around and started pushing me towards the dining table. He made me lay over the table and lifted my night gown up pulling down on my under ware. He spread open my soft white ass cheeks and took a good look at the butt plug.

    I kept still the plug was in my ass from morning it was now over 12 hours Sunny had pushed it in me. I felt him trying to pull it out a strange feeling ran down my ass.

    Sunny started to pull it out very slow. I could feel my ass hole stretch around it as he was pulling it out. I started to moan out loudly telling him “its hurting me baby”. But he still pulled it out I got a strange feeling as he did that I could feel my ass hole was a bit open even after he had taken the butt plug out.

    Sunny had my ass cheeks open with both his hands he pushed his middle finger in me and it easily slided in me. I took a look behind he was smiling and told me ” now your white piggy ass is ready for my black rod”. I was a bit surprised he had first time given me a bedroom name and I really liked the name he gave me.

    Sunny pulled me by my hair making me stand up again and started pushing me towards the bathroom. I was really confused but I did as he said. He told me to get in doggy style in the bath tub and started filling the bath tub with water and lots of soap.

    I stayed in the same position the warm water had reached my Brest making my nipples hard. I was feeling like I was waiting for a new experience on all my 4. Sunny came nude in front of my face showing me his black manly dick already throbbing. I wrapped my lips around his fat massive dick instantly it made my mouth water and my female feeling go even high.

    I was so busy sucking him and swallowing his pre cum which tasted a bit salty and sweet when a new surprise was given to me. Sunny very gently moved my hair away and was placing a collar around my neck. I did not say a word my female feeling was so high for him and actually I was getting more wet as he did that.

    My body was on fire by now I was desperate to have him again in me and it was only 2 days Sunny had not given me his dick. He stuck his finger in the collar giving a little pull and asked me in his manly voice ” do you like it piggy”. I having his dick in my mouth still feeding on his pre cum just just nodes my head in yes. As I did that I could feel Sunny’s dick throbbing in my mouth more that was an indication for me that he is delighted.

    After feeding me his pre cum for some more time he slides his dick out my mouth leaving a string of saliva. He moved behind me I closed my eyes as I knew my anal virginity will be taken today from the same man that took my virgin pussy.

    Sunny slapping his dick on my ass hole smacking my ass hard asked me “piggy wants this back dick up her ass?”. I answered in a low moaning voice yes please give piggy that black dick. Sunny kept his heavy dick head on my ass hole I could feel that warm dick head kissing my soft pink ass hole.

    He splashed some soap water on my ass hole and started to push his dick in my ass inch by inch. I was biting my lips as that happened and started to moan as it went deep calling out all the time ” baby easy please its piggy’s first time”. As I kept repeating the same lines and moaning Sunny became more and more aggressive with my ass and I loved it. I felt some pain when he pushed his dick all the in my tummy as I could feel his warm balls touch my ass I knew I had taken him all in.

    I with my eyes closed was feeling his dick move in my ass and had some pain in there. But I still had a smile on my face as I was so happy to take my mans massive dick all in me and was feeling more confident as Sunny smacked my ass pounding me and moaning that he love fucking his piggy.

    I just kept moaning to Sunny the same lines “baby be easy with  your piggy” infact he also knew I was encouraging him to pound me more. As an surprise my female feeling went so high It made me cum hard.

    I could feel my ass hole taking the pounding and even could imagine that it must be red by now as my mans massive dick is enjoying it. I kept my ass still in place taking Sunny’s last hard strokes as after a year of marriage I knew how he moved when he wanted to cum.

    When after making me wait after 2 days he exploded deep in me moaning loud in his manly voice. I also kept kept moaning to him in a begging tone “baby give piggy all that young cum deep in her white ass”. He gave me some very hard smacks on my ass making my white ass red with his hand mark. I could feel that thick cum flow deep in me and I got such a relief as all my worry’s where gone now. A new world was now open for me and my man to explore.

    I Will continue this story further if you guys like this part. The next part would be when me and Sunny with our sweet two babies go to visit my place in Philippines and there my sister needed some manly help in her married life.

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