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    Wild experience with medical student – part 2


    Hello to all… Kindly read my previous story. As this story is continuation of that story.

    The movie ended at 7 PM. We both came out of the theater and I got a call from my parents. I answered the call and my mom asked me where I’m there. I said I’m with friend. She asked me when I return home. I said soon. I said I eat dinner outside. She asked me to return soon. I disconnected the call and put my phone in airplane mode. Then asked Rupa where we can go. She said from the day she arrived Chennai she didn’t seen beach. She asked how far the beach is from the theatre. I said nearly 8 kilometers. I could see she feel uncomfortable to take her beach now as she heard in talking to my mom and it would late for me to reach home. She asked me how much distance to reach my home I said 5 kilometers. She asked me home much distance to her house. I said 13 kilometers from my home.

    I stopped her and said listen ” You wish to visit beach I Will take you don’t think of nothing ” She asked me ” What you tell your mom. ” I said she won’t tell anything she expect where I’m there. She was happy now and excited to watch beach. There was lot of vehicles still not moving in the beach road I got tensed as we were at same place more than twenty minutes.

    After that we reached beach I parked my bike and went inside at 7: 40 PM. We settled for a moment and I went and bought snacks to eat. She said she wants to play in tides. I said they won’t let us to play in water now as it is night time the tides will come high and above all “you don’t have spare dress to change after playing in tides. ” She asked me ” Have you ever played in sea shore? ” I said when I was in 15 thats my last play in shore” She asked after that you didn’t visit beach. I said I don’t like to play in water.

    We ate corn and all were leaving beach and the crowd was less now. The time is 8: 20 PM. We went near the parking and I started my bike and she sat and again struck in traffic jam. This time took half an hour to cross 5 kilometers. Then she asked me to drop her at bus stop near my home soon that I go home and she go to her home. I asked why she said as my parents will search for me. I said nothing like that I will drop her where I picked her. She asked me to inform my mom then only she said she will allow me to drop in her home.

    I called my mom and lied her that I’m going to theater for night show for movie. She asked. Me which theater. I said the theater near our home. She said ok and asked me to come back soon as it will be almost midnight. She asked me why I told like that. I said no problem. Now the time is 9: 15 PM. I asked her where we can go now. She said ” No where it’s almost late for you. ” I said nothing like that I said I told my mom I’m going to movie and she knew the movie end at midnight. We reached near her home just 5 _6 kilometers away. She asked me ” You filled petrol? ” I said yes in morning. I stopped in a hotel and she said she will prepare food for both. I said it take time and she is tired so she can’t prepare food now. I got parcel for both and she is having the food parcel and her shopping bag in her hand I asked that so that I can hang in front of my bike. She said no need. I asked why she said secrets are inside this. I asked any military secrets and laughed. She pinched on my stomach and said it’s above all its girls secret. You bought make up things? She said something like that. I asked her where you bought this. She said in pantaloons. I asked again pantaloons is a dress showroom what make up things you bought?she knocked on my head and said investigate this well ok I said no it’s girls secrets. We talked like this and we reached the home by 9:40pm. We both went upstairs to her room and she gave me the food parcel and went to bedroom and kept the cover on the cupboard and came out to Hall. She got the parcel and asked me to eat the food. I called her also to eat. She said she will face wash and freshen up and come and eat the dinner.

    She went to bedroom again and took a towel and a short and tank top inside the bathroom and I went to the kitchen and took plates and placed it on the dinning table and I sat on the sofa. That time I recalled every moment with her. How I met her and how quickly she attached to me and the day with her long drive with her and above all I’m alone with her at this night that too no one in the house except us. Thinking about all these I don’t know how she attached to me within a day like this so close with me. I remember what happened now she took the towel and pant and top but not bra and panty. I don’t know what happened to me. Soon I started to think how she stand in front of me in top and shorts without bra and panty and how her bare boobs look. I can’t control my last so I went inside her bedroom. I stood out of her bathroom and took my dick out and masturbated thinking her boobs how it crushed my back when I drive bike and I thought of her bra. I opened her cupboard and saw anything there for me to masturbate. I saw the cover which she bought in shopping mall and opened and saw she bought bra. I didn’t open it as she may come any time out from the bathroom. I saw her panty I took that panty and covered the panty around my dick and masturbated thinking her panty is her pussy. I kept back her panty and went out of her room.

    It was now nearly 11 PM she came out of bathroom and closed the bedroom door and dress changed and came out of the room after changing. Her wet hair and aroma from shampoo she used call me to explore her.

    She asked me why I didn’t eat till now. I said I was waiting for her. She said sorry for late. She sat on the chair and took a parcel and I took a parcel and started eating. I was watching her boobs when she eating as I could get at least a chance to see her boobs pop out from her top. I asked her how was the movie. She said nice. I asked is it true? She asked what I’m talking?

    I said scene in movie that girls drink in night with friends and wants to roam sexier before men?   She said it suit for most of the girls life. Now I saw her boobs line from the top. As soon I saw that my brother jumps and stood up. It was 11: 20 PM I got a call from my mom that they are go to sleep and she said she kept a spare key outside the door. Hearing that I was happy as no one going to search for me. So that I can use this time to trick and seduce her. Time passed and it was 11:30 now. I finished eating and she also completed her food. I asked her permission that I want to use her bathroom. She said ok. I went to bathroom and masturbated and cum and came out freely now. It gives me a feel that we are living together. As we both in same house.

    She asked we what my mom said when she called me I said that I told her I will come late and she asked me to stay in friends house itself. She asked me where you will stay here only one bedroom there. I wanted to cover her emotionally so I said I will go now. She asked me where I go. I said I will go to friend house or roam in night and I will go early in the morning to home.

    She said no need. And said me to stay with her. She said she won’t sleep and we can enjoy the night talking. I felt my plan has started to establish and now it is 12 am. She said what we can do now to spend time I wanted to say that we can sex. But I didn’t say anything and said tell your self. She asked me ” Can we go to terrace? ” I said yes. She took a coca cola bottle from fridge and we went to terrace. We talked for about an hour and she asked me ” You want snacks? ” I said yes. She went down and said she Will prepare anything. It passed more than 15 minutes. She went down I went down to see what she is doing she was preparing something for eat. I want to fuck her from behind. I went inside and asked what she doing she said preparing snacks to eat.

    She gave me the chips and the dish she prepared and asked me to take that to terrace. I took that above and she came upstairs. We ate the snacks and busy talking and time passes and it was 2 am now. She said that we can do down to her room as other family are sleeping if we stay at terrace the might be disturbed.

    We went down and she asked me to sit in the sofa and she switched on the TV and came and sat near me at sofa. She asked to reduce the volume of TV. I reduced the volume and she took the remote from me and changed the channel and watching for good channel. She kept movies now and we were watching Anaconda movie. The movie ends as we start to watch the climax only. The movie ended and she got up and switch off TV and sat again on sofa facing me. She said she is bored very much and said that we should do something to stop boring. I said in my mind ” Come we can sex so you won’t feel bored” But I said don’t know. She bet on my thigh and said think. I asked her” Can we go out for a walk and come? ”  She said ” Idea is good but time is 2: 30 what I’m thinking is its late night and going out with boy alone in night. :” I said ” We both are alone in same house you didn’t feel uncomfortable for this? ” She said” It’s our home anything happen it ends within us if we go out others think something. ” I said ” Don’t think about what other think ” She said ” It will be nice to speak but it won’t applicable for girls”

    I asked ” You don’t want to go out now? ” She said ” Ok but where we go now? ” I said ” Somewhere but don’t know” She asked me ” I want to ask you one thing? ” I said yes. She asked me ” How we became so close? ” I said I don’t know but I also wanted to ask this question to you. I added ” We spoke before one day only but how we became like this we spent a day alone in bike and above all we both in same room alone chit chatting in night ” She said ok leave this topic and asked where we can go now. I said don’t know.

    She said let’s plan afterwards after going out. I said ok. I said let go outside come. She said yes you are right otherwise I will sleep here itself if we didn’t do interesting  you gave nice idea. ” I said ok. And she said ” I’m in half dress wait I will come after dress change. ” I said ” Whatever dress you worry I’m only going to watch you in that dress ” She said” So  can’t come like this no. ” I said ” Then it’s ok for you stay like this before me at home? ” She said no problem to stay like this before you. I said I wish to stay with you like this whenever I get time.

    She said I’m always welcome and she went inside to dress change. She came after ten minutes and she came with a pink colour long skirt and a black color shirt like model top with buttons in it. Her figure exposed and the top was to tight for her. She wore bra as her boobs seem to be tight.

    This time she was speaking more hot to me. We went out and gave me a jerk in to wear. We were walking for some time and we planned to settled in a park for sometime the park was closed so we continue the walk and we walked more than 5 kilometers and she asked me ” Can we go home? ” I asked why she said it’s too cold now. Then we walked to home and it was 3: 45 am. She asked me one thing ” Have you ever stayed with any other girls at night like this? ” I said yes but not too close like this. I stayed alone with my street girls at night but not alone in same room.

    She opened the house main door and we settled in the sofa and she started speaking more hotter to me. She is touching and talking me a lot than before. She started to adjust her shirt in front of me and made me to hard on. The time is 4 am now I have to go to my house before all wake up but I didn’t enjoy her. She asked my age. I said 19 and I asked her age she said she also 19 I asked dob. She said in April I said I’m July.

    She asked me about my family I said about them and the door bell rang and I asked to open she said the milk man will keep milk and go after a calling bell ring.

    She took the milk and came inside and asked me what I want to drink coffee or tea. I said milk. I mean her milk. She understand that and said in a doubt that ” Are you baby asking milk? ” I said I want only milk. She gave me in a cup and she asked to drink slowly its hot. I said ok. She too drink coffee and washed the cups and sat on sofa. She lifted her both the hands and yarning her boobs we’re at top. It was really huge I wanted that. She was in same pose I’m seeing her she called me and asked what I’m seeing I said the calender. She said don’t lie I saw you seeing my boobs.

    I was shocked to hear that as she didn’t see me seeing her. She said she thought of trap me. I acted as nothing happens. She said I will take the chance and start but I didn’t. She said she is very hot cannot wait more than that. I remain silent. She said I thought you start but you didn’t usually girls won’t like this they like boys to start. And added that you are acting as dumbass. I said who is dumb ass I can tear your ass. She said come on do something and cool down my heat and my hunger my pussy.

    As soon she told this I grabbed her head and lip locked her we were smooching for a long time she is more hot than me and she wants to have a quick sex. She overcome my last and sat on me and we are smooching till now. When we kissing my hands are waving her back. I took my hand to her bra and rubbed her back she became so hot and removed my shirt and sat on sofa and removed my pant and took. My dick out and took it to her mouth and said she never saw dick in real and she saw many in movie and she will rub her pussy in night and sleep nude. But today night she got a real dick from me.

    She licked my cock and satisfy her want to blowjob. I removed her shirt and opening of her bra showed her boobs I pushed her boob from down and took her boob in mouth and I gone mad and bit her nipples and she said you asked milk no take it. I said yes I want but you have pregnant and give me milk. She laughed and sat on my thighs and by lifting her skirt and removed her panty and she said she wants to do me in cowgirl position. I said ok take your horse and ride she sat and ride my cock and she shouted a  lot as she is virgin. I missed her lips when she rides my dick she said ” You said you will tear me? ” On saying this I took her in my hand to her bed and rolled her in bed. She said in this bed only she fingering alone but now she found a dick. She said come on fill my cum all over pussy and reduce heat.

    I lifted the skirt and left my head inside and took my hand and fingering her and iritated her. She got anger and asked this fingering she itself do when she alone. I laughed and I wanted to enjoy her rough sex. I removed her skirt and now this perfect shaped nude medical girl is ready to take my cock inside her wet pussy. I took my fully erected cock to her pussy and pushed it in fast she shouted and I pumped hard at her pussy she moaned a lot. I said your neighbor will come if you moan like this. She said they also sex with their wife or husband now. I cum inside her and she asked me to take her shower. We went to shower and I fucked her again I shower it was nice than before I fucked her at anal. And we took oil bath and she gave me hand job and we went out and she is very sleepy. We slept nude in her bed. Her boobs called me when I woke up at 7 am. And fucked her again and asked her nude photos so that I can masturbate seeing her. She said I can come anytime and enjoy her boobs anytime I want.

    Forgive me if the story has any grammar mistakes. And for feedback send me at [email protected]

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