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    It was a week later after Kevin and his wife had let their son have sex with her. Taken his virginity. Not many 16 yr olds get a practical sex education session with their mother.

    Kevin stood in the lift counting the floors finally getting to the 18th floor. The lift door opened onto the foyer. He stepped out walking the 10 steps to the front door. He stopped adjusted his tie and knocked. He heard footsteps inside coming to the door. He looked at his watch 1 pm. On time as the door opened.

    “Kevin” she said “Come in.” She kissed his cheek. Kevin admired the cleavage in her silk open top blouse. Her long dark hair hung down her back. Her C Cup breasts held captive in the white lace bra. He followed her to the lounge. His eyes moving down to her arse. She wore a short pencil skirt. He wifes sister Matilda was very sexy for her 57 years of age.

    ” Hi ” Emily said as she sat on the couch. She was dressed in her school uniform.

    Emily 17 Long Auburn hair, b cup breasts, size 12. She wore a white school blouse and tie, dark blue knee length skirt with black tights. She sipped a glass of wine. Kevin sat next to her as Matilda brought him a glass.

    ” So here we are ” Matilda said.

    ” Yes ” Kevin replied eying up his niece’s legs and slim sexy body.

    ” So your sleeping with my mother ?” Emily said to Kevin

    ” Well yes ” Kevin said looking at Matilda, he had been sleeping with Matilda his wifes sister for a year now.

    ” Cool ” Emily said.” At least Aunty Harriet knows about it.

    ” Yes ” Matilda said. ” Its a arrangement between us ”

    ” You still want to do this ” Matilda asked her daughter.

    ” Yes Mum.” Emily replied.

    ” Good dear, just don’t let your father know your about to have sex with Uncle Kevin.

    ” Shit no” Emily said.

    ” Your a virgin ?” Kevin asked.

    ” Yes ” Emily said.

    ” It will be nice losing it with someone close to you.” Matilda said.

    ” I’m nervous ” Emily said.

    ” Its ok. Mummy’s here.” Matilda said smiling

    Kevin put his hand on her knee. She looked at him and smiled. She was about to have sex with her Uncle. Her much older Uncle. Her mother sat opposite her.

    ” You are very sexy.” Kevin said smiling at his niece, his hand sliding up her skirt on top of her thigh as she sipped her wine. She looked at her Uncle and kissed his lips. They slowly kissed for a minute Kevin’s hand up her skirt on top of her thigh. Matilda stood unbuttoning her blouse taking it off, her cleavage in her white bra, her nipples visible through the fabric. She unzipped her skirt dropping it to the floor stepping out of it. Kevin and Emily looked at her. Matilda knelt at Kevin’s knees undoing hos belt and zip.

    ” Lets get your cock out.” She said. Kevin lifted his arse as she pulled his trousers and underwear down. His hard cock springing out.

    ” Wow ” Emily said looking at his cock. Matilda stroked it looking up at her daughter. Kevin’s hand on Emily’s bust caressing her. They kissed again as Matilda put her mouth over Kevin’s knob sliding her mouth down his shaft. She slowly sucked his cock as Kevin undid Emily’s tie, taking it off. He then started undoing her blouse. Slowly revealing her bosom. Her well rounded B Cup breasts in her bra. He pushed her blouse off her shoulders. She sat forward taking it off sitting in her bra. Kevin undid his tie taking it off and his shirt. He sat naked. Hes sister in law sucking his hard cock. He fondled Emily’s bra leaning in kissing her cleavage. He slid his hand down her front over her skirt over her thigh. Sliding it back up her thigh lifting her skirt. He ran his hand inside her thigh finding her pussy. He rubbed up and down over her tights and underwear. She opened her legs wider as they kissed.

    Matilda sat up.” Its nice seeing Uncle and niece getting on.” she said. ” Come play with his cock.” Matilda said to her daughter. Emily slid off the couch on her knees next to her mother. ” Watch. ” Matilda said.

    Matilda sucked his knob,then slid her mouth down his shaft. Occasionally taking it out licking around his knob as she stroked it.

    ” Your turn. ” Matilda said to Emily. Emily looked at his hard cock. She grabbed his shaft and looked at her mother. ” It wont bite.” Matilda said.

    Emily slowly stroked it. She leant in touching his knob with her tongue.

    “All the way in.” Matilda said to Emily. Emily slid her mouth down Kevin’s cock.

    ” Oh yes ” Kevin said as Emily his 17 yr old niece sucked his cock. ” You are a fucken natural, like your mother. ”

    Matilda sat up next to Kevin. They kissed. Kevin slid his hand behind her back unclipping her bra. Matilda took it off. ” Missed these.” Kevin said fondling her naked bosom, then leant in sucking her nipple. Emily still sucking Kevin’s cock. She took it out and looked up at her mother and Uncle kissing. Matilda looked at her. ” Hows that cock ?” She said.

    ” Good ” Emily replied

    ” Stand up darling.” Matilda said sitting forward. Emily stood. Kevin sat forward to. Matilda turned her daughter around her back to them. Matilda lifted Emily’s skirt. Her black underwear visible through the tights. ” You have a nice arse.” Matilda said. Kevin squeezed Emily’s arse cheeks.

    ” She does ” he agreed. He undid her clip on her skirt and pulled down the zip, her skirt falling to the floor. She turned around Kevin looking at the fabric between her legs hiding that young untouched virgin pussy. She looked down as Kevin slid her tights off her hips, revealing her black lace underwear. Matilda helped pull then down her thighs to her knees, then down to her ankles. Emily took them off.

    ” Wow ” Kevin said what a figure you have. ” Sit ” He said patting his thigh. She sat sideways between Kevin’s open legs. Her arm around his neck. Matilda sat her hand inside Kevin’s thigh. Emily admiring her mothers breasts. Matilda slid her hand up Emily’s thigh and up onto her bra. Kevin and Matilda fondled Emily’s breasts over her bra.

    ” So no guy has seen your breasts.” Kevin said.

    ” No ” Emily said.

    Kevin looked at Matilda. He slid his hand to her back unclipping her B Cup bra. It loosened. He and Matilda pulled down a strap each down the nervous Emily’s arms and off her chest. Kevin dropping it to the floor. Emily looking down at her exposed breasts.

    ” They are nice ” Kevin said cupping one. Matilda fondled the other one.

    ” Thanks ” Emily said smiling. She couldn’t believe she was sitting topless on her naked Uncles lap with her topless mum sitting in her underwear. Her Uncle and Mother fondling her breasts complimenting them.

    Kevin leant in sucking her nipple, circling his tongue around it. Matilda grabbed her daughters hand placing it on her CCup bosom smiling. Emily caressed it as Kevin sucked her B Cup breast. Emily reached down grabbing Kevin’s cock playing with it as Kevin sucked her breast, and she played with her mothers breast.

    Matilda stood looking down at Kevin and Emily. Kevin stopped sucking Emily’s breast. Kevin and Emily looked up at Matilda. Her beautiful breasts on display.

    ” You and your mother have lovely tits.” Kevin said.

    Matilda put her hands on the top of her underwear and pushed them down her hips to her knees standing letting them drop to the floor revealing her beautiful shaved pussy. She stepped out of them and stood posing her hands on her hips.

    ” Lets get your knickers off darling ” Matilda said to Emily. Matilda sat back down. Emily stood, standing between Kevin’s legs. Kevin grabbed the back of her knickers and Matilda helped pull them off down her thighs. Her pussy now out. ” First man to see your fanny. ” Matilda said to Emily. Her underwear now around her ankles. Kevin’s hand on her thigh pulling her leg open to get a better view of the virgin pussy he was soon going to fuck. Emily sat back down. Kevin leant over opening her legs wider his hand sliding down over her clit rubbing it, then down over her labias to her vagina. He rubbed her wet virgin flesh. Matilda stood and walked to the other side of her naked daughter and sat down leaning in putting her hand on the inside of her opposite thigh from Kevin. They took turns rubbing Emily’s wet pussy. Matilda occasionally fondling Emily’s breasts.

    ” Nice pussy.” Kevin said smiling. Kevin slid is finger inside the opening of her vagina. Emily flinched as Kevin circled his finger around the entrance to her virgin love tunnel.

    ” Oh fuck ” Emily said smiling looking down, at her Uncles fingers pleasuring her vagina hole as Matilda rubbed Emily’s clit. Kevin and Matilda looked at each other smiling. They leant in across Emily’s chest kissing lips. Kevin and Matilda french kissed leaning their heads on Emily’s breasts as Matilda rubbed Emily’s clit and Kevin slowly worked his fingers deeper into Emily’s pussy.

    Emily moaned as Matilda and Kevin stopped kissing each turning their heads to her breasts each taking in a nipple sucking Emily’s B Cup breasts. Kevin then slid off the couch knelling between Emily’s legs opening them up admiring the view of her virgin pussy. Matilda rubbing her clit. She slid her hands to Emily’s breast caressing them. ” Kiss mummy” She said Emily and Matilda kissed as Kevin slid her arse to the edge of the sofa. He leant in licking her moist clit circling his tongue around it as he rubbed her vagina opening with his fingers. With his other hand he opened her labias up licking and sucking deep inside her pussy, tasting her sweet virgin teen pussy juices.

    Emily kissed her mother both fondling each others breasts. Kevin opened Emily’s legs wider. Holding her pussy lips open with his thumbs licked up and down her, pushing his tongue in her vagina then licking up her pussy to her clit licking it then back down to her vagina.

    Matilda slid her hand to her daughters pussy holding one side open as Kevin slid a finger deep inside Emily slowly finger fucking her licking her clit and inside her labias.

    Emily groaned, she didn’t know if it was pleasure or pain as Kevin’s fingers invaded deep inside her virgin love hole. Matilda still fondled and sucked her daughters breasts.

    Matilda then leant back as Emily leant into her mothers chest fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples as Kevin continued to pleasure Emily’s pussy. Kevin kissed up Emily’s soft smooth 17 yr old skin to her breasts. He cupped one circling her nipple as he fingered her pussy. He kissed her neck and then her lips. He lifted her leg and guided his knob to her pussy rubbing it over her clit and all the way down to her vagina opening. He pushed it up and down her from her vagina to her clit and back down pushing his knob between her labias. Bending his hard cock letting it spring back up her pussy. He stood up guiding Matilda’s mouth to his knob. Matilda slid his cock in her mouth, tasting her daughters sweet pussy juices on his knob. He then swapped. Matilda took it out and Kevin pulled Emily’s mouth over his cock. Emily sucked it as she fondled his balls.

    Both girls taking turns sucking it. Kevin groaned as soon he lurched. His cock exploded. His creamy cum spurting out over the two naked women in front of him. It dripped off their breasts ans chest. Matilda put his cock in her mouth licking the creamy cum off his cock, then Emily did the same.

    ” I love the taste of cum.” Matilda said smiling. Emily gently licking it off Kevin’s cock.

    ” Its ok ” Emily said looking at the cum on her breasts and her mothers breasts.

    Look out for Part 2.

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