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    Black out drunk violently raped


    I went to a party with my homie and Alexa stayed home to drink wit her friends I ended up getting trashed. When I got home Alexa’s friends were at the pool and Alexa was passed out drunk on the couch. I immediately got existed and started to get hard because I know by the way she was laying that she was blacked out I always raped her when she gets blacked out drunk. I walked up to her rubbing my cock thinking of all the Fun I’m going to have with her Lifeless body. When back and locked the door so no one would walk in while I took advantage of my ex girlfriend. I went back to her she was wearing jeans and a jacket with only a bra under it. I unzipped her jacket to expose her saggy pale tits she had perfect pink nipples that I loved to suck on so I ripped her bra off and started to play with her nipples I was sucking on them and she didn’t even budge I knew I didn’t have to be gentle and if she did wake up she wouldn’t remember I knew it was going to be a good night. While I was sucking on her nipples I went back and forth to sticking my tongue in her mouth as far as I can at the same time I was forcing my hand down her pants to finger her pussy I was hard a rock at this point and whipped my throbbing pipe out and smacked it on her face and rubbed it on her titties I then forced her mouth open and put my dick into he sleeping slutty mouth her mouth was so warm I poked my dick into the side of her cheek hard she kinda flinched as my cock popes out of her mouth I then took off her pants just so she was naked I wanted to eat her ass and fuck the shit out of her right then and there but why rush I had all night to rape her so I decided to have fun so I picked her up and threw her on my shoulder. While I was walking her to the bed room where I would violet her entire body I was fingering her pussy and ass and I spanked her ass hard repeatedly. She still didn’t budge. I threw her on the bed like a rag doll. When she hit the bed her titties bounced around so nicely I had to do it a again so picked her lifeless drunk naked body up and threw her on the bed this time I threw her high as I could. When she hit the bed this time she landed on her stomach and her face smashed into the bed. Her nice round pale ass bounced around so much her ass cheeks spread apart and jiggled I couldn’t resist I dove face first into her ass sniffing her butthole it smelled so good I could feel the precum dripping from my cock protruding our from the top of my joggers I started to lick her tiny virgin butthole aggressively trying to force my tongue into her light brown asshole I then spit on her tight virgin back door and forced 2 fingers into her ass all the way to the knuckle she clenched her as and tried to roll over but I held her in place I knew that would hurt her with my my fingers still in her rectum I used my other hand and shoved 3 fingers into her pussy. She had a gorgeous pussy and it always tasted so good but her vagina was lose that is why I rape her up the butt every chance I get. I then wanted to stick my cock back in her mouth cuz she had big soft lips that I loved wrapped around my shaft so moved her body around to where she was on her back and her head was slightly hanging off the bed and this caused her mouth to open from the angle her neck was. I stroked my cock and wiped the precum from the tip of my dick and rubbed it on her lips then I made out with her sticking my tongue in her mouth all over and far in as my long tongue would go after getting carried away with that for a couple minutes I took off my pants and stood over her open mouth and jerked my thick cock with Excitement while I jacked off I put my ass in her face for shits and giggles then thought to my self enough games time to choke this bitch with my cock I squatted down and with out any mercy tamed my cock into the back of her mouth she choked and gaged and started to squirm so I laid on top of her with my dick still at the back of her throat hold my pipe in place I held her down and locked and fingered her pussy and ass hole and states to face fuck Alexa’s mouth I could feel her throat opening little by little as I forcefully face fucked her I stood up and gave her a brake but only for a second then cranes my cock in her open mouth once again this time with more force with one thrust I pushed hard and laid on her again it was such a hard thrust my cock didn’t stop at the back of her throat the tip of my dick forced her esophagus open and every inch of me was inside her mouth she taught harder this time but my weight and straight over powers her week drunk body I began to thrust in and out of her mouth forcing her throat open every time Alexa gage and choked fought but that only made me start to face fuck her harder and fast before I knew it I was pounder my thick cock against the back of her throat and she was trying so hard to get me off her and to stop my dick from pounding her throat she started to bite so I bit her pussy and crammed it back in her mouth holding it there once more this time I was eating her pussy and boring it hard she tried to scream and yell but my thick cock took up every inch of her mouth she fought for a bit and I felt her start to go limp and heard Gargling sounds coming from Alexa’s cock filled mouth she then felt limp and I gave her face 3 very hard thrust then I got up and slapped her awake she opens her eyes looked at me and said that fuckn hurt and rolled over she was still blacked out I knew she would not remember that at all other then the pain she will feel tomorrow. I rolled her onto her to match and she made umf sound. I lifted her by the waist and shoved her knees under her body putting her in a doggy position she groaned a little I immediately went to town on her ass and pussy with my tongue I favored her tiny asshole and shoved my fingers into her loose pussy. Her little butthole was open a little bit cuz her ass was in the air I actually managed to get my tongue nice and deep in her ass I was having so much fun I blew air into her butthole making her fart I got a kick out of making her fart with my mouth. I was still hard as a rock so I spit on the tip of my rod and pressed it against her already spit soaked sphincter. I then tamed it in her ass forcing every inch of my thick cock into her virgin ass. It was a hard thrust making her scream and she jumped up and held her ass I could see tears coming from her eyes it just fueled my desire to hurt her lady parts with my peace. I didn’t waist any time I put her in the same position and she let out a quiet “no” “stop” I paid no attention and lubed my dick up again and lined it up with her butthole I then thrusted even harder throwing my body weight into it forcing her to stay in place she screamed again and cried out loudly get your dick out of my ass Alex it your dick is to big I kept my weight on her with my dick balls deep in side of her shitter I could feel her trying to push my dick out with the inside of her ass she gave up fighting and just cried and muttered stop I started to back my dick out of her ass I could feel her ass tightening up like it didn’t want me to pull out so I rammed it back in hard she was crying louder and still trying to get me off of her but I just kept raping her up the buttthole I fucked her ass harder and fast for a couple minutes I finally am in Alexa’s asshole I thought to myself it brought a smile to my face I just kept pushing her shit in I pulled put Alexa’s white naked body in another position but when I pulled out her bowels let lose and shit all over I was actually turned on by the fact my cock made her lose control of her bowels. She was still in the same position so I went right back to her raised white ass I Noticed my dick had her shit on it I didn’t care so I James it in her pussy she flinched a little I started to fuck the shit out of her lose pussy with my shit covered dick she moaned quietly I then pulled out of her cunt and shove it back up her but she jumped more when it was in her asshole I pulled out of her ass and went back and forth from pussy to ass I pumped my meat in her ass balls deep one more time then ripped my dick out she yelped in pain I pushed her over on her side and grabbed her legs and pulled half of her body off the bed so her knees were on the floor and he body laid out on the bed I spread her legs apart she tried to crawl back on the bed and told me to stop I held her in place and ate her sore asshole and shoved my fingers in her ass again this time hard and I finger fucker her red rectum hard and fast as I could she was moaning in pain but I was going so hard and fast her moan was choppy she kicked me in my chest and said stop fucking touching my ass you peace of shit it fucking hurts I told her shut the fuck up Alexa I’m going to abuse all over your slutty holes all night tell you can’t shit right for weeks she then mutters fuck up Alex I laughed and grabbed her by her hair and stuck my tongue in her mouth she actually used her tongue to play with mine. I shoved her head into the bed and grabbed her by her ankles and yanked her back to her knees on the side of the bed I slapped her ass and told her I’m going to fuck you up the butt hard and fast tell your I tare your insides apart she looks at me fast with a angry look on her face and said you fuckn better not rape me again Alex I laughed and said to bad bitch then rammed my hard dick into her ass dry ripping her sphincter she sat up and screamed very loud and yells what the fuck take it out take it out Alex you ripped my butt it hurts I just grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled it hard as fuck and told her shut up bitch take my cock in your ass I’m going to break your butthole as I began to go deep into her unexperienced anus she was crying and tears were running down her face as I crammed my thick dick in and out of her. I was watching her my dick separate her butt cheeks I started to go harder and harder tell I was fucking her so hard the bed was sliding across the room she was still in tears but to drunk to make me stop I asked her if it felt good she cried nnnnooooooo please Alex stop I don’t like anal I raped Alexa in her tight virgin asshole for 5 hours she tried to fight but she was so drunk she couldn’t so I took advantage of her white ass her ass is to tight it feels like her rectum was sucking the cum straight from my nut sack I shoves my 6 inch thick crack balls deep the first go she groans but I didn’t care I told her to shut the fuck up and take my cock on your ass as I shoved my rock solid throbbing cock in her ass with one push I felt the tip of my fat cock pop threw her as and she jumped and tried to push me off but I just shoved my dick in farther pining her against the bed. I pushed her head down hard into the bed muffling her cry’s and started fucking her hard and fast as I could she was clenching her ass cheeks but it only made me more aroused as I feel her pained virgin asshole squeezing my cock tight I crept going not changing the pace I can feel my nuts slapping her pussy slap slap slap I reached around to play with her perfect pussy and continued pounding her ass she cried and moaned her body didn’t know what to feel her pussy was dripping wet from me rubbing her clit and fingering her loose pussy but your ass was ripping from my constant pounding I looked down at my cock plowing between her ass cheeks and grabbed a cheek wit my hand and spear it as far as I could to see he tight little sphincter tightly hugging to my fat cock I was still fucking her hard and deep pulling my cock out just far enough to see the tip of my dick and I rammed it back in hard and fast tell I felt my cock come to a hard stop. With every hard painful thrust she grunted ugh ugh ugh see begged me to stop with tears running down her face. It only made me fuck her harder and made my cock even harder! I was still playing with her pussy While my man good was Buried deep in her ass she got quiet so I went fast and plays with her pussy faster she then let a little gasp out as she screamed IM COMING IM COMING OH FUCK AHHHH FUCK I laughed to my self and said that’s right you dumb bitch take my cock. She started to squirt all over my hand and her body shook and twitched uncontrollably. I still didn’t let up. Still raking every inch of me into her rectum she screamed again OH FUCK IM STILL COMING OH MY GOD FUCK FUCK FUCK she let out a couple grunts rggghhh uugghh ehhhg As she still squirted pussy juice all over her legs and my hand tell her body finally went limp I slowed down but still long stroking that ass she wines stop please your hurting me Alex your ripping my ass. You always rape me when I drink Alex please stop. I then said fuck you bitch shut up as I grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back to see the tears run down her face. She looked at me with such agony and said please Alex stop I’ll suck your dick I said once again shut the fuck up bitch and pulled my rock hard dick out of her ass. Her asshole was gaped wide open and red and already bruising I slapped her ass extremely hard the clapp echoed threw the apartment. She then began to say thank you for stopping but before she could finish I thrusted my hips hard as I could forcing my cock back into her broken ass. She jumped and screamed STOP you FUCKN PEACE OF SHIT THIS IS RAPE ! I told her I didn’t fuckn care she deserves it she was crying loudly I know the neighbor heard her cry’s for help but I didn’t care. I’m going to get mine. I then pulled my cock out so fast that she shit all over the floor and pissed herself I laughed and pocked her up and threw her on the corner of the bed with her knees still on the floor and body still on the bed as I put the tip up to her ass hole I could see she was trying to clench it shut but I fucken destroyed her ass so bad it would open right back up right before I buried my self back into her busted anus she jumped up and crawled away the best she could her ass what’s still wide open red from the ass pounding I gave her I let her think it was over she cried to her self hold her ass in Pain I walked around the bed to where her face was. My cock was harder then it has ever been before that it actually gained a inch. I grabbed Alexa by her hair and yanked her head back she yelled in pain with a wide open mouth. Without hesitation I shoved my cock in her mouth so hard my cock came to a hard stop from the tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat she gagged and choke white my cock in her mouth and tried with all her strength to pull her head back removing my now 7 inch peace from the back of her throat but I had a a good grip of her hair and forcefully crammed the last 3 inches in her mouth and down her throat tell every inch of me disappeared in her mouth. I held her head there for a bit she looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes running with tears. Then the look of panic came over her face as she was not able to breath I just laughed and held tight to her head keeping my pipe in her mouth. I then felt her body start to go limp and her eyes started to roll back and I thought to my self you could be the bitch who died choking on a dick. I finally ripped myself outa her throat and she gasped with a huge breath and coughed hard crying even harder now she looked at me with her make up running down her face and asked me why am I doing this to her I sat down next to her and said in a sweet voice because I hate you silly girl. I still had a ragging boner I looked at her naked body and graves that bitch and payed her flat on her stomach I stood over her beaten ass and admired how sexy she actually was. Then I dropped to me knees and plunged my cock back into her ass and fucked her destroyed asshole for 3 hours while she still cried and wined in pain tell I finally started to feel my cock starting to pulsate and my nuts tighten up I groaned as I filled the end of her rectum with my hot cum. I felt my dick squirt 6 hard loads deep in her ass. She then said sobbing thank you god.. I ripped my cock out fast and she cried loudly reaching for her sore ass. Her ass was dripping so much come I was surprised. Alexa said to me you raped me again Alex… AGAIN… As she touched her ass hole and looked at her fingers seeing the shit and blood mixed come she counted to cry. She tried to get up and fell to the floor I just stood there as she struggled to even move she was on her knees with her head in her hands on the floor and her ass was high in the air. I then became hard as fuck again and walked up to her and pushed the tip of my dick into her ass slowly tell I was once again balls deep as my cock slowly reopens her torn butthole she cried with a long aaaaahhhhhggggggg and she was fighting me again but I kept my dick buried in her asshole as she stood up I was still holding me self inside of Alexa and armed her body agents the wall with one arm I put my arm around her neck and began to choke her tightly and slowly slide my cock in and out of her body she started to scratch at my arm and gasp for air she said with very little breath I’m going to pass out. I could feel her legs starting to buckle and her scratching at my arm got slower and softer. Squeezed tight around her fragile neck and held just the tip of my dick inside of her ass as her body went limp her ass cheeks unclenched and her body slowly slid down the wall and forcing my pipe in her rectum at the same time I laid her on the bed and mounted her ass again I wasn’t done with her yet. While she lied there limp I rolled her on her back and forcefully shoved my hole hand in to her pussy while my still hard cock was slowly sliding in and out of her ass. My fist popped into her pussy so forcefully that she sprang back to life and screamed bloody murder I fallowed her with my fist still in her pussy as she scrambled to get away. My hole hand was so snug in her pussy that I didn’t even have to try hard to keep it in her ripped pussy.. She continued to scream in pain and caught so hard I could see her busted butthole flexed closed so tight I pulled my had from her pussy not trying to take her inside with it. Alexa went limp from the relief of pain I rolled her to her side and still fucked her up the butt. I raped her violently for 6 more hours the sun was up and I was so tired but still thrusted my self into her come filled butthole.. Finally I stopped out because I was so tired when I woke up the room reeked of shit piss and pussy juice I looked over and she wasn’t there. There was a shitty blood stain from her asshole where she was laying I got up and looked for her and she was in the shower. I went in there and ripped open the shower drapes and yelled what’s up slut she looked up at me from the floor of the shower. And said I fuckn hate you. I chuckled and said you look like you been rapped in the ass all night I laughed hard she then said you raped me again Alex my asshole hurts so bad ass she started to cry holding her ruined ass. I climbed in the shower with her and said shit up pussy I’m going to rape you for the rest of your life.. She cried still I then grabbed her head forcing it into my limp dick and saggy nuts tell I got hard she wasn’t even fighting she knew she couldn’t when I was hard she willingly opens her mouth and looked up at me with her tongue out so I put my dick in her open mouth and she began to suck my dick really good I was enjoying it a lot then she said Firmly next time you get really drunk I’m going to rape you up the ass and see how you like it.. Threw out the day she was in more and more pain and cried when she went to the bath room and Whimpered when she sat down no matter how slow she did it her ass was so messed up from me raping her ass mercilessly fucking up her insides. It turned me on thinking bout the pain she was feeling at that moment I had to beat off Several times or I would of raped her again while she was sober.. As the day went on she thought more about it and got more mad at me with every minute because I have raped up the butt many times threw out the years.. She ended up making a case agents me because I raped her but she lost the case and when she gets drunk I break into her house and rape her all the time I can’t get enough of her ass I only want to rape and rip her ass.

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