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    Pendulum – An Extramarital Affair (Chapter-1)


    Have you ever wondered while driving whether to take a left or a right? When you want to stop doing something but the pleasure in it keeps you going. For me the last 1 year has been like a confused rat who always takes the bait & gets stuck in the mouse trap.

    I am Purva ohh sorry Mrs. Purva can’t believe I married last year. Here lying on the bed with my friend Nitin I am writing my story for you. We just had sex. Don’t judge me. I have my reasons. If it’s cheating then yes I am a cheating whore. Here is an account of how things unfolded today.

    I took a half day at work and checked into this hotel at Nehru Place. Nitin kept me waiting for about an hour or so. He likes to make me beg for it. Not that he doesn’t want to have me but it’s just that he has a kink for such sort of thing.

    After I checked in, I unpacked my stuff. I was waiting for today since the last week. I took a shower and then wore a red lacy lingerie. The satin fabric of my bra felt so smooth on my breasts. My breasts fit so well in them & then I pulled up the panty up my legs. I have shaved down there for him; just left a slight V shaped hairs on my crotch. Finally wore my one piece dress and I was ready for him.

    Suddenly the phone rang the lady said “Mr. Nitin is here to see you”. I gladly said “send him upstairs, I am expecting him”.

    He put the keycard and the door open I was sitting on the couch. I stood and looked at him. He closed the door behind him. We smiled at each other.

    He said “you look amazing Purva”. As I walked towards him I thanked him.
    “sorry I kept you waiting” he said.

    I got close to him and kissed him and said “you talk a lot”. Then we kissed again only this time it was more passionate and our tongues twisted in each others’ mouth. His hands slowly moved along my back and then to my butt. He grabbed my ass and pulled me even closer. We kissed and kissed & kissed some more. I undid the buttons of his shirt. As his shirt fell on the floor, he lifted me up and I was in his arms.

    I said to him “I think we should proceed to the bed”. He laughed and kissed me again. He walked towards the bed and laid me there gently.

    I took his head in my arms and pulled him closer. He kissed my lips and then moved towards my rack. He kissed every inch of my rack. He undid my dress and started kissing me all over. My lipstick marks were all over his chest. I pushed him away and rolled over him. Now I was on top of him.

    He said “ohh Purva it’s ok if you wanna be on top, I am ok with it. Just let me have you”.
    I smiled and said “you are not gonna get me that easy”.

    I undid the button of his trousers and he threw them away. Now He was just in his underwear and oh god! was he not erect. I can clearly see the bulge in his underwear. I sat on his stomach and my one hand was on his underwear reaching for his cock and other hand was on his chest. I felt the warmth of his cock in my hands even though it was still in his underwear. I gently touched his cock through his underwear and ran my fingers on his underwear. He was loving it.

    He said “stop teasing me Purva”

    I giggled. He ran his hands on my back and suddenly undid my lacy bra. As my straps fell off my arms; his eyes widened with a sense of lust and passion. My breasts were now out of my bra and were just a slightly away from his mouth.

    He said “your breasts are like a milky treat”.

    I laughed. I said “there is time for that. I can’t even imagine of me being a mom. I am already 34C don’t want my boobs to grow even bigger”.

    He laughed and said I agree 34C-25-35 is hell of a figure. With that he pulled me closer and started kissing on my breasts and sucked my nipples. I was on the top of my sexual pleasure as he sucked my nipples and licked my breasts. He started squeezing my breasts like a kid playing with a balloon.

    I closed my eyes and looked up. I screamed in pleasure “ohhh ohhh Nitin Please don’t press them too hard it hurts”.

    He said “but are you not enjoying it?” He was right I was enjoying every second of it even when it pained.

    I pulled up and my hand reached inside his underwear. I touched his cock and it was already erect and ready for my use. I grabbed his cock in my hand and started stroking it inside his underwear.

    He closed his eyes in pleasure and said “ohh Purva you know how to control me”. I said “yes my love! and now I am gonna use you like an animal”. I pulled down his underwear and his cock was now out in the open, I looked at with greed. It must be above 6.5 inches and the tip of his cock was already wet with his precum.

    I pushed the foreskin of his cock with my hands and his shiny cockhead became visible. I stroked it some more. Nitin was now begging me to fuck him.

    I said “I will please myself in anyway I want. I am the boss in bed.” He kissed me and then I went down on him and touched his penis with my lips. I kissed him there and then I ran my tongue along his shaft. He was now feeling the sexual tension and pleasure at the same time. I spit on his cock to make it more wet and then after a few strokes from my hand; I started to lick his cock with my wet tongue and slowly started sucking it. He ran his fingers in my hairs. I started sucking even slower but very deeper. Now his cock was touching my throat and I can tell it was huge and long. I almost choked with his cock in my mouth. He pulled my hairs and said “go faster”.

    I said “baby you don’t get to tell me what to do with your cock” I took his cock out of my mouth and walked towards the fridge. He was shocked. He didn’t have a clue of what I was about to do.

    I opened up the fridge and took out the chocolate ice cream and returned to the bed.

    Nitin hesitantly said “I know what you are about to do. But please consider that it is cold and further it will create a mess”. I said to him “poor baby you don’t have to worry about the mess, I am here to clean it up with my tongue”. I went ahead and spilled the ice cream on his cock. Then I slowly licked it with my tongue. Nitin said “ohh fuck that’s so cold!! .. aaahhh you are a whore”. I said “yes baby I am a whore but I am only your whore”

    I started licking the ice cream off his shaft.. slowly I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it like it was an Ice cream stick. He was rock hard and was about to cum I could feel it. That’s why I stopped and left his cock to relax a bit. “Eat me” I said. He smiled and then obliged. He sat near my toes and started making his way towards my crotch. He licked my pussy which was already flowing with juices of ecstasy. I spread my legs so that he can have better access. He slid his tongue in my pussy and began tongue fucking me. He was eating my pussy so good.

    The best part of my extramarital affair was his pussy eating skills. He was so good at it. He slowly fingered my pussy and was making me more wet and horny. I was in heaven and was only able to express it in “ohh yeah hmmmm ahhhhh ahhh ohhh yes baby right there… please baby don’t stop licking me” and began breathing heavily. He then inserted two of his fingers to fuck me. I was screaming with pleasure. He licked his fingers and tasted my juices. I ran my fingers in his hairs and pushed his head deep inside my crotch and wrapped my legs around his back. I didn’t want him to stop, there in that moment I felt complete.

    After a while he said “now you are ready to be fucked”.
    I said “yes baby please fuck me, fuck me like the dirty little whore I am”.
    He took his cock in his hand and I widened my legs for him, he slowly and gently pushed his cock in me. I screamed “ahhh ohhh baby” He pulled back a little and again shoved his cock in me. Slowly he got in rhythm and started fucking me nice and slow. I was already wet and his precum made my pussy even more lubricated. The room was filled with the noise of fucking. He suddenly started fucking me hard, his balls were slapping against my pussy and he fucked me with great speed. I began screaming, he spanked my ass and asked if I liked it.

    I said “I love it honey just don’t talk, fuck me hard”.

    He began fucking even harder than before. I said “harder honey.. fuck me like you mean it”. He grabbed my boobs with his hands and started moving back and forth.
    He was intense now, he fucked me with all the love he had for me. I was screaming in pain but I wanted it. It was a pain with pleasure. He pulled out for a while as he was concerned about me.

    He asked “Am I hurting you?” I turned my back towards him now he was facing my ass. He understood what I wanted. He gave me some space and I got in a position to be fucked in doggy style. He rubbed his cock around my pussy and then suddenly pushed his cock in my pussy and started fucking me. I was about to have my orgasm and was on the edge. I was making a lot of noises. He was banging his cock deep into my pussy with all the strength he had. All of a sudden I hit my orgasm and my pussy squirted with all the juices it had in store.

    I felt immense pleasure and was totally exhausted with pleasure. He pulled his cock out it was still hard and was dripping with my juices. I started sucking it slowly, Nitin found his way to my pussy and we were doing 69. He ate my pussy, cleaned up all of my juices and I sucked his dick in return. He was about to cum.

    He asked “do you want me to pull out?” I said just get in a better position. He gathered himself and sat on the bed, I reached to his cock and started sucking it. While he was finger fucking me the whole time. I started going faster and our eyes met. He was about to cum anytime now. I took his cock deep in my mouth and was sucking it.

    He again asked “Do you want me to pull out, I am about to cum?” I said “honey I want you to cum in my mouth”.

    This time it only took a few strokes and he ejaculated his cum in my mouth. I swallowed his hot and thick cum then on his way out his cock dropped some of the cum on my lips and chin. I kept my mouth open as I didn’t want to waste any drop of his precious cum.

    He said “you are looking beautiful baby”
    I twisted my tongue across my lips and chin to lick all the cum he dropped on my face and said “thanks honey”.

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