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    Jyothi a sex bomb – 2


    Hello everyone…. How you doing… Before reading this story read my previous story.

    Well without wasting much of your time I conclude my story.

    I was very much tired of fucking her pussy so I need a short break. But she started to be more energetic than before. I was lying at my back in tired but she seems to be ready for the next round.

    We both lying on bed and romancing. She immediately started fingering her pussy in horny and on seeing her lust my cock raised again. I asked her a hard cock guy is lying before you but you fingering. She said” if a man with erect cock not doing anything except watching a girl what she do” I asked her what she wants. She said anything from my cock. I asked for a blowjob in shower.

    We went to bathroom and opened the shower. She hesitated to take my cock in her mouth. I asked why late? She said she never take her husband dick also at her mouth. She said as her husband won’t compulsory her to give blowjob she haven’t try that. I said I’m not your husband and I wanted to both to satisfy. She kneels down and took my dick and made some strokes and she took my dick at her mouth. It was good her warm from mouth and the shower felt more beauty ideas. She gave blowjob nearly 5 minutes and I woke up her and turned her and asked her for anal sex. She lifted her right leg on the tap and widened her legs. As soon I entered my penis inside her anal she can’t bear the pain and I made some few strokes and after that it went smoothly. I holder her boobs for increase my pace to fuck her at anal. Then I fucked her hard inside and turned her and she leaned against the wall. And widened her legs and took my penis inside and fucked her I kissed her at her lips and after few minutes I was about to cum so she kneels and took my cum at her boobs.

    It was almost late as my sister may wake and my parents also come soon. So I came outside and took my pants and wore them and we t out. She took bath again and cleaned her body and her boobs and came out in a nighty and sat near me at the couch. We settled in the hall and switch on the TV and she called my mom when she comes. She said in half an hour or before that. She said me that my mom come late so that can we go to next round. I said no way she come before that. She said liked my anal sex. As we can have a quick sex before she come she said she wore nighty so that we can left the lower and poke inside. She pleaded me for anal. She took my penis and strokes it and took it to her mouth and it raised quickly.

    She got up and lifted her nighty and directed her hole to my cock and sat on me she didn’t get comfortable to ride my cock. So we both get down from the couch and she was ready to take my cock in doggy style fuck. When I made some hard strokes she started to shout in pain and I stopped fucking and said her ” if we caught both will be chased out you know?”  She put back her nighty and sat at couch. She said she want more from me and we had no time. I said you have two days. She said two days not enough for me I want always this fuck. And said her mother in law calls her today evening itself she said.

    I said I will come to your house and satisfy you whenever you make me a call. She said I won’t come. I said before I won’t come because no entertainment there and I was small guy now but now I’m grown enough to serve a pussy with my tool and above all a hot chick there to fuck me there so I come when you come.

    I asked her when you go she said evening. I asked her why she planned for two day visit. She said her mother in law called her. And she don’t want her daughter in law to go anywhere and do all work at home. She said she will go through bus. She immediately kissed my cheek and said I gave her a wonderful time through my dick.

    It was twelve noon and she said she go at five. So that she will go to bus stop and it will delay to reach her home as it’s 40 km away. She said her husband went to a business trip so only dropped here and went. I asked why her mother in law called. She said as she has to do all work alone she may call her. I said im also come with you to your home. She asked why. I said we can enjoy the night alone.

    She said how you parents agree. I said will stay there saying as it late in night I could get permission to stay there. I asked how we can enjoy with your mother in law. She said cheating her is very easy. I asked will she allow me to stay in night. She said she will tell her that I will sleep at visitors bedroom. But you going to sleep with me in my bed. I said we can go from here at six pm above she said ok then only it will be late night for me to return so that I can stay there.

    My parents came and we ate the lunch and she said she will go by six pm. I said my mom that she aunt said she go through bus I only said that I will drop her at home. She said ok she asked me to stay there at night if her mother in law doesn’t have any objections. And asked me to return before the next day evening. I said ok. That time she blushed at me and smiled. We were preparing for going their home.

    We left at 6 pm and we reached half the way in 8 pm only as it was traffic after that no traffic as it’s a village side area. We crossed city and its deserted area public movement will be low. That too in night people will be low in that side. She said girls won’t come alone this side as this is very dark area and full of bushes and trees and improper road so that vehicle also come less. Some how we reached her home before, 9 30 pm.

    We went to her house her mother in law opened the door and she gave me coffee and welcome me and she went to sleep. She went and closed the bedroom door and slept. I saw Jyothi and blushed. I stood from my chair and I’m in top of my lust and she went backwards on seeing me coming towards her. She went few steps and behind her wall only there so she can’t move beyond that. She put her hands down and stood near wall. She was caught by me  I put my hand against the wall and trapped her so that she couldn’t move.

    I whispered silently on her ears now I get her. I said come on give up you and surrender. She said I’m all yours all my assets for you tonight. I asked only this night. She said every night. She said me in my ears ” take me to heaven.. Lots of things there to explore on girl body this is our night no one to stop us. Make me cum and give the best orgasm who ever can’t give me. ”

    I rubbed her earlobes and caressed her hair. I said I want to enjoy the sex like the first night sex with you where your husband your husband saw you nude for the first time. Her Jasmine flower made me crazy I took her flower and kissed her and went to the bedroom and put the flowers on the bed and I locked the door and made her sit on the bed and I smelled her neck and my face explore her face and she kissed me in my lips and I holder her head tightly and smooched her with full lust. She left her tongue inside my mouth and rolled her tongue we both fought with our tongue. I removed my shirt and pants and hugged her tightly I crushed her boobs by hugging her I like that. Im left with underwear. Without removing her saree I took my hand inside her blouse and felt the softness of her boobs with blouse. I took my hand to her back and my hand waving at her back and we were kissing passionately I removed her saree knot and saw her blouse boob. Though I fucked her at morning it feels for me like that I’m exploring her new. She lied and caressing her hands on her boobs. It made me horny more and I removed the hooks from the blouse and no bra inside. I took her right breast in hand and crushed it and took in my mouth and licked and bit her nipple. I could see her lust it’s making me wanted her badly.

    I took my both the hands and crushed her big boobs hard she is bitting her lips in lust. I took my hand to her hips and I took my face to her navel and licked wildly.

    I removed the saree thoroughly and throws it aside and I widely opened her legs and took my head inside her petticoat licked her clit and drank her love juices. I came to know she is wet badly and wanted my cock soon but I’m in mood not to give her my cock soon.

    I removed the petticoat and went out and took honey from kitchen and came in and closed the door and poured the honey on her boobs licked wildly I applied the honey in my cock and she licked my cock.

    I went to her pussy and took cock near her pussy and rubbed the cock in her pussy lips she started to beg for my cock inside. I left inside and took inside and left in and out she is uncontrollable lust. I took in and out and fucked slowly. She started to breath nicely. I widened her legs and kissed her lips and fucked meanwhile. I fucked her hard in full force her big boobs jumped cum inside her pussy.

    We fucked nearly three times that night. She took all my load at her pussy. She asked me to come each weekend as her husband go to work in morning and come late night and her mother in law will not be at home sometime. She thanked me for giving her pleasure that much and fuck her for long time not like her husband.

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