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    The Walking Snuff: Aurora



    This story contains “Snuff/Necrofilia/”, I didn’t know if it was considered Erotic Horror or a Supernatural Story. I just wanted to let the reader know that this story takes place in a zombie apocalypse type setting.

    If you’re not interested in reading a bit of story, and wanna get right to the good stuff, scroll til you see the ***

    The world just wasn’t the same after the dead began preying on the living. You can’t really enjoy a lot of things that used to be common. There’s hardly any power available, and it’s only used for emergency or things we need to have running in order to survive. Food is scarce and rationed out to everyone. Most of the time we have to eat things the homeless would have considered trash before this outbreak. The one thing I miss most of all is sex. A lot of the women around here aren’t really my type. The ones that are somewhat attractive to me are all taken. How could I be the only runner sleeping alone at night? I contribute a lot to keeping these people alive. I risk my life avoiding the walking dead, and other people that might want what i’m scavenging. I just feel kind of lonely, and unappreciated. All of that was about to change though.

    In the evening I was approached by Jerry, the leader of our 40 or so encampment. He knew I was the best runner they had, and he wanted me to lead a group on an emergency run for supplies. I reminded him about the dangers of groups drawing attention, and he assured me of my concerns that we would be fine and jokingly said that it needed to be done or we would have to fill our stomachs by eating each other.

    That morning we began our run. We needed medical supplies if possible, but food was the biggest concern. So we were on a mission to find anything edible. Seeds for crops would be a plus. Animals, too. I left the encampment with Kyle and Aurora. Kyle was the muscle in the group. He was tall, white, short chestnut hair, and had a strong build. He was here in case things went south. It made sense because of the size of the party, and eased my stress somewhat. Aurora was here because… well, she was married to Kyle. She wouldn’t take no for an answer I guess, and I bet that Jerry couldn’t afford to add anymore people to our group. She wasn’t as experienced as I would have liked. She wasn’t strong, and seemed on edge the moment we left. She was, however, pretty damn hot. She was a tiny thing. Maybe 5’3″ tall. 27 years old. Had a nice round ass, some c size tits, and straight black hair that reached the top of her shoulders.

    It takes us half a day to reach Pasadena, Tx. We spent the rest of the day securing the safehouse and looting what we could before nightfall. No accidents, and no trouble arose. Everything went smoothly, but very little food was found. Evening the next day we decided to investigate the Walmart and see how it looked. We were desperate for supplies. Once we got there, we were reminded of the first few weeks of the outbreak. Vehicles and decayed bodies littered the parking lot. There was one SUV that was halfway smashed into one of the entrances. It was a ghost town. Most people when the outbreak started tried to take as much as they could. Densely populated areas like this became a feeding frenzy for these monsters. We neared the entrance not blocked by the SUV and noticed a couple of walkers approaching. Me and Kyle killed them just outside the door with our machetes while Aurora stood idly by. Nice and quiet. After checking their pockets, Kyle jokingly said that the one he killed must have had some huge breasts when she was alive. The zombie female’s bra was hanging loosely over their now saggy tits. Aurora was not as impressed as we were as we continued to exchange jokes over a dead woman’s bust size. We split up at the door. They went to search a different side of the store while I went solo. I bet they just wanted some alone time. I reminded them to be quiet and to radio me if anything happened.

    Lots of the shelves were empty. I didn’t think it would be this empty. There was no food, and there were no walkers. I walked over to the backroom and pushed open the doors. A couple palettes were still plastic wrapped in a corner. A forklift was pressed up against them, forks still inside one of the palettes. I took my pocket knife and cut the plastic on one of the palettes to reveal some canned goods. Perfect. As I began loading my backpack, I heard a woman’s scream along with gunshots echo throughout the store. Over the radio I heard Kyle in a panic and begging me to hurry to the clothing section. I ran as fast as I could. Once I got there, I found Kyle and Aurora pinned inside a fitting room. There were three of the undead trying to get to them and Kyle seemed to be doing the best he could to keep them out. I rushed up to the one farthest back and struck the top of it’s head with my machete. It sank deep into the skull and immobilized it. It also got the other two’s attention and so I took some steps back. Kyle was now able to pop out and finished the last two. Once the coast was clear, Aurora slowly emerged from the fitting room. Her shoulder was covered in blood. She had been bit. There was a long silence. Aurora and I stood in shock, Kyle began kicking and stomping on the lifeless bodies in frustration. The silence was broken by the sound of moans filling the air. We started panicking and headed for the entrance, but that is where they were coming from. There was a crowd of at least ten or fifteen sluggishly making their way through the doorway. They were attracted by the gunshot no doubt. I lead the group to the backroom and we exited using the fire escape. We ran way back to the safehouse. Aurora collapsed halfway with a fever, and Kyle opted to carry her the rest of the way over his shoulder.


    We reached the safehouse, which is actually a two-story motel. It was cleared out months back and our camp owned the keys to all of the doors. I unlocked room 215, and let Kyle go in first. He carried Aurora over to the bed and laid her down. She was unconscious, and burning up. I checked to make sure we weren’t followed, and locked the door behind me. Kyle sat next to her in silence. I asked him how it happened, and he started blurting things out like it not being his fault, and how he just wanted to have some fun for a little bit. It turns out they were well on their way to having sex in that fitting room, when they were ambushed and caught unaware. He began to sob as we talked about the people we have both lost up until this point and what he had to do next. Kyle took several deep breaths before he finally stood up. He paced back and forth before stopping at the foot of the bed. Holding his breath, he aimed the gun at her head. After a few moments he burst into tears and then handed me the gun begging me to do it. I was in shock, but reluctantly agreed. I aimed the gun at her face. I shifted my gaze around her body. It was such a shame. Aurora was so beautiful. I became angry at Kyle, and in my mind I cursed him for pressuring her into doing something like that while in a dangerous place. I could have done better if she were mine. My hand started shaking, and I lowered the gun. Kyle placed a hand on my shoulder for support and assured me that it was okay. NOTHING was okay. He had wasted something that I would have killed for. At that moment, I hated Kyle and something deep inside me became unhinged. I asked Kyle to get his machete, because the gunshot would draw a lot of unwanted attention. Kyle agreed and as he turned I shot him in the back of the head. His lifeless body toppled to the floor where I fired two more shots into his skull.

    I stood still. Thinking about what I should do next. I unlocked the door and looked around. No movement in sight. I then dragged Kyle out the door dumping his corpse off the balcony. Hopefully if anything came by, they would eat his ripe corpse and leave. I re-locked the door and turned to Aurora. A truly sinister thought entered my head. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I had nothing to lose. There was nothing anyone could do to stop me. Not out here. I tied her arms to the headboard with some rope and waited for her to turn. After a few hours I heard her begin to breathe again. She slowly opened her eyes revealing them to be a pale color of what they used to be. She focused on me and started to bite weakly and growl softly. It was kind of cute. I rose from my chair and grabbed some pliers. I started carefully pulling all of Aurora’s teeth out. Since she was technically dead, the form she took now wouldn’t scream in pain and draw attention. I must have checked about a hundred times making sure I had pulled every single one. I didn’t want to get bit. Once I was satisfied, I finally loosened her restraints.

    Aurora slowly got up and walked to me, growling weakly. She grabbed me and started to bite me, but when she placed her mouth against my neck there was no pain. It was a success I thought to myself, and I was so relieved as she ran her mouth down my neck to my shoulder. I lifted her face by the chin and started to try and kiss her, which felt weird at first because she was still trying to eat me. Her body was still so ripe, and I planned on using it to my heart’s content. I took off her clothes, and I got naked as well. Her body was hot. I fondled her tits and groped her ass as she mindlessly suckled on my neck. I knew this was wrong on so many levels, but I was rock solid. I forcefully placed her down on her knees and positioned my cock before her face. Aurora opened wide as if to bite me and ended up taking it deep down her throat. I started fucking her throat right then. She eventually closed her lips around my cock and started to suck it. I never thought I’d end up skull fucking a cute zombie girl before. She stared blankly up at me with a mouthful of cock completely incapable of understanding what was going on. The best part was that she had no gag reflex since she was a zombie. I shoved my entire cock down her throat and came, she didn’t even blink.

    I tied her arms to one of the bed posts and rested thinking about what to do next. After a while I found myself gazing at her ass while I stroked myself. I tied her arms together and behind her back similar to handcuffing someone. I then pushed her forward onto the bed and placed my hand on her back to keep her there. By this point, I was rock solid again and shoved my cock in her pussy. I was fucking a zombie. It didn’t feel that great because she was dead, but I was losing my mind in pleasure nonetheless. I fucked her hard and deep while she grunted and growled turning her head to stare at me. I stopped holding her down and instead grabbed the rope holding her arms together so that I was fucking her while standing up. I groped her tits with the other hand. A few minutes passed, and I had her on top of me. I was holding her by the neck for support while I lifted her onto my dick. She stared blankly at me with her tongue hanging out as I eased my dick into her pussy. Once I was in, I knew she wouldn’t give a fuck so I gripped both cheeks and bobbed her ass up and down on my cock while she nipped my neck and shoulders with her lips. I lifted her ass slowly, and eased it back down repeatedly. Her tits were pressing against me. It felt amazing. I stopped myself short a few times to take in the moment. I checked to see if her arms were still tied behind her back firmly, and flipped her. Now I wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her. I kept one hand on her stomach to keep her from rising up so I could watch her tits jiggle. I then leaned forward and began kissing her. I stared into her blank gaze while pounding her until I came deep inside.

    I used Aurora’s corpse all day, releasing lots of sexual tension I had built up. She was like the perfect sex slave. When morning came and I was done, I shot her in the head and placed her in a dumpster. If I had kept her any longer, i’m sure she wouldn’t be that pretty anymore… or sanitary. Was it even sanitary to begin with? I didn’t care. I locked up the safehouse and walked down the steps. There were a few walkers nearby that had been closing in on me as I was taking the stairwell. They were still a ways off and I could easily outrun them, so I wasn’t too worried. I crept over to Kyle’s corpse to see what remained. His face was unrecognizable as his corpse had almost been picked clean. Great, I thought to myself. No need to hide any evidence.

    I made my way back to camp while weaving a story about how the canned food in my backpack was all I could bring back. A story about how Kyle and Aurora died together. Eaten alive in a Walmart.

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